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Ten Commandments
A wise heart accepts commands. Proverbs 10:8 (NRIV)

Spanish version available too--great for missions!


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Do you know the Ten Commandments? Can you say them in order*?
Using your ten fingers and our Look n' Learn Memory Flash Cards, it's easy to memorize them!


The Look n' Learn Flash Cards are a great resource for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners!


The commandment # corresponds to the # of fingers. 

Look at the first three commandments. Say and imitate the action using your fingers. Repeat twice. Now do it on your own without looking! You'll have them memorized in seconds! 

Reviews, below.

Kids make and take their own set of cards. 

You'll receive, via email, five 8.5" x 11" charts with two commands per page. Copy them on card stock paper to make flash cards or for use with an overhead projector. Whichever way you choose to use them, your class will look and learn all Ten Commandments in just minutes! 

(Please note, the picture side of the cards do not have the commandment written on them; this allows multiple Bible translations to be used. If you choose to use our translation, a simplified version of the commandments are written next to each picture. Cards hole punched and held together with an easy-to-use loose-leaf binder ring (not included). Children can use their own set of "Look n' Learn" flash cards to play a game of one-on-one memory challenge with one another!) 

         *The order of the commandments is according to the traditional Hebrew Bible.
Purchase the card patterns separately or get them FREE when purchasing the digital English version of
God's Top Ten curriculum.

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Ten Commandments
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Buy the Spanish version.
Spanish version comes with English translation.

Make lesson time more exciting!
Get the
Ten Commandments Video!

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God's Top Ten Bible curriculum
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Game suggestion, sent in by Louise from New Zealand

Make three or more sets of cards 5” x 5”. Each set in its own color. On one side have the commandment and on the other side the appropriate number of the commandment. Laminate. Place cards in colored groups but in random order on a board attached with either blue tak or magnetic tape, numbered side up. Children divide into teams and choose a color. One person in the first team chooses a number and says the corresponding commandment. If correct, remove the card from the board and move to the next team and so on. The first team to collect their set wins. 

This is an extremely popular game with our children.

~ Capt. Louise Weller
Church Army NZ
Canterbury Kids Coach



You have fantastic resources. My favorite is your lessons on the 10 Commandments. Although I taught it sometime ago, the kids still use the hand signals. Keep up the good work. 

~ Frances Kemp


GOD has allowed me to be a "threshold assistant" to five new Saints in the past three weeks! A major factor in presenting their need for a Savior was using the 10 commandments hand signs. I showed them the gesture – explaining each commandment and how “I” broke the chain that could have “linked” me to heaven – thus I cannot be received by GOD. Then I went over the 10 commandments again. I told them what we KNOW heaven is like because of the perfection outlined in the 10 commandments – GOD’s OWN WORDS. The commandments are a mirror of sorts to see ourselves as sinners, destined to be separated from GOD unless SOMEONE pays the penalty for our sins. 

I asked them, “If Jesus met you at the entrance to Heaven, what would you say is the reason he would allow you in?” 

Everyone has begged forgiveness, pleaded for God to save them, and asked for strength to live pleasing lives for Christ’s sake. 

The Look n' Learn hand gestures make it SO easy to remember the commandments—to share and to watch GOD deal with people’s hearts. It has been amazing to watch! 

I also shared this with a pastor in Ohio . . .  I asked him, "What is commandment #5?" He couldn’t tell me the specific commandments by number. (I have only met 2 pastors who could answer commandments by specific numbers. One is my son!)

Then I asked him, “Would you like to know them in and out of order?” He said he did want to know. SO I shared the Look n' Learn method with him.

~Emmalea in Indiana


"These were absolutely amazing! I probably could have named four of the commandments prior to preparing for this lesson for our kindergarteners, and now both my daughter and I can go through all ten!"  

~Jamie in Pennsylvania


"LOVE the signs! This grew into quite an empowering ministry for kids and adults. My sister and I have taught HUNDREDS of people over the past few years, even in Mexico and El Salvador!"

~ E. Butler


"I want you to know how much fun I had with the 10 commandment signs on my trip to Central America. The first week my sister and I gave instructions on basic ideas for Children's ministry in 4 churches and also spoke in a Christian school. The kids in the high school really took to the commandment help, as did the ministry leaders we spoke to in some of the churches. Also a Jr. church in one of the churches learned very quickly through this method.

My favorite was at the end of week 2 when we introduced it to the ex-gang guys that have formed a group called, Los Discipulos. They are break-dancers and use that venue to get kids to open up to them - then give their testimonies and lead people to Christ. They go places others dare not venture and the guys are very effective. They also have been returning to areas and leading small Bible Studies and minister to younger kids as well...I taught them the 10 commandments. They LOVED IT! The more I reviewed, the better they got and the more they wanted to review it again! Even a boy on our team, 19 years old and a student at Purdue University here in Indiana, joined in with the guys and learned the 10 commandments. The next day, I didn't go with them, but they all worked together painting at an orphanage. The Purdue boy said the gang and he kept challenging each other all day through the 10 commandments review - just calling out a number to see who could remember it first. That was such a blessing to hear. The guys from the gang said this would not only help them teach the kids the commandments, but also help them show the older teens how they can see clearly that they are sinners in need of a Savior." 

~Emmalea in Indiana