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SSTN # 9 - February 6, 2007

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1) Recycled Resource
2) Lord's Prayer Symbols?
3) Adventure on Treasure Island?
4) Conversation Hearts

Heart Box ... Easy Download

5) Father daughter banquet?
6) Christmas play with music?
7) Thank you
8) Ground Turning to Blood?

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1) Recycled Resources

Kali and other Sisters and Brothers,
The following link is a great resource for making crafts out of recycled
supplies.  Also, if you don't have a big budget for supplies, you can ask
kids to help "stock" the supply closet with things from home like aluminum
foil. They enjoy helping and feel a sense of ownership!
God's blessings,

--from SSTN: there are also more recycled ideas at:

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2) Lord's Prayer Symbols?

Our after-school Bible club will be making Lord's Prayer gloves to help us
remember the parts of the prayer.  Basically we will be using those cloth
stretchy one-size-fits-all gloves and adding felt or foam pieces to the
fingertips which help us remember portions of the prayer.  For example, we
will use a bread symbol for the "Give us this day our daily bread" part.
Please help!  I am drawing a brain-blank for symbols to help us with these
parts of the prayer (please bear with me if you use a different version of
the prayer):
a) Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. (Need a symbol for
"hallowed" or "holy" to help us remember that God is holy.)
b) Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. (may
use symbol of crown for kingdom, but may add earth and heaven
symbol...what would you use for "heaven"?)
c) "forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us"
(need symbol for forgiveness or sins, would prefer to focus on the
forgiveness element...was thinking of a heart or the cross but not sure if
that will help the kids remember?)
d) "lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil" (need symbol
for temptation or evil)
e) need symbol for "glory" (God's glory)
f) need symbol for "forever"
g) need symbol for "Amen"
Thanks for any and all ideas!!

--from SSTN: this will be fun.
For Holy, which means "set apart", what about a "throne"? For "deliver us
from evil" what about a circle with a slash? For "Amen", since it means
"truly" or "hearty approval", what about a "thumbs up"? Can't wait to hear
more ideas from everyone!

Sarah Keith <><
P.S. Love you all!

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3) Adventure on Treasure Island?

I am using "Adventure on Treasure Island" as a theme for our VBS this
I would like any ideas along the lines of
- props/decorations
- songs
- crafts
- skits
- games
I got a theme pack from a Bible Institute that has a few ideas such as:
a nightly theme based on RICHES
R = Righteousness
I = Instruction in Wisdom
C = Contentment
H = Heaven
E = Example
S = Soul

Any other ideas would be welcome
Thank you,

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4) Conversation Hearts

This is in reply to the person who wanted some ideas about a Valentine
party. I am sure you know what valentine conversation hearts are, they are
candy that say stuff like "cool" and so on. Well I made paper conversation
hearts and put a Bible verse about love on each one. They are called
conversation hearts from God. At our party the kids will invite a guest
(probably a parent) and each child will read one of the Bible verses. We
also have red silk roses to give each guest. We will sing some songs for
entertainment and of course have refreshments. Our kids love a kind of
bingo we play. It is called spiritual symbols bingo and each square has a
symbol on it. This teaches the kids what the symbols mean and they get
small prizes when they win. We will play spiritual bingo at our party
using candy hearts for play pieces. Hope this helps.
Linda from Illinois

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Heart Box ... Easy Download

Find it in the "Easy Make N' Take" section at:

(you may need to copy and paste the link to your browser)

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5) Father daughter banquet?

Help we're having our our first father daughter banquet/dinner (not a
dance) I need ideas for entertainment,activities, etc.
I can be emailed directly to:edavila73@msn.com

Thanks a million

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6) Christmas play with music?

To whom it may concern:
Greetings in Jesus name. Our Sunday school are planning a Christmas play
with music the full birth of Jesus.
Can you pls send me some guidelines in planning this event.
Many thanks and regards
Anneline Williams 

--from SSTN: there are so many great play productions that include
music, set design ideas, etc. They can be found in our bookstore at:
Type, "Christian Christmas Dramas" into the search box to locate them.
Also check out the book, "Stagecraft for Christmas and Easter Plays"
as well as, "Instant Christmas Pageants".
You can also use the ones posted in the site:

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7) Thank you

Dana and Mellissa
Thank you for thr information, and suggestions.  I will check out the
books suggested.
I have obtained the services of an finicial person from one of our local
banks, he will come in and do a workshop not only with my class, but all
of the children including the teens.
He has ordered some booklets for the adults and will be the gust speaker
at one of our up coming Bible Study Class for adults.
Again I thank you.
In his Service,

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8) Ground Turning to Blood?

>For the ground turning to blood, we put powdered red Tempera paint in the
>bottom of a pan and covered it gently with dirt.  At the time he did the
>"sign" I had another child to go get a jar of water and this was poured
>over the dirt.  Immediately it looked like blood.

I can't find this in the story of the burning bush???

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