Defeat Goliath
David & Goliath Bible Game


Use an overhead projector to copy a Goliath picture on a rollup shade. (Our Super Heroes curriculum includes a line drawing of Goliath). Children take turns playing the Bible Superhero, "David." Use a bean bag for your stone. When "David" hits "Goliath" just right, the shade rolls up. 

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* Alternate method: Copy the Goliath image onto an overhead projector sheet. Stack three to four large boxes on top of one another. Project the image onto the sides of the boxes. Trace the image and color it in using paint and/or markers. Establish a throw line a distance away from the stacked boxes. Players take turns throwing 5 beanbags at Goliath, attempting to knock him down.

Read all about it in 1 Samuel 17.

*This is one of the games you'll find in Super Heroes of the Bible.

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