Gospel Pictograms TM

A fun way for children to understand and memorize John 3:16!

Memorize John 3:16

Our Gospel Pictograms display the following words from John 3:16:
Card #1 = John 3:16 (Verse address)
Card #2 = God
Card #3 = Loved
Card #4 = World
Card #5 = Gave
Card #6 = One / Only
Card #7 = Son
Card #8 = Believes / Believeth
Card #9 = Not
Card #10 = Perish
Card # 11 = Eternal / Everlasting
Card # 12 = Life

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More than one teacher and class using this book? 

Change the quantity to equal the number of extra classes that will use the patterns.

My Junior Church group just loved the John 3:16 Pictograms. They are only from 3-5 years old. They had never heard the word Pictograms and they were very curious. . . . We had been working on that verse, they already knew it and could also sing it. But as they coloured the booklets I made for them, they kept commenting on how it is such a good idea to make Pictograms. But the best one is from my youngest, Wesley, only three: He wants you to make many, many more, and he suggested you start with the song "God loves all the little children of the world"! I think that because they are still for the most part pre-readers, they felt it was like they could read. . . Thank you so much. It kind of made my day too! ~ Marie-Ange.

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