Alpha & Omega Relays


Object Lesson

Have you ever heard someone say something like this, "You can find everything in that store from A to Z!" What do you think that means? It means that store would have everything you could possibly want to buy. The Bible contains a similar saying for God. In Revelation 22:13, Jesus says, "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End." The book of Revelation was originally written in Greek. The Greek alphabet begins with the letter Alpha, and ends with the letter, Omega. Just like the A and the Z in our alphabet. The Alpha looks like our letter "A," and the Omega looks sort of like an upside down "U." This verse is referring to Jesus as the Alpha and the Omega. It tells us that Jesus was here before time began, and heíll be here after time ends. Jesus is eternal.

This verse also tells us that Jesus is all we need. He is the First One we can talk to in the morning and the Last One we can talk to at night. He is the First One we can go to when we are having a difficult time. He is the Beginning of understanding Godís will for our lives and he is the Ending of understanding all we need to know to please God.

Today we will play a fun game to remember that God is the Alpha & the Omega, the First & the Last!


The "Alpha & Omega Relays" game is from
His Name Shall Be Called...
Lessons For Children On The Names of God

Set Up: Establish a playing area. Divide players into two teams. Players on teams line up behind one another at a starting point. Players will race to an end point at the opposite side of the playing field. 

How To Play:
Before playing decide how players will run, i.e. forwards, backwards, crab walking, hopping on one foot, etc. At the go the first and the last player on each team will run to the end point, then return to their team line where they must tag off to the first and last player in their team line. (The first player tags off to the first player in their team line and the last player must tag off to the last player in their team line, then sits down to the side of the line.) Play continues like this until the entire line has had their turn and returned to sit down. The first team to finish is the winning team. 

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