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SSTN # 95 - December 12, 2006

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1) God’s Covenant Home Bible Study
2) What Do Chrismons Mean?
3) Fun prayers
4) Children behavior techniques

Chalk-It-Up Game Book ... A Great Christmas Gift!

5) Kidzone
6) Fun Prayers
7) Discipleship?
8) Positive reinforcement
9) Fun Prayers

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1) God’s Covenant Home Bible Study Edition

A complete set with a Teacher’s Manual, Student Booklet and a
self-standing chart that is illustrated in vivid colors. The Bible Study
explores the five Major Covenants. Beginning at Genesis with the Adamic
Covenant, Noahic Covenant, Abrahamic Covenant and the final Old Testament
Mosaic Covenant that covers the Passover, Ten Commandments and the
Tabernacle in the wilderness. Then we move on to the New Covenant
(Testament) and discover the hidden mysteries found in the five major
covenants, which teach us the true meaning of the Gospel and God’s purpose
for mankind. The God’s Covenant Bible Study is also available in
PowerPoint® format. The Bible Study is available in English or Spanish.

--from SSTN: they're avaialble in our bookstore. You can find these titles
by typing them into the search box at:

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2) What Do Chrismons Mean?

Thank you,

--from SSTN: SundaySchoolNetwork.com was started in 1997
as a result of Chrismon Snowflakes. See the following page:

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3) Fun prayers

We used a fun grace with our Kids Club children on a Friday night at
dinner time for about six months solid.  It was a real hit with the kids
when I introduced it, and for a long time they wouldn't sing any other.
It is sung to the tune of Queen's We will rock you, and of course must
have the rhythm thumped out on the table and clapped for accompaniment.

"God I want to thank you for this food,
Don't know if it's cooked but I hope it tastes good,
Got food on my face, big disgrace,
Spilling my meal all over the place  singing....

We will we will thank you,
We will we will thank you."

Some of the children used to substitute the word chucking instead of
spilling, but fortunately never actually did so!

90% of our children were non-christian from the local community who had
never said grace before coming to Kids Club, but once we started this
grace (and the Superman one too when we could get a break from we will
thank you) they would not consider eating their meal at Kids Club
without first having sung grace.

Hope you have as much fun with it as we did.
Christian love,
Julie (Australia)

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4) Children behavior techniques

A couple of weeks ago someone was asking how to deal with three and four
year olds not sitting still while teaching.  Many people have talked
about how they have a short attention span (one minute per year of age).
What I have not seen a lot of is techniques to use to keep their
attention.  Here are some suggestions for that:  Create lesson routines
and rituals, Repeat lesson and activities, Encourage the children to
imitate parts of the lesson, Use simple words and instructions, Develop
lessons that use all of the five senses. (Touch, taste, feel, see, and
hear), Use music and songs to help teach the lesson, Read to them, Keep
close visual activity (reading/writing) to a minimum, and Guide toddlers
towards good ways to share, take turns and solve problems.

I hope these suggestions help,
Connie G.

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Chalk-It-Up / Game Book ... A Great Christmas Gift!

A fun gift for kids...get em' moving and creating!

Learn more at:
(you may need to copy and paste the link to your browser)

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5) Kidzone

This is to let you know that I have started a n ew web site, specifically
for children. This site will change completely every month, and will have
a story, an illusion that children can learn for themselves, a "laugh
break" and a 'question and answer' section. If children wish, they can
have each new posting emailed directly to them.
The Kidzone site address is :- www.funatkidzone.blogspot.com I would be
grateful if you would pass this on to any children you know that you think
would benefit from this.
Maurice Sweetsur.mnmsweetsur@xtra.co.nz

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6) Fun Prayers

>Does anyone know of any other good prayers to sing/say with kids, not
>mealtime ones, but general prayers?

Here's what I have :
SUPERMAN PRAYER (to Superman theme from the old Christopher Reeve movies):
Thank you God - for giving us food!
Thank you God - for giving us food!
For the food that we eat
For the friends that we meet
Thank you God - for giving us food ! Amen!

Here are some prayers that have been used for the choirs and others...


(Finger pointed to right other hand on hip)
Thank you God for giving us food

Thank you God for giving us food

(One fist in air other on hip)
Thank you Go--d

Thank you Go--d

(With both hands on hips)
Thank you God for giving us food


(Hands in prayer on top of head...looks like a shark fin)
(slower) God is (Pause) great and
(Slow) God is (Pause) great and
(Fast) And we Thank Him for our food

Johnny Appleseed
(1st verse)

Oh the Lord is good to me,
And so I thank the Lord,
For giving me; the things I need,
Like the sun, the rain, and the appleseed.
Oh the Lord is good to me.
Amen, Amen, Amen

God is Great

God is great
God is good
Let us thank Him for our food
We're gonna thank Him for the day and night
We're gonna thank Him cause He's outta sight
Amen (Clap, Clap)
Amen (Clap, Clap)
Dig in!

This tune is done in a 50's style kinda like Happy Days
Can also be done in different styles
the Shhs, Shhs is one


(Hold first two fingers in a peace sign sideways over each eye
Na Na   Na Na   Na Na   Na Na   Thank you Jesus
Na Na   Na Na   Na Na   Na Na   For this food Jesus

Addams Family

Da Da Da Da (Snap, Snap)
Da Da Da Da (Snap, Snap)
Da Da Da Da, Da Da Da Da, Da Da Da Da
(Snap, Snap)

For this food we are so grateful
We thank You for each plateful
Its always oh so tasteful
We thank you for this food!

We thank You for this day Lord
for mom and dad and You Lord
We thank You for our food Lord
We eat now gracefully

Ah-ah-men (Snap, Snap)
Ah-ah-men (Snap, Snap)
Ah-ah-men (Snap, Snap)
Ah-ah-men (snap, Snap)

Sung to the tune of 'Wendy'

Thanks be to God
    The Father Almighty
Thanks be to God
    Who gives us this Earth
Thanks be to God
    the Spirit Eternal
Thanks be to God
    For ever

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7) Discipleship?

What are you doing in the area of discipleship?  Do you have any
curriculum you especially like?  I'm talking about one-on-one follow-up
after a child or teen has been saved.
Thanks, Barbara

--from SSTN: the best thing for a child, or anyone else for that matter,
once he or she has been saved is to learn the Scripture! The Bible-4-Life
series is specifically designed to do this. Learn more at:

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8) Positive reinforcement

A simple idea for not only encouraging good behavior, but also for
instilling self-responsibility for good behavior is the use of a "star
chart." ...

Read the article called "What Do We Get?" by Chick Moorman at
(scroll down to read article: 57- Nov. 27, 2006).

It is food for thought about the system of using rewards.

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9) Fun Prayers

My kids learned two prayers at our Christian preschool:

Thank you God for a world so sweet,
Thank you God for the food we eat,
Thank you God for the birds that sing,
Thank you God for everything!


(sung to the tune of Happy Birthday to You)
Thank you, Thank you dear God
Thank you, Thank you dear God
Thank you for families and friends
Thank you, Thank you dear God


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