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SSTN # 93 - December 4, 2006

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Play Your Bible Cards Right!

1) New Teacher?
2) Reaching children
3) Reaching children
4) Children behaving

* Christ-Adornment Wreath
5) Find Bible Reference?
6) Children behaving
7) Empty Threats
8) Fun Prayers?
9) Involving Fathers

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Play Your Bible Cards Right!

If you play your cards right you'll learn the books of the Bible from
Genesis to Revelation, and a summary content of the books too!

Bible Stack-O! - Challenging game play for ages 8 to adult.

Learn more at:
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1) New Teacher?

I just want some ideas: I am a new Teacher:  On Fire for The Lord: I need
help ,I know you will help me ,so I can teach the children the way Jesus
would want: Thanks Gloria

--from SSTN: you don't need to venture out on your own, because there are
so many well-thought-out curriculums to choose from. Please let me direct
you to ours at:

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2) Reaching children

We made an enormous change a few years ago that has aided our outreach
tremendously. Our Wednesday program for kids is run like an after school
program. We targeted a school in our church neighborhood and approached
the school about offering tutoring in our church building. The program has
changed a bit through the years, but at this point our schedule looks like

4:10 pick up kids
4:30-4:45 recreation in gym
4:45-5:00 snack
5:00-5:15 rally time (this is when we expect all kids to arrive)
5:15-6:00 interest centers (arts & crafts, woodworking, art, hockey,
etc. We typically keep class size under a dozen)
6:00-6:20 dinner
6:20-7:00 individual coaching (time in the Bible & prayer followed by
homework--one student with one adult)
7:00 transport kids home (as previously arranged)

The teachers select kids that need one-on-one intervention and recommend
them. An informational brochure and registration form goes home from
school and must be returned prior to admittance in the program.  We accept kids
only at semester breaks, based on the number of adult coaches that we

It's fabulous. Behavior problems are at a minimum and every child is in
the Bible and engaged every week. We LOVE it!


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3) Reaching children
It is important to not treat a class of unchurched children the same as
those who are churched.  I am a children's minister in a church in a
low-income area.  Most of our kids are unchurched, either waking or riding
our van.  Try to get into their world.  Listen to what they say is going
on at school, at home and in the neighborhood.  This will let them know
that you care for them.  Make yourselves known.  We have a partnership
with our local elementary school to host a book fair in the spring and a
back to school bash complete with school supplies, hair cuts, crafts and
hot dogs.  we also have a chili supper with carnival games and door prizes
in the fall. Make sure you have short, positive rules that are followed-up
on.  Be sensitive--some of these kids come from various backgrounds that
cause them to "lash-out."  What may look on the surface as just blatant
defiance, could have deeper roots: a defense mechanism,. learned behavior,
or survival technique.  Talk to the parents/family and get to know them. 
Even if they don't come to church themselves, let them know that they are
your "extended church family" and that you are there to partner with
them.  Hope this helps and God bless.
Gary in Missouri

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4) Children behaving
My advice is not to expect 3 year olds to sit still for too long, get them
sticking and gluing as most of them love this. Or get them to act out
stories with you, or use action songs. Keep each activity fairly short, no
more than 10 minutes as 3 year olds  have fairly short attention spans!
Good luck

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Christ-Adornment Wreath
Learn more and see close up pictures too!

Click the following link or copy and paste it to your browser:

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5) Find Bible Reference?

Where can I find this in the Bible?  Our church is so small in number but
big in faith that I want to put this on our sign under the name of our
church.  You wouldn't believe how many people have made fun and other
comments about our small church and thanks to you I know use this
scripture to quote back at them.  Thanks so much for all you do.
Susan Ward

--from SSTN: this is from Matthew 18:20. Every teacher and student of the
Bible needs a concordance, either in book format or a software program.
Strong's is the leading one, but there are many others for modern
translations too. I can't imagine trying to do a Bible study without mine.

You can find them in our bookstore at:
Type "Bible concordance" into the search box to locate them.

Sarah Keith <><

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6) Children behaving

There was a recent article in by Dr. James Dobson
regarding sitting still in church.  To sum it up, it
is physically and physiologically impossible for
children up to about age 4 to sit still.  Can they
stand while you talk/teach?  How about if they can lay
on the floor and color while you teach? Or try
breaking up the activities into 10 minute increments.

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7) Empty Threats

Thanks to the person who suggested the clothespin method of behaviour
I'm guesssing your gift isn't Encouragement, bless your heart!
I wrote in after giving much thought to how I handled the situation. At
the time I talked to him I was intending to follow through, and it was
after a lot of thought I decided I would rather use some skill in working
with him so he could change his behavior with positive reinforcement
rather than negative.
Sure negative consequences work but at what cost.
Thanks to other suggestions for posititive suggestions.
BTW I have since learned from someone who knows the family that his dad
has much the same behaviors as an adult so he probably has to have the
inappropriate behaviors talked about so he can be aware of what he is
doing 'wrong'
This will be done as a group as to what makes it a successful time for us
This same boy aged 8 just received a NT with Psalms from the Gideons at a
bazaar our church had..you have never seen such pride and pleasure on a
kids face that he now owns his own.
He is extremely bright, and was proud to show us his Testament even has
the 10 commandments which we studied a few weeks ago. He also got the
opportunity to read the verse of the day. I do believe if we can continue
to engage him he will be a strong person for Christ. Just needs some
behavior modification with raising hand for talking probably being the
biggest tool we can teach him.
Thanks for listening

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8) Fun Prayers?

Hi there,
I learned a mealtime prayer to sing/say with kids at summer camp...but I
would love to hear yours.  We can always use more!  I'll share mine at the
end of this note.
Does anyone know of any other good prayers to sing/say with kids, not
mealtime ones, but general prayers?  I would love to use some in our
closing session every week.  THanks so much! - Amy

Here's what I have :
SUPERMAN PRAYER (to Superman theme from the old Christopher Reeve movies):
Thank you God - for giving us food!
Thank you God - for giving us food!
For the food that we eat
For the friends that we meet
Thank you God - for giving us food ! Amen!


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9) Involving Fathers

I totally agree with you guys.  I feel like the boys will listen better if
they have male role models or men talking and correcting them.  I feel
like they will have more honor and respect.  Are there any more
suggestions for involving fathers???
Re: Children behaving:
Thanks to all those who responded to my question/posting.  It was
encouraging and your answers were great!!!!  Thanks again.  :-)

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