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Sunday School Lessons for Children's Ministry

Teaching kids to follow JesusMake every minute count! Check out our Sunday school curriculum, Children's sermons, Bible games, Christian skits and dramas, Christian craft activities, Bible memorization and evangelism ideas for elementary-aged classes. For Sunday school, kids' church, midweek programming, and Bible clubs too! 

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Christ-Filled Ornaments of Faith

Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments
Chrismon circle cross

Remember the fun of making paper snowflakes as a child? You're sure to have fun making our 32 unique ornaments of faith, (16 designs, 2 each). Ornament designs include: angels, butterflies, crosses, crowns, doves, fish, hearts and stars. Learn more about Chrismons. 

Follow That Star  

A Biblically-based Christmas Party Event Planner for Children's Ministry

Christmas Party Event Plan  
Very little preparation is required! Just gather a few items and you're ready to go! Our Christmas Party Event Planner helps children joyfully celebrate the Advent season while learning about the birth of King Jesus, the real reason for the season, as recorded in the Wise Men narrative in Matthew 1:18-2:11. (For K-5th grade)

Our Christmas Party Plan includes:

1) An interactive Bible story skit: Wise Men Seek Him
2) Bible Game: Follow That Star
3) Food Devotion: Baby in the Manger
4) Paper Ornament Craft: Eastern Star Chrismon Snowflake

 Learn more about "Follow That Star" Christmas Party Event Planner

 Also see our "Meet Me at the Manger" Party Event Planner
Christmas Party Event Planner

Bethlehem Drive-Through

 Community Christmas Drama

 drive-through Christmas Drama

Bethlehem Drive is a fun and effective way to witness to your community during the Christmas season. Stations are set up to tell important parts of the Christmas story. Visitors drive through "Bethlehem," passing each station, and then arrive at the manger scene for the final destination. (After people have driven by the stations, you might invite them to park their cars, and then come inside your church to watch the movie "Jesus," and/or serve cider and cookies during a Christmas carol sing-along.)


Decide which "Bethlehem Stations" you will set up for cars to drive by and view, see stations below. Assign overseers to each station to recruit volunteers and gather costumes and props for their station. You will also need someone to plan and distribute the handouts for the event, as well as advertising prior to the event (local paper, radio, invitation flyers to send out to the church and community). Set up your Bethlehem Stations in such a way as to have a driveway for cars to enter your church parking lot, proceed pass each station, and then exit at another side of the property. Make sure the stations are setup far enough apart, with plenty of space between them, so cars don't get backed up. If you are using this function as a fundraiser, collect donations at the exit. Stations could extend into Jesus' ministry, along with the crucifixion and resurrection scene. 

Continue on to get the Bethlehem Drive-Through Drama



Christmas Skit: The Candy Cane
Children's Bible Skit | By Lori Frankel

Begin by reading Scripture story of Shepherds found in Luke 2:8-20.

Storyteller: "Do you know what a legend is?"
"A legend is a story handed down through generations, it is believed to have a historical basis although their is no proof. (a myth)"
"Well, I have a legend to tell you. It is about a candy maker from Indiana who wanted to invent a candy that was a witness to Christ."
"Does anyone know what kind of candy that could be?"
(let children yell out and answer)
"Yes that is right a Candy Cane"
"Lets examine the candy cane and see how it is a witness to Christ. In Matthew 16:18, God says..."

Actor #1: (Appears on stage with a big rock, puts it down and says...)
"...On this rock I will build my church"

( Actor 1 steps to back of stage and stays there till the end.)

Storyteller: "The candy cane was made a hard candy because the church is built on a solid rock and God's promises are a firm foundation. The candy maker then made the candy in the form of a..."

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