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The Gifts of the Spirit

Gifts of the Spirit Bible Lessons All people have God-given natural gifts, talents, or abilities. Some of us excel in sports, music, the visual arts, or writing. Some of us have abilities or talents such as the ability to be a good listener, a good organizer, a good student, or a good friend to others. These natural abilities are important and useful whether a person is a believer in Jesus or not. However, the Gifts of The Spirit are different; they are supernatural gifts, which God gives to his children. The sole purpose for these Spiritual gifts is to help the rest of the body of believers, the church, to grow in their faith and to walk more closely with God. 

The body of Christ is made up of many parts. Each of the parts, and each person, has been given a gift, or gifts, that are useful for furthering God's kingdom. These gifts are not given to us so we can say, "Look how great I am, because God has given me this wonderful gift." No! The gifts are given to believers so they may be useful to God, sharing his love with others. 

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The Parables of Jesus

The word parable comes from the Greek word, "parabole," which means a placing beside, or a comparison story to illustrate a deeper moral or spiritual truth. Jesus told comparison stories about everyday life so people would understand the Kingdom of God more clearly. 

To help children understand why Jesus used parables, ask them, "How would you describe clouds or the color blue to a blind person?" (Receive answers.) 

Explain, "To describe the color blue you might pour cool water over the person's hands or give them a fluffy pillow to feel. You see, by comparing familiar things to unfamiliar things, you could help a blind person to "see" and understand what you want them to know. Jesus taught in a similar way using parables. 

Parables are simple stories that compare things people are familiar with, to things that are not as familiar. Jesus wanted people to understand heavenly things or deeper spiritual truths about God and his Kingdom.

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