The Lost Coin Game

Before playing the game

Read Luke 15:8-10 from a child-friendly Bible, tell it in your own words or have children pantomime the story as you tell it. 

Discuss the following:

1) Jesus told this parable--this story--to help us understand something about God and his kingdom. What do you suppose the coins represent in this story? (people)

2) Who do you think the woman represents? (God)

The message of the parable:
* God searches for lost people - "While we were still sinners, Christ died for us" (Romans 5:8).
* People are valuable to God 
* God doesn't give up--he continues to search for those who are lost
* God rejoices when the lost are found "...there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents" (Luke 15:7).
* We are to be like God--helping those who are lost, find their way to him; rejoicing when they are found.


Set up:
You'll need small brooms and dozens of small balls "the coins" (ping pong, golf, or pit balls), and Hoola-hoops "the homes."

How to Play: Children can play individually or in teams. Place hoops "the homes" around the outside edge of your playing area. Each player or team will need a broom and a hoop. Scatter the balls "the coins" in the center of the playing area. At the go, players race to sweep one ball "one coin" at a time into their respective hoop "home." If playing in teams, players take turns sweeping a coin home, then return to the team line to hand off the broom to the next player. When all the "coins" have been swept into the "homes" the game is over. Team with the most "coins" wins!

Copyright 2010 S.A. Keith

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