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1) Palm Sunday Ideas
2) Flash Paper?

3) Thanks to Mrs. Lindow
4) Forgiveness Lesson

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5) Jelly Bean Witness: Palm Sunday Idea  
6) Spanish Materials for Missions?
7) Paint Stirrer Ideas?

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1) Palm Sunday Ideas

For Palm Sunday for the smaller children we made toilet paper wands with green streamers to wave with songs, 

I also have made 2 sided donkey heads out of construction paper and stapled and stuffed them and placed them on top of a gift wrap roll tube (like a stick horse) The kids loved them and they got them to take home a google eye on either side and a mane of cut strands of yarn added to their appeal.

It always bothered me about ripping the branches off the trees until I decided to couple that visually with a ticker tape parade (there is one in First Knight - the movie and Amelia (the movie about Amelia Earhart). Jesus was an important person that they wanted to show respect and honor for. I carried it a little further along with greeting cards in envelopes with confetti = another way we show respect and honor to people today.

Marilyn Tyler
Peace Mennonite Church
Elyria, Ohio


2) Flash Paper?

> I have used "Flash paper" to explain forgiveness. 

What a great illustration!! But can you please explain what 'flash paper' is and where to get it?
Thank you.

--from SSTN: flash paper is used by magicians for special effects. Google has many links which reference it. Also, check out this link to learn how to make it:


3) Thanks to Mrs, Lindow

I want to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Lindow for providing support for many in the network who cannot contribute financially. Your contribution will help fund this month's newsletter!

Many blessings and thanks,
Sarah Keith <><

Fun and educational for class time
or family get-togethers!

Resurrection Eggs - Easter Craft
Great for use during Lent!

4) Forgiveness Lesson

Forgiveness is a command of God: "Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you." (Ephesians4:32). To get the lesson associated with this verse, look for "Forgive One Another" on our "Bible Lessons With Special Activities" page at:


5) Jelly Bean Witness: Palm Sunday Idea

Cut colored poster board in the shape of jellybeans--make them extra large. On the back of the poster write the matching line from the Jelly Bean Witness poem. For your presentation, have children stand side by side and when it's their turn hold up their jellybean and recite their line. 

To learn more about the Jelly Bean Witness, go to the Holiday-Crafts-Easter section at:

Afterwards, distribute small packets of real jelly beans along with the Jelly Bean Witness poem.

6) Spanish Materials for Missions?

Do you have any materials in Spanish? We are going to Costa Rica for a Mission trip and are looking for some material in Spanish on Moses.


--from SSTN: Hi Sonia, Yes, our Look n' Learn Ten Commandments flash cards are available in Spanish at:
You can print as many as you need for one low price!

Thanks for asking!
Sarah Keith <><


7) Paint Stirrer Ideas?

Does anyone have a Bible craft or game idea that incorporates paint stirrers?


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