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Scientific Observable Evidence



God of Creation

God created, the Spirit hovered, and the Word was spoken.


The Tree

of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
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Soar on Wings Like Eagles!


Memorize the 10 Commandments in 10 Minutes

Learning the Ten Commandments has never been easier! In this video, I'm going to show you how to memorize the Ten Commandments in order in just 10 minutes! By using this sample, you'll see how easily and quickly you can memorize the commandments according to the Hebrew Bible.


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The Story of Jesus Film for Children* -- FREE Download!

Story of Jesus Film Project

PLAN a children's ministry movie night! Invite the kids in your church and those living in your surrounding neighborhoods to watch the stories of Jesus come to life, as told by children living in Jesus' day. This is a great way to spread the Gospel message! Don't forget the popcorn! (Run time 61 min.)

Before the movie tell the children to listen for the answers to the following questions. After the movie, spend some time discussing them:
1) Name some of the miracles Jesus performed. The prophet Isaiah, who lived hundreds of years before Jesus, told us that when the Messiah came to earth, he would do these miracles! (Isaiah 32:3; 35:5-6) 
2) What other names are given to Jesus in the movie?
3) What did Jesus have to say about seeds? (Parable of the Sower - Matthew 13:1-23)
4) We are told to love God and love our neighbors as ourselves. Jesus then told a story describing who qualifies as our neighbors. What did he say? (Luke 10:25-37)
5) What was your favorite part of the movie?
Ask the next three questions after the movie only:
6) How did the kids in the movie learn about Jesus? (By following him around and learning what he said.)
7) How can you learn about Jesus today? (By following him, and learning what he said--in the Bible.)
8) Have you asked Jesus to be your Savior and Forever Friend? Read Romans 10:9-13, "if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved. . . .  For 'everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.'"

Close in prayer.

*Produced and developed by The Jesus Film Project

Teach children The Story of Jesus.
Life of Jesus Bible Lessons

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The Bible Project, a non-profit animation studio that produces captivatingly short, animated videos (approximately 8 minutes in length) to tell the story of the Bible—from beginning to end, in an easy-to-understand format. These animated videos are MUST-SEE for adults and older youths!

Check out this animated overview of the Old and New Testaments.





The Triumph of Unanswered Prayer -- Part 1 

Many of us have experienced unanswered prayer and wonder, where's God; does he care about me? Why doesn't he answer? In this four-part video session, Dr. Erwin Lutzer helps us to understand the value of unanswered prayer; he is very insightful and funny too! You will not regret setting aside time to watch them

Praying to God, unanswered prayer

Part 2, Dr. Lutzer reads from Hebrews 11 and looks at four specific aspects of faith.

Part 3, Dr. Lutzer, reads from Habakkuk and encourages us to confess our anxieties to God and trust that He will control our circumstances for His glory.

Part 4, Dr. Lutzer, reads from 2 Corinthians 11 and reminds us God provides sufficient grace and strength during difficult times as we trust Him. (An invaluable and important session!)

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Are You a Good Person? 

Am I good enough to get into heaven?

This animated short asks the question, "Are you good enough to get into heaven?" It is an effective preparation tool for discussing God's plan of salvation with Middle and High School kids.

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The Atheist Delusion

Atheists Delusion

The Atheist Delusion is such an important movie. In today's culture we are bombarded with messages that stand diametrically opposed to the Scriptures. It is so important to give our children the tools to combat these erroneous doctrines. It is well worth your time to watch this well-produced and free movie!

~ From Living Waters Ministry, "Having to prove the existence of God to an atheist is like having to prove the existence of the sun, at noon on a clear day. Yet millions are embracing the foolishness of atheism. The Atheist Delusion pulls back the curtain and reveals what is going on in the mind of those who deny the obvious. It introduces you to a number of atheists who you will follow as they go where the evidence leads, find a roadblock, and enter into a place of honesty that is rarely seen on film."

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America's Greatest Sin . . . It's Not What You Think


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