The Ten Commandments 

Dice Game | by Emmalea Butler

Can be played individually or in teams.


1. 2 Die - large foam dice work nicely for team play.

2. Playing Cards - We use the Look n' Learn Ten Commandments hand gesture cards from (Use one set of cards per team - or one set per individual player.)

3. One Master Sheet - or Ten Commandments Bookmark complete written set of the 10 Commandments. The Class Leader, opposing Team, or opposing Player, will use this as the reference to check the attempts made to recite the Commandment.


To be first Team (or Player) to earn the complete set of 10 Commandments Cards, to learn them and have fun!

Quick Practice

For unlimited number of players:

Each player takes a turn to roll the 2 dice. Whatever numbers the dice adds up to be, the player holds up that many fingers and recites the commandment. (over 5 - use 1 hand and add the correct number of fingers on the other hand.) 

When a player rolls the 11 combination (6 and 5), this represents the 1st commandment and that is #1 [11]. The player will recite commandment 1, make the hand gesture and then rolls again! 

If the player rolls a 12 (6 and 6) they recite commandment #6, makes the hand gesture and then rolls again! 

All other players are to remain silent (and listen) - unless the player that rolled the dice asks for help. The player who rolled the dice gets to choose whom they want to help them. 

Pass the dice to the next player to the right. 

Continue as long as desired. 


Suggest 4 players in a group. 

Enlist a leader for each group of 4 to be the "referee" and also to award the correct commandment card as they are earned.

Leader will need to make several sets of 1-10 tokens - or - print out several sets of Look n' Learn Ten Commandments Cards for players to "earn" during play. 4 sets of tokens or cards per small group of 4 players.

Repeat the play as written in the Quick Practice Rules, above, with these changes:

When 11 is rolled (6 & 5) - if the player needs the #6 and #5 commandment tokens/cards - they may also recite those commandments along with commandment #1 thus the possibility of 3 commandments are earned - AND a free roll! 

When 12 is rolled - player recites #6 commandment - AND may take any commandment token or card from another player to add to their own collection of the 10 Commandments. (player must also successfully recite the commandment they are taking from the other player to "earn" it)-- AND they still get a free turn to roll again! 

First person to collect all 10 commandments cards is declared the WINNER!

Joyfully Serving HIM,
Emmalea Butler
Trafalgar, IN

Copyright 2003/2011 Emmalea Butler

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