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An overview of the book of Acts
Our Bible-4-Life curriculum is designed to systematically and uniquely help children learn about bible-times and God's plan for their lives today, tomorrow, and for all eternity! Our Bible lesson plans for children are Bible-content driven, teach foundational Biblical principles, and are flexible to fit into any Sunday school rotation schedule; they have been thoroughly kid-tested and teacher approved. For use in children's church, midweek Bible classes, Sunday school, Sabbath school and Bible clubs. (For teachers of children K - 5th grade.)

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Our Bible lesson plans are primarily written for upper elementary children (3rd-5th). However, they are versatile and easy to adapt for younger kids, thereby making them useful for multi-aged Bible classes and Sunday school programs. 

Whether you're teaching age-specific Sunday schools classes or multiple-aged classes, our Bible-4-Life curriculum will work for you! is a non-denominational publisher. As such, you will find our church products and Bible curricula distributed to a wide variety of church congregations and Sunday schools, large and small, throughout the world.

Unless otherwise indicated, Bible references are from the New International Version (NIV).

Reviews & Testimonials

"We are using the Parables of Jesus as a starting point for our neighborhood kids Bible study and adapted the lessons to suit our needs. The lessons provided fun and easy ways to teach the parables. They also provided examples of some fun and easy crafts and treats. We also found cute examples of the parables on Youtube and incorporated them into the lesson. . . . The kids really enjoyed it and learned a lot!" ~ Michle

"We have a very small church (28 to 30 people total on average) and it is hard to find programs to do for VBS. So when I went looking for something that I could do with a group of kids, the Prayer of Jesus stood out. There are six, two-hour lessons and we did a lesson a day. The book has game and craft ideas to go with each lesson. . . . I am already looking into buying more books from Sunday School Network. I feel that learning to pray together as a group, a family, we have grown even closer to God. Thank you."

Your products are excellent. We have purchased several for our Kids Church and been delighted with every one . . . the Lighthouse was brilliant! ~ Margaret J., Australia.

"We are using the Beatitudes for adults and are really enjoying it. It has been great for our new believers and more mature Christians alike. Thank You." ~ D. Chambers

Spirit Gifts
Spirit Gifts
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"I am just excited to report that I ordered the Fruit of the Spirit Bible Lessons and used it during our first ever Bible Day Camp. It was indeed spirit filled and the teachers and children enjoyed every moment, every lesson, every activity, especially the yummy devotions. If I had ten thumbs, it would get all ten thumbs up. I am looking forward to purchasing and receiving more lessons from your network. Thank you and God bless you all." ~ Jacqueline

"Its hard for a small church like ours to afford curriculum and yours is so affordable and fun!!" ~ Julie

"My students thoroughly enjoyed the Fruit of the Spirit spinner! It was an awesome and easy craft to make!" ~ Carmela

"We are using your God's Top Ten lessons in our children's church. We could not be more pleased. The first week the kids knew the hand signs for all ten commandments. The material is well prepared. We have ordered the Beatitudes lessons for next time. Looking forward to teaching them." ~ Sandra

"I purchased the Beatitudes Catcher a couple of weeks ago and the kids loved it. One of our leaders in our kids club is also a teacher and said the kids brought them to school and were playing with them with their teachers and friends. This is a secular school and she said it was amazing to see. So thank you." ~ Debbie B.

"I recently purchased God's Top Ten, and wanted to let you know how much I love it. The format is perfect for what I need to run our weekly children's church. I simply needed a lesson, a craft, and a game which would be suitable for multiple-aged children. I had tried for years to find a program without all the complexities of a quarterly curriculum. Your e-book truly was an answer to prayer. Many thanks for making my life easier. What a joy each week to hear our students eagerly recite the commandments." ~ D. McCarson
"The folks at Sunday School Network are a pleasure to work with; I highly recommend them. Their results orientation and ability to provide services and keep their commitments on a timely basis are exemplary. Sunday School Network is a company you can trust."
~ Glen B.

"I am a pastor's wife, and I purchased your God's Top Ten book a few years ago, and used it with our church kids. They LOVED it. I also showed it to my 4-year-old granddaughter who came to visit, and she could recite the Commandments back to me after going through it ONCE with her. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Of course, I think she's brilliant. When we went out to eat a few days later, she went around from table to table and said, "Hi, My name is Abby, and I know the 10 Commandments. Would you like me to say them for you?" Needless to say, she was a big hit. And on #7, she said, "Do not dance with your boyfriend or girlfriend if you have a husband or a wife!!!!" Again, Thanks for an excellent product!"
~ Beth M

"My Junior Church group just loved the John 3:16 Pictograms. They are only from 3-5 years old. They had never heard the word Pictograms and they were very curious. . . . We had been working on that verse, they already knew it and could also sing it. But as they coloured the booklets I made for them, they kept commenting on how it is such a good idea to make Pictograms. But the best one is from my youngest, Wesley, only three: He wants you to make many, many more, and he suggested you start with the song "God loves all the little children of the world"! I think that because they are still for the most part pre-readers, they felt it was like they could read. . . Thank you so much. It kind of made my day too!"
 ~ Marie-Ange.

"I used your Ruth script as my Bible time with my kids (9 and 7) a couple of nights ago. They love these things! But as you might expect, someone else doesn't (if you know who I mean). Well, suffice to say he tried to disrupt our Bible time by overcoming both of my kids with self-centered urges and had them succumbing to fits of yelling and stomping out of the room because they each had been slighted on the number of parts or lines or whatever it was.

So, Bible time over right? Satan won, right? Not exactly. My daughter, Ali, comes to me about 20 minutes later and apologizes for her behavior and asks for my forgiveness. Totally unsolicited. She is 7 and this is the first time she has ever done that without being prompted. Hallelujah! What Satan meant for evil is turned into good by God once again. Bottom line for me right now is that these skits have power obviously and should be set up to succeed as much as possible."
~ Steve Cook

"I have been meaning for some time to write to you to let you know how very much I appreciate your Bible-4-Life series. About two years ago I became the director and teacher for our Release Time Program at our local elementary school. When I was hired, I immediately scoured the internet for ideas and God led me to your site where I happily found your program. I purchased all of the books that you offered and have built my lessons on these from the very start. They have been absolutely wonderful! The kids respond so well to the games and craft ideas. They particularly love it when we make something out of food and then they get to eat it. I teach 1st through 6th grades and at first I was afraid that if I used the same lessons for all grades the 1st graders may not 'get it' and the 6th graders might be bored, but that hasn't been the case at all. It has been so easy for me to explain the lessons that you provide in greater, lesser or somewhat different detail for each group that we have and the lessons work great for all."
~ K. Eriksen

"We used God's Top Ten in our summer VBS program. Much prayer and planning went into getting all 10 commandments taught in four days. I had a co-director and we each took different commandments to present to the children.

We taught # 1 and 2 the first night, # 3 and 4 the second night, # 5, 6, 7 the third night and # 8, 9, 10 the last night. As you might suspect, much gleaning had to be done. As I was preparing my lesson for commandment # 9, I read the game "Stand Trial." Instead of a game we made it be an actual trial, closing with communion. This was our closing lesson for the week.

We were able to present the lesson for Do Not Steal, Do Not Lie and Do Not Covet (Crave What Others Have), into one big lesson. For Do Not Steal, my co-director asked two ten-year old boys to be actors. She explained to them ahead of time what was to happen. She placed a bowl of candy in plain view of all the children, and instructed the two boys to each steal a piece of candy and then stuff it in their mouths quickly, sort of sneaky like. When asked if they stole the candy (they were to lie, saying they did not). To show they had broken the 8th and 9th commandment, as a result of breaking the 10th commandment, Do Not Covet. The sweet part about this was the two little boys didn't want to do it, until their teacher said they would be actors for the night and it was not for real.

We used the suggested song, "God Rules." We did not introduce any other music. We concentrated on this song and the "Look and Learn" video. They sang the song in church Sunday for the congregation.

The last night one little eight-year old came up to me and said, "This was the best Vacation Bible School ever!" That made it all worthwhile. Praise God! Keep up the good work."

Marjorie Wilson

"Thank you for giving writers an excellent platform to share with others what God has given to us. Your editorial gifting and expertise means so much to us. You then go above and beyond by offering innumerable Biblical Teaching Tools, children's activities, games, stories, and skits, the list goes on and on. Sunday School Network is more than a website, it's like a complete theological institute of higher learning, for all ages, and all because one woman loved God enough and cared enough for His people that, she laid down all to undertake such a mission in life. Countless millions, that you don't even know and have not yet met, have had their lives changed, altered, transformed, and renewed, because you said, "Yes" to God! Amen, and thank you so much!" 

~ Cheryl Mariano.

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