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Ministering to people with developmental disabilities.

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Do you have a lesson to help children and adults with special needs? Send it to: submissions@sundayschoolnetwork.com


Open Hearts Ministry

In a weekly Sunday School setting, Open Hearts Ministry volunteers are helping adults with disabilities, 16 and older, grow in their love and knowledge of God. We focus on creating an affectionate, friendly environment at church where these special individuals feel accepted, loved and can learn about the love of God. Through lessons and activities designed specifically for them, we include them in the Body of Christ. Open Hearts Extended is an extension of this ministry. This website offers non-denominational Sunday School lessons ready for use during the 2012-2013 ministry year. The first two lessons for the year are listed, below.

Lesson 1: God Created

Lesson 2: God Created Me

To learn more about this ministry, visit Open Hearts Extended. 

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