The Amazing Parable Race TM

 A two-hour outdoor Bible game event. 

Amazing Parable Race Bible Game EventThe Amazing Parable Race is crazy-fun; it's an exciting way to teach children the Parable of the Sower from Matthew 13! 

Played similarly to the popular game show The Amazing Race. Teams hunt for hidden Bible verse clues to find items from nature that are in the parable. Teams must also complete challenges before moving ahead in the game. 

The Amazing Parable Race is a perfect warm-up to a season of studying the Parables of Jesus Bible curriculum. It's an experience your kids will never forget! (Make sure to read the reviews, below.)

The download includes: a teacher lesson guide, patterns for your Bible clues and challenge cards, color cover to make promotional flyers, and game tips for a successful event! The ideal age group is for 4th-8th grade.

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"I am so excited to have found this! I was wanting to do the Amazing Race as a part virtual, part live, VBS this summer, but was hitting a mental block. This has been so helpful already! It is going to be AMAZING!

Figuring out social distancing is going to be a unique challenge, but I think the kiddos are going to LOVE this! My plan is to have one age group per week on campus (max 25) and the other age groups will watch online live. Then rotate age groups every week throughout the month of July. 

Now, I just have to narrow down my other weeks lessons and try to make my clues and challenges as fun as yours!

I can't wait! Thanks again!" 
~ Sheri Voigt

Follow up: "Yesterday was our first day of our Amazing Race VBS and I have to say it was quite successful! The kids absolutely LOVED it! I had to change the game to games that they could be socially distanced with no cross-contamination, and they had so much fun it didn't even seem like a pandemic version VBS. 

We had our preteen ministry on campus and then provided a Zoom link for our other age groups to participate in at home. Even the kids on Zoom had a great time. They played along with the kids that were live and read the clues and then found the items at home. It was absolutely fantastic!"
~ Sheri Voigt

"I was intrigued with the Amazing Parable Race description [and purchased it]. It allows me to add another resource to my "bag of tricks" for very little additional cost . . . huge plus! I have many of your resources and appreciate the quality of the materials you provide. For a broadly graded class, I find I can easily reach the youngest and the oldest (K-5th grade) children. 
Thank you!" 
~ Lauren F.

"The Amazing Parable Race was a great lead-in to a semester of teaching the Parables of Jesus to our kids!"


A great way to kick off summer programming! The kids had so much fun and so did the teachers! 


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