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Signs of the Times
Modern Parables for Children's Ministry

Click the cover to sample Chapter One.




Jesus taught his followers about the kingdom of Heaven by using everyday objects. And since most children look with anticipation to the day they can drive a car, what better way to explain the life-saving lessons of God's kingdom than by using common objects such as street signs? Traffic signs show us the right way to go and warn us of what lies ahead. Is this not what God's Word does for us? These "Signs of the Times" lessons are designed to teach children how to choose the right road in life and strengthen their relationship to Jesus Christ! (For K-5th grade)


Book includes: 12 Sessions*, Crafts (Crafts and  Yummy Food Devotions), 8 Bible Games, also included are Skits, Enrichment and Memorization ideas, and Song-time suggestions. Most of the lessons have more than one craft and game, which means you can extend the series by several sessions!

Click here to download full-color street signs.


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*Each lesson includes a craft, game, memory work, and song-time suggestions. If you use both the craft and game for each session, it will take six, two-hour sessions to complete this series. However, if you split each lesson into two sessions (recommended), whereby you present the lesson, memory verse, craft and songs in the first session and the game with lesson review, memory recitation, and songs in the next session, it will take twelve, one-hour sessions to complete this series. Click here to download the music for Stop! and Let Me Tell You


When you purchase Signs of the Times, you will also receive a "What's Your Sign?" t-Shirt design. It's a great way to start a conversation about your faith! Now, when someone asks, "What's your sign?" You can say, "A STOP sign. I was heading for a DEAD END, so I YIELDED my life to God and made a U-TURN to Jesus; he is the ONE WAY to heaven." 

The design is black and white so it can be printed on any color of t-shirt. You'll find it listed in the patterns section at the back of the PDF digital book.




I absolutely LOVE the “Signs of the Times” curriculum! It's perfect for our 6-week after-school program, The Great Adventure Club. I also love the idea of the checklist cards for the kids to use during the week! And I love that the Gospel is so easily taught through this by having "sign" reminders ALL around the kids! The Enrichment Ideas were great - like the snack and craft, but we don't have time in 90 minutes to do the really cool stuff - but it didn't detract from the lessons at all! The games were great and easy to modify for doing in our gym--BIG spaces and 35 kids at a time--yet the games expanded to our need with a tweak here or there. The kids had a great time and the point of the lessons came across with each game. The whole program was truly a blessing!  
~ Emmalea Butler