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SSTN # 90 - November 25, 2006

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1) Costumes and Props?
2) Christmas Eve Presentation
3) Making God tangible
4) Involving Fathers?
5) Christmas Play?

Bible Fun Facts ... Did you know?

6) Check-In / check-out Procedure
7) Summarize Christmas Story?
8) Event Idea
9) Check-In / check-out Procedure

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1) Costumes and Props?

For the first time in almost 4 years since our Sunday School started we
will be in charge of running the service of Christmas eve on Sunday
December 24.  We are dividing our classes for a huge play.  Since it is
the first time were doing this I don't have any experience in directing a
play. If you have any ideas or websites that teach you how to
make biblical costumes and stage props please help. If some one has any
tips they will be much appreciated, anything will help. 
With love from Christ.
Edgar Ramirez
Sunday School Director

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2) Christmas Eve Presentation

we had lots of little children who didn't always come regularly
and choose to do a play that involved everyone.  I narrated a Christmas
story from a childrens book with  appropriate noises added into it
eg wise men children called out follow the star, follow the star
shepherds children made sheep noises angels children called out Holy Holy
Holy  etc can't remember all the noises but all the children were included even
those who came at the last minute, we had costumes for them to wear, home made
which we kept for other years The children enjoyed it and even the adults
joined in we finished with a twinkle twinkle little star

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3) Making God tangible

I agree with nancy, I taught Bible in schools until I had to retire due to
looking after my elderly mother - one of the new children in my class
was very anti and said so very loudly but  as they were allowed to be
excused I told him that he could leave but I would miss getting to know
him and seeing how good he was at colouring in and quizzes for which were
prizes.  he excused himself for 3 weeks running but hung around the door
listening and discovered that the other children were having fun finally
he joined the class and became my top student. Hugs were an important part of
this time.   Recently I called into a greenstone factory shop on my way
home from Rotorua and one of the carvers, a young man in his twenties,
served me after a while he said you seem to be familiar, and then said oh
you were my bible in school teacher at Horotiu, I really enjoyed your
classes He's not going on for God yet but the word of God is living and
active so I expect to see him in heaven sometime

blessings  Rev Norma

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4) Involving Fathers?

Hey SSTN Members
   I would like to know if any of you Sunday school leaders have any ideas
that will help involve fathers.  Our Sunday school is operated by
volunteer moms.  I am the only male in this ministry and I would like for
dads to be involved as well.  I hope some of you Male leaders have some
tips of what motivates you in gods ministry.  Any help will be much
appreciated.  Please E-mail me any information that you might have. 
Thank You and God Bless you
Edgar Ramirez
Sunday School Director

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Bible Fun Facts...Did you know?

The Bible was written over 1500 years, by a wide variety of authors (as
many as 40), from many different locations.

The Bible is the world's best selling book.

There are more old handwritten copies of the Bible still in existence than
any other old writing.

Learn more Bible Fun Facts like these when you purchase "Bible Stack-O"
(you may need to copy and paste the link to your browser)

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5) Christmas Play?

I would greatly appreciate any information on how to obtain music/short
play (10-15 mins) for a Christmas Sunday School Gift Service. Our Sunday
School Has Children of ages ranging from 4-16 years ( Beginers, Primaries,
Juniors and Seniors). We would like some group songs to include the
different age groups and then a play with children from the different
departments taking part.

Ideas for a programme and useful websites would be very helpful.
Shanthi Wilson ( Sunday School Teacher from Sri Lanka)
email: shanthi@iti.lk

--from SSTN: see our Skit section at:

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6) Check-In / check-out Procedure

This has nothing to do with Sunday School or Children's Church but
recently my daughter was in the Pre-Teen Kentucky Scholarship Program and
they had #'s on the name tags and the parents had index cards with
corresponding #'s and we had to line up in order 1, 2, 3, and etc. and so
did the girls. (There were 78 girls total in the program)  We had a given
time to be there and had to show our card in order to pick up our
daughters.  If someone was not there then the girl had to step aside and
be picked up after everyone in order was finished.  Believe me only one
time then everyone was there on time the rest of the time.  This worked
really great for that program and I think it would work great for a large
or small Children's Church program. 

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7) Summarize Christmas Story?

In our program this year I am to summarize the Christmas Story for the
Preschool Age children, including the wise men, angels, Mary and Joseph
(of course) and shephards.
Perhaps I am over thinking this--but I want it to be just right so they
will get it "in a nutshell". Also a short sinners prayer will wrap up the
program and again--I'm just wanting it to be perfect for this age group
and could use some assurance and helpful ideas to remember.

--from SSTN: a children's Bible story book would work well. One of my
personal favorites is "Tomie dePaola's Bible Story Book". You can find it
in our bookstore too at:
Just click the link to "More for Teen's and Children's Ministry"
to locate it.

YSIC, Sarah Keith <><

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8) Event Idea

I don't know what you mean by 'event' exactly but this is what the sunday
school that I went to as a child did. We would have themed nights/days -
bubble gum blowing competition week, world's biggest banana split,
watermelon seed spitting competition, popcorn and movie night, talent
quest night, treasure hunt night, cash grab jar night ... and many more

If these are the sort of events that you are talking about feel free to
email me and I can give you details about each night and any other themes
that I can think of at chello_1986@hotmail.com


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9) Check-In / check-out Procedure

Hi Lisa,
What my mom and I do to solve check-in and check-out procedures helps us a
lot.  We have a sheet where each parent writes their child's name, age,
any special instructions, and the parent's beeper if they have one.  The
parents also write down their name and whether their picking up their
child after first service, sunday school, or second service.  When they
check out, they cross their name off the list.  I hope this helps you!
Yours in Christ,

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