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Play It Backwards 
Hidden Messages in God's Commands

playing vinyl records backwards hidden messages

In the 1960s and 70s it was thought if you played certain vinyl record albums backwards, you’d hear a secret message. Most likely, however, this was just folklore from that era or a marketing scheme to entice buyers to purchase their albums.

As I thought about this idea of a backwards secret message, it occurred to me that the tenth commandment from Exodus 20:17, “Don’t crave, “covet,” what others have,” holds a secret message of sorts—one that opposes God’s rule in our lives. Coveting is at the root of breaking all of God’s commandments, because the things we crave turn the commands backwards. When we covet we are upset that we don’t have the same advantages or blessings that others have. 

So let us "play" the commandments backwards now to see this secret message. . . Keep reading.



Meet Me At The Manger 

Christmas Party Event for Children's Ministry

Very little preparation is required, just gather a few items and you're ready to go! Our Christmas Party Event is Biblically-based and helps children to joyfully celebrate the Advent season while learning about the birth of King Jesus, the real reason for the season, as recorded in the shepherd narrative from Luke 2:1-20. This is also a great outreach event to the children in your community. (For K-5th grade). Click to discover all that's included in our Christmas Party Plan!


My Prayer Journal for Women
with Scripture Inspirations

My Prayer Journal - Each of the 24 prayer sections contain an inspirational Bible verse from Psalm 119 to meditate upon before praying, a "Prayer Priorities" section to record urgent prayers, a larger section to write prayers for family, friends, and leadership, and a "Gratitude & Praise" section to journal prayers of thanksgiving. When prayers are answered, mark through them with a highlighter pen; it's an encouragement to see God's answers and a motivation to keep praying! 

A meaningful gift idea for the important women in your life! Great for Christmas, Birthdays, Mother's Day, Bible study teachers, wives, daughters, and girlfriends. Conveniently sized at 6" x 9", with a minimalist design interior.
Learn more.



Printable Bible Posters

Check out our digital Bible posters for homes, classrooms, and Bible clubs. Available exclusively on our Etsy platform. Watch our video to see some of our selection!  

AND by using this link, you'll get 10% O-F-F your order. 

Printable Classroom Poster of John 3:16 for Kids Scripture image 3



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