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The book of Jonah is really not a fish-tale; it is about our merciful and compassionate God--slow to anger and abounding in love! Before doing the word search puzzle, link below, read through the whole book of Jonah with your class. It's only four chapters long and with everyone taking turns, you can read it in less than 15 minutes.


Chapter 1, Jonah Runs from God, God shows compassion towards the sailors. 

Chapter 2, God Rescues Jonah, God shows compassion towards Jonah by providing a fish to deliver him. In 

Chapter 3, Jonah Obeys God, God shows compassion on the Ninevites. (The King and the Ninevites respond to God's message and repent.) 

Chapter 4, Jonahís Anger & Godís Mercy, we see God's patience with Jonah (Despite his unwilling heart).

Make sure you've read through the book of Jonah before working the puzzle, then find the keywords in the puzzle, which are from the book of Jonah. When everyone has solved the puzzle, have them tell you how the keywords fit into the story of Jonah. (For example: one of the keywords is angry. The correct answer is that Jonah was angry with God for saving the Ninevites.) Click here to get the Jonah Word Search Puzzle*.

Click here to dive into a whole series of lessons on Jonah (K-5th grade).

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