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A Chrismon Snowflake Tree

The Chrismon tree on the right was created using Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments. Chrismons are "Christ-monograms", or symbols of Christ or Christianity, such as crowns, crosses, stars, butterflies and angels. A Chrismon Snowflake combines chrismons into a traditional paper cut snowflake. Each pattern comes with a coordinating Scripture verse too!

Fun and easy-to-do for ages 9 and up! 

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There are 32 ornaments of faith in the
Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments book.


A Chrismon-Kids Tree

This Chrismon tree, right, was created by the children of First Presbyterian Church during their midweek Kingdom-Kids program for Kindergarten-4th grade. While making the tree the children learned the meaning of the designs and the Scripture references which accompanied each pattern. The tree was decorated with white lights, gold bows, and Chrismon ornaments made from the Chrismon-Kids patterns

The tree was topped off with a Chrismon Crown and displayed in the fellowship hall! 
For ages 3-103.


Aim your mouse over the tree to read a
sampling of the definitions and Scripture verses.

There are 32 ornament patterns in the Chrismon-Kids book, along with instructions on how to make a Chrismon Tree or Jesse Tree