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October 18, 2012 -- Issue #33 - Volume 13


Children's Bible Talk: "Be Still" 

Props: Two or more electronic "noisemakers" such as a radio, TV, i-Pod, etc.

Turn on the electronics before children enter the classroom. It should be loud and confusing. Begin talking to them in a normal voice as if you are unaware of the other sounds in the room. If children say they can’t hear you, tell them to try harder, not to worry about it, and just listen more closely.

With all the sounds playing, read the following Bible verses: 
Psalm 34:11, 37:7, 46:10, 78:1.

Ask, what do you suppose those verses have in common? (You might allow them to try to answer, that is if they can hear you. Then notice the overwhelming sound, and turn it off.) 

Oh, that’s much better. That was really noisy and annoying! Can you hear me now? Let me read Psalm 46:10 to you again: “Be still, and know that I am God.” This verse doesn’t say sit still, it says, be still. What do you suppose is the difference? (Receive answers.)

Sitting still has to do with our bodies, but being still has to do with. . .

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