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SSTN # 9 - January 30, 2006

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The Prayer of Jesus...the ONLY prayer Jesus taught us to pray.

1) Valentine Banquet
2) Teaching One Year Olds
3) Room Theme
4) Valentine's Banquet

Sending Out An S.O.S.

5) Coloring pages
6) Valentine's 50's Soda Shop
7) Special Needs Children
8) Kids Under Construction
9) Autistic Children
10) Valentine's Banquet

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The Prayer of Jesus ... the ONLY prayer Jesus taught us to pray.

There is only one prayer Jesus taught his followers to pray. There is
nothing magical or mysterious about this prayer. Jesus doesn’t say that if
you pray this prayer things will go your way or you’ll change God’s mind
regarding the circumstances in your life. No, this prayer, the Lord’s
Prayer, is a model of how to pray. It teaches us to trust in God and to
pray for his will to be done in our lives.

Some people believe if they say just the right words or repeat a special
prayer over and over again, then God will hear their prayers and do what
they ask of him...

To read the rest of this introduction, go to the following page:

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1) Valentine Banquet

Sarah, Our Youth hosts the Valentine Banquet every year.  We use this as a
fundraiser for the Youth Camp we got to each summer.  We charge $30 per
couple (you may have to charge more depending on your location but prices
are usually pretty cheap in our area compared to other places).  We
decorate our Fellowship Hall with Christmas lights all in the ceiling and
we decorate as if they were eating at a posh restaurant.  It is very
upscale.  The Youth choose the entertainment and we do play the
Newleywed-style game.  If you want to know more please email me.
If any one has any good questions to use for the Newleywed Game, please
eamil me.

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2) Teaching One Year Olds

In response to question #4, we have a 1 year old Preschool Sunday School
class and we bought "Faith Connections" by Word Action (Nazarene
Publishing). It has worked very well for us. Better than the Group
Publishing material that we used previously.

June Eschenmann
Director of Preschool Ministries
Simpson Creek Baptist Church

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3) Room Theme

My Room Theme this year is FROG FULLY RELY ON GOD....It isn't part of one
lesson but a whole year worth of intigrating this theme.
I took green colored table covering paper and did a frog then I drew Lily
pads they colored in and pasted a piture of each student I told them
....they were waiting for God to land on there pad and see if there faith
could hold him up. (Deep for a 3rd grader....but you would be suprised at
some of there come backs.) We also did a pond of blue water on the bottom
of the wall and sun and clouds at the top. Wall is white paper all
removable at end of year.
We also use plastic frogs(multi color every one has there own) for game
pieces when we play a game.  After each lesson I try to ask the children
who in this story fully relied on God.... good launch for heart to heart
We also have done crafts where we took green foam door hangers and
decorated our own pond with a frog that says.....
opps didn't mean to yell....:)

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4) Valentine's Banquet

One year we did a theme of 'Under the Stars',
We hung glow in the dark stars over the dining area. We had a back drop of
dark blue mess with gold/silver stars on it and took the couples pictures,
printed them and gave them a copy in a star shape cut out.
There is a web site that I have visited, I don't have the address but I
think I went under Christian Valentine Banquets. There were some pretty
good ideas there. We have had the youth serve the meal, held our banquet
in a local restaurant, a quartet entertained us a couple of times. One
time we hung a blanket up 6 inches off the floor, had some ladies walk
behind it and their husbands had to guess which feet were theirs. That was
good for a laugh or two. 
Hope this helps you think of something.
God Bless your banquet
Cheryl Volgren
Balsam Lake Wisconsin

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Sending Out An S.O.S.

Check out a new activity from my newly released book,
"The Prayer of Jesus". You can download it at:


Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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5) Coloring pages

CalvaryChapel.com has coloring pages for the entire Bible which can be
printed f r ee of charge

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6) Valentine's 50's Soda Shop

We did a 50's Soda shop theme.  Some wore poodle skirts and booby socks,
saddle shoes, etc.  We served hamburgers, fries and malts. Played 50's
music. We had a great time.

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7) Special Needs Children

Pat Verbal helped write a book on special needs kids (from the SS
perspective). Special Needs Special Ministry (Group Publishing) 

--from SSTN: you can find this book in our bookstore by typing the title
into the search box at:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/bookstore.html 

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8) Kids Under Construction

> I am planning on doing our VBS this year with the theme
> "Kids Under Construction." Any ideas

One thing that could be perfect for the theme is a song from when I was a
child (around the late 70's early 80's) that was done (I believe) by Bill
and Gloria Gaither called "Kids Under Construction". Maybe this is where
you got your idea, but if not, you should try
and find that song, its stuck in my head all these years.

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9) Autistic Children

In response to the teacher who now has two autistic boys in her
classroom, as the mother of an autistic four-year-old son, I thought I
could offer some advice.  First, remove all other stimuli from the
classroom which may be competing for their attention (like music, an
open classroom door, an open window, etc.).  Secondly, find out from the
boys' parents whether or not they have any special talent.  My son is
gifted musically, so singing or playing music is the way to reach him.
Third, find out from the parents if the boys can read.  Many autistic
children need to see directions written out on a white board or
chalkboard in order to comprehend the lesson or the directions for a
craft project.  My son could read when he was two years old, and we
write everything down for him.  Fourth, if the children are not
sensitive to touch, don't be afraid to gently re-position them so that
they can focus.  Call their name while you turn their head or move their
hands to the craft, for example.  Be repetitive.  Sometimes it is
soothing for an autistic child.  Praise, praise, praise a job even
remotely well done.  They can often comprehend more than you realize.
Good luck.

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10) Valentine's Banquet

Why not have an "agape" dinner/party? Agape is the word that Jesus used
for love when He asked Peter if he loved him. In the original Hebrew and Greek
languages of the text, since the word "love" has many different
connotations there were different words for it.  (see note below)

Why not have a party where we emphasize our love for God and others rather
than the romantic kind of love?

Maybe your members could invite people who are lonely, going through a
tough time, etc. and you could minister to them in some way...


--from SSTN: Love your idea, ;o)
As a point of reference, Agape is unconditional love, as in the love that
God has for us. Phileo is brother-friendship love (we get Philadelphia -
city of brotherly love from it). The other kind of love is eros
(passionate love).

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