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Bible Stack-O!  TM  

An exciting Bible game for kids and families!
* If you like Racko ®, you'll love Bible Stack-O! TM

A fun game for home, church and after-school clubs! For ages 8 and Up / 2-4 Players. Three ways to play for younger and older kids. Includes an option to play with an entire classroom. The 66 Bible cards include a content summary of each book. Fun for adults too! 

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Print, cut, and play! 
Our digital version allows you to print your own deck of cards. PLUS, you may purchase additional licenses to print extra decks for only $5.00 per deck! 

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ISBN: 9780966512434

Play your cards right and you'll
learn the books of the Bible from 
Genesis to Revelation!

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My girls have recently mastered all of the books of the Bible, so I got out the Bible Stack-O cards and we started playing. They LOVED it! Didn’t want to stop. It is a lot of fun, a sure winner! 

I was challenged too. There is so much to learn from this game. For instance, I couldn’t guess Hosea for one of the questions, because I had no idea whose wife was not loyal to him, yet he continued to love her. Of course we were curious and had to read up in the book of Hosea. I give it five stars!!!!! I know we will learn so much, while having a great time doing it! T. DiPersia - Florida

Thank you very much. I found this very interesting. I can use it in my teaching in my Junior class. Regards, Violeta

Thanks for all your work to create this game. I have been using it with SS kids to learn the content of 8 books at a time and it has been really good. Often we focus only on the names of the books of the Bible, but then they have no idea about the story in them. Your game helps heaps. Thank you. God bless you! Isabel - New Zealand