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April 21, 2015 -- Issue #14




In today's newsletter:

1) When God is Numero Uno

2) Missions for Kids

3) Bible Game: "U" Turn Relays

4) Armor of God Bible Lesson & Game


1) When God is Numero Uno

The Ten Commandments teach us, when God is numero uno "number one," and he is at the center of our lives:

#1-4: We won’t worship idols or misuse his name, because we love him, and we’ll spend time worshipping him. 

#5: We’ll honor our parents, because to do so honors God. 
#6: We’ll respect life, because we are image-bearers of God, and only God has the right to take away life. 
#7: We’ll be faithful to our spouses, and to God, because God joined us together to become one team. 
#8: We won’t steal, because God promises to provide for all our needs. 
#9: We’ll tell the truth, because we are Ambassadors of Jesus—and he is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. 
#10: We won’t crave or covet what others have, because God knows our needs even before we ask--he can be trusted!

Conversely, when we place ourselves at the center of our lives, we are coveting God's position, stealing what isn't rightfully ours, we break our sacred bond with God. We will worship those things that make us happy, and not the one true God. Our lives will not bring honor to his name. Our lives will not be centered on the truth, but we will be living a lie.

The last commandment, #10--Don't covet or crave what others have, can result in breaking all the commandments, because the things we crave can become #1 in our lives, and take God’s place. It can cause us to lie or steal to get what we want; some people have even murdered to get something they crave. 

Bottom line: when we covet or crave, we place ourselves at the center of our lives. It is like saying, “I know what’s best for me, because I’m in charge of my own life; so give me what I want now!”

This is one of the object lessons you'll find in 
God's Top Ten, Understanding God's Love in the Ten Commandments.




2) Missions for Kids


Our BUY ONE - SHARE ONE program is a convenient and inexpensive way to provide educational materials for the missions you (or your church) support. When you BUY any of our digital download items, you may then SHARE the link with ONE of your qualified mission partners. 

Learn more at: 



3) Bible Game: "U" Turn Relays

Focus: To teach children the meaning of repent: to turn from sin and follow Christ.

Bible Verse: "Repent and believe the good news!" Mark 1:15 

Set Up: Establish a start line at one end of a large, rectangular playing area. 

How To Play: Have players pair up, back to back with both arms locked together, at the start line. One player will face forwards, the other faces backwards. At the go, players move quickly across the playing area. During play teacher calls out, “REPENT,” at which time teams stop and spin around to make a “U” turn, so that the player who was facing backwards, is now facing forwards; and the player who was facing forwards, is facing backwards. During the game players should have the opportunity to spin around several times according to the teacher’s call to “repent.” Play continues until pairs reach the opposite side. Play again as long as time allows. 

After the game: Discuss which way was the easiest to move during the game, forward or backwards? (It’s much harder to move backwards, the wrong way, because we can’t see where we are going. This game reminds us that God wants us to choose to repent, make a “u”-turn and go his way, the right way, in our lives.) 

This is one of the games you'll find in 
Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve.


4) Armor of God Bible Lesson & Game

The Bible says God's children are protected by supernatural armor; it is invisible, you can’t see it or feel it. We are told to "put on the full armor of God" to protect ourselves from Satan’s power and influence, "his schemes," as the Bible puts it. Schemes means to plot or to conspire against someone. Satan is plotting and conspiring to defeat us. 

The Bible gives us a description of an ancient Roman soldier's armor and tells us how we can put on supernatural armor to protect and defend ourselves from Satan's fiery attacks. Get the Armor of God Bible lesson with game and activities.


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