Freeze Frame
Bible Memory Game

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Application: Bible memorization active


Spend some time during class memorizing your Scripture verse, then play Freeze Frame to reinforce it. You will need lively praise music. 

How to Play

Turn on the music, turn up the sound. Kids jump to the music. When you stop the music kids "Freeze Frame," that is they freeze their positions and don't talk. Teacher then says the first word in the Bible verse, and then tags a player to "thaw" him or her. The thawed player has the opportunity to say the next word. If the correct word is stated, he/she thaws another player. If a child doesn't know the word, he/she remains frozen. The thawed player can tag another player to thaw him or her. Play continues like this until the verse is stated. 


Alternately, if a player doesn't know the next word, teacher starts the music again with only the players who are thawed jumping to the music. Teacher would begin by playing as before, until the verse is stated. 

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