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How can your children's ministry get involved?  

It might be as simple as writing letters to say you are praying for a mission. Maybe it's developing pen-pal relationships, or sending necessary items such as clothing, toys, money or children's Bibles and books. Whatever form your involvement and giving takes, hopefully it will be to teach the children in your ministry to "Go into all the world and tell the good news..." and to develop in them a desire to help others who are less fortunate than they are.
I encourage you to contact one or more of the missions listed below to learn how your children's ministry can get involved in missions today!

A fun incentive for raising money for missions is to allow the children in your ministry to build a wall using paper bricks. The bricks are earned when a designated amount of money or items have been collected. Once the paper-brick-wall is complete, the money or items are then sent to the mission of your choice. You might also decide to reward your children with a party or other fun event.



Our BUY ONE - SHARE ONE program is a convenient and inexpensive way to provide educational materials for the missions you or your church support. When you BUY any of our digital download items, you may then SHARE the link with ONE of your qualified* mission partners. All we ask in return is for that mission partner to send us a tax receipt for the price of the donated item. 

For example, if you BUY an ebook for $12, you may then SHARE the link with ONE of your mission partners; that mission partner would then need to send us a tax donation receipt for $12. 

*A qualified mission partner must have USA tax exempt status, and agree to not share the link beyond the scope of their individual mission site.


Please direct your mission partner to send their tax donation receipt to our business name and address: 
S.A. Keith of Creative Imaginations
438 East Ilex Dr.
Lake Park, FL 
33403 USA

or email the tax donation receipt to: missions@sundayschoolnetwork.com.

Please let us know when you have shared a link with a mission partner. We'd love to hear all about it! 

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><



Our purpose is to strengthen Austrian evangelical churches through children's ministry - development of materials, youth ministry, evangelism, worship music, teaching, counseling and practical service. 

Mark & Becky Bryan


Change 4 Children 

"Change 4 Children" is a mission education program of "Alliance for Children Everywhere". It is designed to help adults and children understand the challenges of living in sub-Saharan Africa. Through media and other tools, church families join a team of volunteers in changing children’s lives. Change 4 Children is interactive, real-time giving and receiving. One child wrote, "We just got done counting our first weeks change and we collected $1,528.00, WOW!" The kids figured out that they could feed over 8,000 people or send over 30,500 children to school for a day with their one week's change!




The mission of Forgotten Child International is to provide over 150 children, who normally have no meals each day, with resources to meet their physical, educational, and spiritual needs. Starting with one rural village in Jalpa, Mexico, we want to help these children to achieve through town projects that will be sustainable for children.


God's Dream Ranch For Boys

Leila McNabb, a missionary of 23 years, is developing Godīs Dream Ranch, a refuge for El Salvadoran boys at risk. They will be trained to be young men of character by the Word of God. There will be a Praise and Worship center where they will learn to truly give themselves to God through praising and worshipping Him. The final goal is for them to be sons of God, good husbands and fathers and perhaps sharing the good news of Jesus Christ around the world. 


Little Lambs International

Little Lambs International is a Christian non-profit organization founded in July 2008. Our Mission is to serve and empower orphaned children world-wide, by the love of Jesus Christ.  We currently have 28 children at our first education center in Guatemala City, La Sagrada Familia.  We are also building our first orphanage in Jalapa Guatemala, guard house is built, and missions house is next!  Pastor Bob Hakkala from Christian Outreach (Rindge, NH) supports us, and we have 26 sponsors who sponsor each child on a monthly basis;  For more information contact Alyssa Adams (LCSW) at: alyssa@littlelambsintl.org


Mercy & Grace Ministries

A children's service established in India by Madhava and Nirmala. Meeting the needs of children who are destitute, neglected, school drop outs and orphans. They are running this work and service through their charitable trust and depend upon donations to meet needs of the children and poorest of the poor families. Their plans include a Bible College.



We and our three children Ashton (10), Bentley (6) and Aynsley (5) work in the mountains of Guatemala in Chichicastenango.  Chichi is located in the heart of the the Mayan world - where Mayan worship and witchcraft is a part of the people's everyday life.  We work with with teams from the states doing medical missions, vacation bible schools, building houses for widows, feeding the poor and most importantly sharing the love of Jesus with the people of Guatemala.  

Matt and Leslie Capehart