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Our guidelines are for those individuals who are currently receiving the Sunday School Teacher's Newsletter (SSTN). If you are not subscribed to SSTN, then please subscribe now.

* Post ALL questions or comments to:  
(To post a question to SSTN, you must first subscribe to the newsletter.)

* Postings are placed into the newsletter in the order received. Therefore, if at all possible, try to post your questions two to three weeks in advance. This way your posting will appear in the newsletter in a timely manner and you'll receive a response before you need it.

* When posting your message to SSTN, use a standard black font style such as Arial, Helvetica, or Times New Roman. Use upper and lower case letters. DO NOT USE all upper case lettering; to do so is considered by many the equivalent of yelling online. 

* Use the SSTN network for your exchange and avoid replying directly to one another. This way everyone in the network will be able to share your knowledge. Remember, your participation makes SSTN a success!

* Do not reprint copyrighted work unless you obtain permission.

* The network is for exchanging your unique ideas. Therefore, do not use the network to exchange used materials or other people's ideas. 

* You may access past issues of SSTN and search for special topics in the Archives List. Many questions you may have are already answered there---it's a gold mine!


SSTN is a place to exchange your ideas and questions. IT IS NOT a place to advertise or promote your product, service or website. Please honor this requirement. Failure to do so may result in your removal from the network. If you have a product or service to advertise, visit our Advertising page.

SSTN has contributors from all over the world who share their ideas. If you reprint ideas from SSTN,, ChristianCrafters.Com, or any of its affiliates, in any medium, commercial or noncommercial (websites, magazines, newsletters, etc.), you must contact the submitter and/or SundaySchoolNetwork.Com for reprint permissions. Any and all materials used must also include the submitter's name and where the ideas were gleaned from:

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