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SSTN # 92 - November 30, 2006

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Card Game: Bible Stack-O!

1) Check in / check out procedure
2) Involving Fathers
3) Involving Fathers
4) Age Appropriate Behavior

Gift Books Under $10

5) Empty Threats
6) Nursing Home Gift
7) It's a Wonderful Life?
8) Senior's Nursing Home Suggestion
9) Children behaving

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Card Game: Bible Stack-O!

If you play your cards right you'll learn the books of the Bible from
Genesis to Revelation, and a summary content of the books too!

Great game play for ages 8 to adult. Buy one for your family,
friends, relatives and classrooms!

Learn more at: 
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1) Check in / check out procedure

We have recently started a kids club which is going really well! We looked
at various different ways of checking in and out and find the system we
use to be good.  On arrival parents fill in registration form with contact
details and any medical problems, we then give the child a numbered
sticker which they wear.  Children names are listed on an A4 sheet against
their number.  They are given a card with the same number which is free
entry into a prize draw.  Throughout the evening we give extra number
cards for those behaving which means extra entry into the free prize.  It
works well.
After the first one we made record cards with the info from the parents
sheet these are filed alphabetically, when a child now comes if they have
been before we simply remove their record card into the 'in section' and
again give them their number.
Numbers also help with games, we immediately know how many kids we have,
we can divide into teams easily and each child is identifiable by their
We have 50 kids 30 of which are from outside of the church, we are so
If you require any further info please contact me on
God Bless
Shirley Watts

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2) Involving Fathers

I recruit a team of two people to serve in Children's Ministry and it has
worked great to ask couples to serve.  That has gotten fathers/males to
become involved in non-threating ways and once they are serving they often
find they enjoy it.  I just recently had a man serving in our fall term
who had a couple of hard to manage boys.  I expected him to say he did not
want to continue with the next semester but when it was time to see if he
wanted to serve the next semester he said..."of course, I have too much
invested at this point to not keep serving!". 

The come and check it out approach has worked well for me along with
continually challenging the males in our congregation to step up to
provide leadership in ministry with children who may not have committed
Christian men in their lives.  Our VBS ministry draws men as it is a short
term commitment that gets them involved and once they see they can do it
and are blessed they can move to our Sunday School ministry!  The other
thing is PRAY PRAY and PRAY asking God to bring to mind men in your church
family that He wants to use in Children's Ministry.  Hope this helps!

Connecting Children & Families to Jesus,
Linda Annett, Minister of Children
Fellowship Reformed Church

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3) Involving Fathers

I had the same thing with only female volunteers for a long time.  I
started talking with the Mom's and explained the importance of getting a few
Dads's to work with us.  Many of them told me they thought their husbands would
help if I spoke with them.  One of the key points I made is many children
today do not have both parents at home and need to see a Godly example of
what 2 parents should be, as this may be the only chance in life they have
to see that Godly relationship.  Many of them said they had never looked
at it that way before and that they were honored to have me ask them to be
that Godly example.  I also have many teenage boys that love working with the
kids and we are getting ready to take about 7-10 minutes in a Sunday
service and get a male worker, a teenager and a female worker to share what
working in the nursery means to them, and then I am going to just quickly say
after that it takes an effort from all generations and both genders to fully
show what kind of Goodly people God wants us to be.  We are hoping to recruit
new volunteers as similar things of this nature have helped in the past.  I
hope some of this helps.  If you would like I can get our Dad volunteers to
give me some ideas on what brought them back and what they love about working
with the kids if you are interested in them as well.  Feel free to e-mail
me at espedding@ruxton.us.

In His Love,
Elaine Spedding

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4) Age Appropriate Behavior

>"Jesus listened and obeyed, we need to obey and listen also; so will
> you please stop." 

this is beyond a 3 yr old. Do an online search into characteristics of 3
y.o.. This will give you some ideas. Grab their attention when they first
arrive and keep it. This means changing activities/adding something new
every 3-4 minutes - attention span is one minute per year (age). 
3 year olds need to move. They will not sit quietly for more than one or
two minutes. Jesus put the wiggle in the child. Instead of fighting it the
entire class period, use it to help teach. Lots of move around activities.
Let them help tell the story, sing action songs, etc.

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Gift Books Under $10

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5) Empty Threats

>This has bothered me all week as I have no intention to follow up these

OUCH! You lied to him?  Please do not make threats if you do not intend to
follow through. A child will try the limits, and when he sees you won't
follow through, he sees you cannot be trusted.
Post rules and consequences in class. Let the children help you set the
rules/consequences.  Go over them each week.
We use a sticker/clothespin method. Each child receives one when he
enters. If he misbehaves he loses it (do not say anything, just take it
and keep teaching - this solves the problem of kids trying to get
attention). Whomever has their sticker at the end of class receives a

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6) Nursing Home Gift

patients in nursing homes sometimes don't have family. as we visit them
over the holidays, you don't have to take something expensive. look on
your computer and come up with a bible verse with pretty design, print off
a few. puch a hole in top. tie a ribbon to hang it with. you would be
surprised how much they appreciate. we used to buy small plastic flower
pots 10 for one dollar and put styrofoam in the bottom. buy some silk
flowers and cut them in small stems. insert into the styrofoam and you
have a flower arrangement. attatch a small card with bible verse on them.
older people love them. another idea is to make something to hang on their
bulletin board or the door. decorates their room up.
serving Christ,

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7) It's a Wonderful Life?

I am trying to find out if anyone has put
together a series of Sunday School classes based
on the life lessons contained in the movie, "It's
a Wonderful Life."  I am part of an adult class
who wants to explore these themes in the coming
weeks.  Any help would be much appreciated.

--from SSTN: Due out the beginning of 2007 from Bible-4-Life.com is
"The Be-Attitudes -- Get Over Yourself and Live Your Life Approved By
God". This is a series for adults on life lessons and living for God. It will also have
a corresponding children's series entitled, "The Be-Attitudes -- Teaching
Kids How To Live Their Lives Approved by God".

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8) Senior's Nursing Home Suggestion

Our church family is making gift bags for all 107 residents of a local
nursing home and the director said specifically that they would love candy
bars! She said everyone always gives them the "healthy stuff" but a candy
bar really makes their day. We will include some sort of sugar-free
candies for the diabetic residents as well. She also said the ladies like
tubes of lipstick.

~Kathy in Salt Lake City, Utah
Make it a great day by making someone else's day:)

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9) Children behaving

I would think having 3 year old boys with short attention spans is
quite normal...did you know for each year of age a child is, then allow
one minute of attention.....3 year old boys can sit quietly and pay
attention for 3 minutes!   I hope you can find some active learning
curriculum to use to keep the children interested and involved in
the concepts you are trying to teach.....use motion songs,  role play,
games, craft or food, as a craft as it pertains to the lesson - or use a
texture type of thing........then I would suggest that part of the time
could be spent
in just "play".....Hope this helps a bit.  God made these children, He
they are 3 years old and He made them the way they are...they are not
students to sit at your feet and learn great wisdom......and when Jesus
growing in stature and knowledge, He was once a little boy who ran and
played, teased the little girls, got dirty - just as His Father made
Keep on keepin' on!  You can get them inspired to want to learn if you are
Nancy (NFlohr5948@verizon.net)

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