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Don't you just love seeing the beautiful snow covering the dark landscape? It turns a very dark and depressing winter day into a beautiful, sparkling clean landscape. A beautiful snow is so refreshing. In fact, seeing beautiful snow outside reminds me of JESUS! --- and the snow is FREE!

The snow is so pure and clean. Likewise, Jesus' life was pure and clean. The snow covers the dirty earth with white, pure snow. Jesus died for our sins - to cover us with HIS purity. Jesus knew that we all sin. Many of the things that we think, do, and say make God really sad. But God sent Jesus to live a life pure and without sin. When Jesus was on earth HE grew from a baby to a man - and HE never sinned! After people met Jesus or heard about HIM, everyone understood that they could never be good enough or pure enough to go to heaven. Jesus loves people so much. He wants everyone to go to heaven. 

God sees Jesus -- like we see the snow. Jesus covers our sins so that God sees pure hearts. When we trust in what JESUS did for us--HE died on the cross--our sins are covered, like the snow covers the ground. 

The snow comes to cover the earth - FREE. When Jesus offers us forgiveness and to live in heaven with HIM - it is also FREE like the snow. GOD loves us SO much!

Did you know that God makes every snowflake different--no two ice crystals are alike? Even one snow crystal reminds me of God, because just like the snowflake - GOD created each person different from each other. We are unique and beautiful to GOD -- just like each snowflake!

Have you ever picked up a bunch of snowflakes and packed them together to make a snowman? When I pack the snow together to make a snowman - I think of Jesus too! When I pack the snow together, It reminds me that when a lot of people that have received Jesus as their Savior get together, we have a lot of fun! 

One snowflake doesn't make a snowman...lots of snowflakes do! The more snow pressed together for the same purpose - the bigger the snowman! The same with serving Jesus. The more Christians working together for the same reason, the more work can be done and more fun for everyone!

Each time we make a snowman - it is different -- a different size, different shape, and decorated differently. Each time Christians work together for Jesus - the projects are different - some are big, some small, and there are different blessings found each time a project for Jesus is done. It is fun to work together to build a snowman and it is fun to work together to serve God.

The snowman lasts only for a little while, and when it melts, it changes from snow to water. This reminds us that when we receive Jesus as our Savior - our life changes (2 Corinthians 5:17) but Jesus NEVER changes. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). He is our living water flowing in us! God's Living Water keeps us spiritually refreshed and healthy so we can serve HIM.

As we work together with other Christians to serve God - the projects don't last forever, but the blessings the projects are to those that work together and for those who were touched by the project --- the love of Jesus melts into each person and fills them with a little more understanding of God's love.

Making a snowman reminds me of hope. The snowman is sometimes hard to make - but when I am finished I look at that snowman and I feel satisfied and cheerful. My heart is happy. 

SO - whenever we feel burdened and our hearts are cold --- think about the snowman and the beauty of the snow that God sent. Jesus is our source of hope. HE warms our hearts and melts away our burdens when we trust in HIM. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

1. Glue cotton balls on blue paper to make a snowman and write "Jesus Makes Me Happy - LIKE SNOW!"
2. Another craft is to place stencils for snowman parts on a dark piece of paper - use watered down toothpaste (white) on a toothbrush and flick the bristles of the brush to make snow. You can use white shoe polish too.

1. This can be a good time filler. You'll need three different sizes of white trash bags. Have the kids stuff them with newspaper (this can stand for sin in our lives) and tie each one shut. Then tape the bags together to form a snowman! Point out that the sin (trash) is gone -- and we see white. Jesus takes our sin away and puts our lives together for us - like we put the snowman together. Decorate with paper cut-out eyes, nose, mouth and buttons. 

2. Use the long white plastic tables used for fellowship dinners. Lower one end and it becomes a slide. My grandkids "snow-sledded" in the house! They slide on their bottoms and bellies - they sometimes sit on a blanket, pillow, or even plastic saucer sleds. We put a sturdy vinyl tablecloth at the end - secured under the low end of the table and they slide further. We have also sprayed the table with silicone for a faster slide! We have used the long brown tables too. The kids like the white ones because it looks more like snow.

Copyright 2009 Emmalea Butler

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