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Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments TM
Christ-filled shapes


Remember the fun of making paper snowflakes as a child? You're sure to have fun making our 32 unique ornaments of faith, (16 designs, 2 each). Ornament designs include: angels, butterflies, crosses, crowns, doves, fish, hearts and stars. For ages 9-Adult. 

Learn more about Chrismons, click here.

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To make the ornaments, you'll need a small scissors and a
1/8" hole punch--order the punch, below.



Create ornaments of faith in just six easy steps!

Click the picture to watch a video of how to make a
Chrismon Snowflake Ornament!

When properly stored Chrismon Snowflakes last for years!

ISBN-13: 978-0966512403
Stapled Paperback, 40 pages
32 Ornament Patterns, 2 of each design

Read Reviews, below!

1/8" Hole Punch 

Use it when making Chrismon Snowflakes

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I ordered this book after viewing the video review the first person uploaded. It is fantastic! The patterns are gorgeous and easy to follow. Each one has a little story and Bible verse that describes the basis for the design. All designs represent symbols of Christ. I did a bunch with my children today, and they loved it. Worth every cent!

This book totally met my expectations. The quick shipping response was much appreciated, as was the communication. Thank you so much. We will have 10 babies under the age of 4 at our house for Christmas. Ergo, we will have a Christmas tree decorated in non breakable Christmas ornaments. The older grand-daughter who is 10 years old, will assist in using this book to make cut out snowflake ornaments. 
~ L. Hill 

The Chrismon Snowflakes pattern book gave a scripture plus wonderful direction to make snowflakes. The snowflakes will be made for our children's Christmas tree at church
~ Barb 

I teach middle school Sunday School. I thought, just for something different, we would make the Chrismon Snowflakes. This was a stretch, 'cause I didn't think the boys would be interested. I was WRONG! My son, who is a pretty good critic of my Sunday School Classes said that was "really cool". and it was one of the best things we have ever done in Sunday School! So much for assuming things!
-- J. Nieman

Wonderful book!