Ten Commandments Video Presentation TM

 Amazing results . . .You try it! 

Ten Commandments Hand Signals Video  
A wise heart accepts commands. Proverbs 10:8 (NIRV)

Captivate the children in your ministry using our Ten Commandments video! Learning the Ten Commandments has never been easier! Our memorization technique is perfect for all ages and different kinds of learners--visual, kinesthetic, and auditory. Our video is a great way for families, schools, and churches to learn God's Top Ten Rules. 

Sample the Ten Commandments video. (You will need a Media Player to watch it.)
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PLEASE note: The commands are ordered according to the traditional Hebrew Scriptures. 

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These were absolutely amazing! I probably could have named four of the commandments prior to preparing for this lesson for our kindergarteners, and now both my daughter and I can go through all ten!
~Jamie in Pennsylvania

We used the Look n' Learn technique last Fall. When we reviewed them a semester later, the kids remembered every one of them!

~ North Palm Beach, FL