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Mission Statement brings over 25 years of experience to children's ministry. Our Bible lesson plans and activities are designed to lead children to Christ, helping them grow in their faith, so they can proclaim the good news message to the next generation.  

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Jonah - No Ordinary Fish Tale! TM 
Lessons for Children on God's Mercy & Salvation

Ch. 1 – Jonah Disobeys God – God sends a Storm
Life Application: God may send storms into our lives to bring us back to him.

Ch. 2 - Jonah Repents in the Fish – God delivers him
Life Application: God provided protection for Jonah while “in the fish.” When we’re “in Christ” we too are protected from God’s judgment. God forgives those who repent.

Ch. 3 – Jonah Obeys God – Preaches to the Ninevites
Life Application: God does not show favoritism, but accepts men “people” from every nation who fear him and do what is right. 

Ch. 4 – Jonah is angry with God – God disciplines him
Life Application: God’s ways are not our ways. God disciplines those he loves. 

Sample chapter one of our Jonah Bible Lessons.


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Creation to Cross Totem Pole 

Written language is a fairly recent development for the Indians of the Pacific Northwest. Interestingly, they used oral tradition and totem poles to pass along their history from generation to generation. Totem poles visually recorded personal or family stories, they could be used to honor an individual or even to mark a grave site. Totem poles are not used as idols or for worship. 

The Creation to Cross Totem Pole records the seven day creation story on one side and the fall to redemption story on the opposite side.

During class-time read the Creation and fall account from a child-friendly Bible. Point out that Genesis 3:15 records the first mention that "Someone" will come to defeat our adversary, Satan. Thousands of years later this came true when Jesus defeated Satan by his death and resurrection; thereby providing our redemption and salvation! 

Creation: Genesis 1:1-31; 2:1-3. (The first three days God created the spheres. The next three days show what and who inhabit those spheres. For example, on day one God created the heavens and earth, separating the light and the darkness. On day four God filled those spheres with the sun and moon. Day one coordinates with day four, day two with day five, and day three with day six.)

Day 1: God created the heavens and the earth. Separated the light, "the day", from the darkness, "the night".

Day 2: Separated the expanse between waters, creating the sky, land and waters.

Day 3: Created all . . . learn how to make the totem pole.

Your products are excellent. We have purchased several for our Kids Church and been delighted with every one . . . the Lighthouse was brilliant! ~ Margaret J., Australia.

You have fantastic resources. My favorite is your lessons on the 10 Commandments. Although I taught it sometime ago, the kids still use the hand signals. Keep up the good work. ~ Frances Kemp

I am so thankful for finding your site. I teach, but need lots of help and ideas. I so want to teach these little ones so they know Jesus as Savior. Thank you so very much!
~ Carol W.

I was intrigued with the Amazing Parable Race description [and purchased it]. It allows me to add another resource to my "bag of tricks" for very little additional cost . . . huge plus! I have many of your resources and appreciate the quality of the materials you provide. For a broadly graded class, I find I can easily reach the youngest and the oldest (Preschool through 5th grade) children. Thank you! 
~ Lauren F.

We used the Parables of Jesus as a starting point for our neighborhood kids Bible study and adapted the lessons to suit our needs. The lessons provided fun and easy ways to teach the parables. ~ Michle

We have a very small church (28 to 30 people total on average) and it is hard to find programs to do for VBS. So when I went looking for something that I could do with a group of kids, the Prayer of Jesus stood out. There are six, two-hour lessons and we did a lesson a day. The book has game and craft ideas to go with each lesson. . . . I am already looking into buying more books from Sunday School Network. I feel that learning to pray together as a group, a family, we have grown even closer to God.
Thank you, ~ April G.


Pentecost Rusher Craft TM 
Makes a rushing wind sound!

" will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you...and you will be my witnesses...When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them." (Acts 1:8; 2:1-3)

The Pentecost Rusher is similar to early Americana whizzer toys. When you hear the rushing wind sound and see the tongues of fire, let them serve to remind you of the Holy Spirit descending on believers at Pentecost, giving them the power to serve Jesus and to tell others the Good News! 

Today, God's Holy Spirit power is available to all who trust in Jesus as their Savior and Forever Friend (Romans 8:9-10).

Learn to make the Pentecost Rusher Craft

Bible Games for Kids & Christian Skits    

Christian skits based on the Gospel of Mark Bible books game
Mark: Bible Skits               Bible Stack-O! 

Christian skits based on the book of Ruth Bible Games Explosion 52 Year-round Bible games
   Ruth: Bible Skits            Bible Games Explosion!

I appreciate these ideas for Sunday School . . . they come in very handy. ~Tessa, East Africa

I find these Bible skits to be BEAUTIFUL! Thank you very much.



The Amazing Parable Race is a two-hour outdoor Bible game event. It's crazy-fun and an exciting way for children to learn about the Parable of the Sower from Matthew 13. 

Played similarly to the popular game show The Amazing RaceTM; teams hunt for hidden Bible verse clues to find items from nature that are in the parable. Teams must also complete challenges before moving ahead in the game. It's an experience they'll never forget!

The download includes: a teacher lesson guide, patterns for your Bible clues and challenge cards, color cover to make promotional flyers, and game tips for a successful event! The ideal age group is for 4th-8th grade.

Learn more about the Amazing Parable Race.

The folks at Sunday School Network are a pleasure to work with; I highly recommend them. . . Sunday School Network is a company you can trust. ~ Glen B.

Its hard for a small church like ours to afford Bible curriculum and yours is so affordable and fun! ~ Julie

Our church used one of your plays with great success . . .
Thank you for your ideas and your website.
~ Lynn Rhodes

I just want to say that I am very thankful for this site. I have
found a lot of neat ideas for Sunday school and youth group ~ Kim 

I just wanted to let you know what a blessing this website has been to me. I am teaching children's church on Sunday nights and had ran out of  ideas to use. I prayed that God would give me some sources. Well, He did, alright!  This website!  I was up until almost 2:00 A.M. one night searching it out. What a wonderful site!  I love it!  It has such great ideas.  Thank you so much!  ~ Another sister in Christ,
Mable D.


FREE Adult Devotionals for Individuals and Groups

Where will you spend eternity?

Are you going to heaven?

[The teacher's newsletter] is an awesome resource for anyone that works with kids! You never know what will come from it. I met a new friend in South Africa and the Lord is doing a great outreach there---so many children have been reached and so many teachers trained and given resources, and it started with this connection. ~ PTL for this site. Bev T.

Totally love your newsletters; I use them for our church youth group. God Bless You! ~ Denise

I appreciate your Bible-4-Life series . . . I purchased all of the books that you offered. They have been absolutely wonderful! The kids respond so well . . . ~ K. Eriksen





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