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SSTN # 8 - January 24, 2006

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1) Movie Clips for Kids
2) Class of Two Boys
3) Fruit of the Spirit
4) Kids Under Construction

He's Risen Egg Holders

5) Researching curriculum
6) Valentine's Day Banquet
7) Valentine's Day Banquet
8) Prodigal Son
9) Valentine Banquet Idea
10) Autistic children

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Premium Club Membership...Good For ONE YEAR!

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1) Movie Clips for Kids - and small groups
This will work for small groups too.
You can find it at ChristianCrafters.com
by typing the title into the bookstore search box at:


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2) Class of Two Boys

>I only have two boys in my class (one 4th grade and one sixth grade). 
>I've found that it's nearly impossible to do skits or active games with
>only two, and just reading

Hi Trish,
Have you tried any of the skits from www.clownministry.com?  They have a
selection made just for 1 or two people and are really fun.  Also, try
childrensministry or youthministry websites for some different ideas for
lessons for that age group.  Encourage them to bring a friend to class
When your excited about the class, they will be anxious to see what is up
your sleeve....
Mary in PA

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3) Fruit of the Spirit

I really need lessons for "Fruits of the Spirit" for
rotation Sunday School, ages 4-11.  Can you help?Thank
you very much!

--from SSTN: there's an entire section in the site on this subject. You
can find it listed in the lessons and sermons section at:

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4) Kids Under Construction

 One idea that comes to mind is Noah's Ark. When we covered this we had
the children design a "Blueprint" of the Ark and measure out the
dimensions of the Ark with string. You can find this lesson set on
www.rotation.org F RE E!!! Check it out!

Nancy F

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He's Risen Egg Holders

Use a child-friendly Bible and the twelve He's Risen Egg Holders to tell
the Easter story. Each egg picture is numbered to correspond with its
explanation. Let your class color and cut their own set. Get the free
"Palm Branches" pattern with explanations at:


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5) Researching curriculum

I've been teaching Children's Church for the past 10 years and I'm now
taking a year long sabbatical.  I'm spending part of this sabbatical  time
researching curriculum and re-thinking the way I've been creating my  own
lessons from scratch every week.  I'm very interested in finding  a ready
made curriculum that teaches the major events of the Bible from  Genesis
to Revelation over a three year period that I can re-use again at  the end
of the three year cycle.  I'd very much like to find a  curriculum that
includes ideas for activities (craft, cooking, games,  etc.) and/or songs
to go with each lesson.  Thank you.

Cathy Bodell
P.O. Box 809
Frankfort, MI  49635-0809
231/352-4820 (home)
E-mail: bodellc@hotmail.com
OR  bacch@charter.net

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6) Valentine's Day Banquet

In response to Sarah from Alabama's Valentine's Day Banquet idea request:
I attended a wonderful church in Chapel Hill, NC, that hosted an annual
Daddy-Daughter Dinner and Dance.  The dads or other father figures would
bring their little girls (ages 8 and under, generally) to the event that
included a "fancy-ish" meal and a dance.  Tickets were around $12 per
couple, I believe, but of course we did not let money get in the way of
anyone attending. 
The dinner was usually grilled chicken, broccoli, twice baked potatoes,
rolls, and some sort of brownie dessert.  A committee of church members
prepared everything and served the meal as well.  (We used paper products
and had tea and lemonade to keep things simple.)
After dinner, the "couples" went into the dance hall (aka. worship
auditorium) and there was about an hour or so of dancing.  Each year the
theme was different--country-western, bluegrass, salsa, big band, etc. and
we decorated according to this theme as well.  The music was just played
over the loudspeakers. 
A couple of extra special elements made the night more like a "date": 
girls got corsages when they arrived and also, we took Poloroid pictures
of each couple and put it into a special card with scripture that they
could pick up on the way out along with a goody bag of candy.  This made a
great keepsake for the evening.  The dance was always a lot of fun to help
with, even for those of us who were not on the "date," mainly because it
was an incredible opportunity to see fathers loving their precious
daughters well.  We made it easy for them to lavish love on their little
ones when often it is difficult for dads to express love and emotionally
connect with their kids. 
This sounds a little different from what Sarah was proposing, but maybe it
would work!  Let me know if you have any other questions and I will be
glad to share what I can.
Blessings in our Heavenly Father who constantly pursues us with His love,
Caroline (Baltimore, MD after 24 years in NC)

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7) Valentine's Day Banquet

If you have willing men ;) One year we did a womanless wedding.  Yes, all
men.  The flower girl was all over the stage and I think they found the
hairest guy to play the bride.  The mother of the bride would sob loudly
every so often.  The heartbroken girlfriend showed up and stopped the
"wedding" temporarily.  The men playing the ladies really played it up.  

We've also done an oldywed show where the oldest couples were asked


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8) Prodigal Son

Hi, our sunday school children are going to do the entire church service
and our theme is on the "Prodigal Son".  Any tips,or information
would be greatly appreciated.
I have written a skit based on the Prodigal Son, and also shared a number
of other teaching ideas on this topic. These can be found on
http://mauricesweetsur.blogspot.com/ . Look up Newsletter 34, or you can
email me for a copy.
Maurice Sweetsur

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9) Valentine Banquet Idea

We gave each couple a box of the Conversation Candy Hearts and they had to
write  a love story, poem, or something to do with couples using all of
the hearts in the box. It was very interesting t hear all of the talent
coming forth. They were able to use other words with it, but had to use
all of the sayings on the hearts.

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10) Autistic children

While I don't teach special needs Sunday School I nanny for a 6 year old
with autism!

He has VERY Low self esteem so one thing I might suggest is do a lot of
self-esteem (God or Jesus Loves Me) type activities.    With their 2
different personalities you may have to do a lot of social skills
Through your modeling of kind, positive and friendly interactions they
learn a lot!

Rapport is so important with autism too. I have been working with the boy
for a year and a half. When I first started and when I come back from
vacations he is so testy! He thrives on routine!  Depending on their age I
would suggest making a written or pictorial schedule so they can know what
is coming next.

You might find the active one might like to play a game with you while the
other prefers to make an art project, I would just suggest having a lot of
choices!   I have found the child I nanny for LOVES arts and crafts and
loves music!  Maybe a Veggie Tales tape once in a blue moon would be fun

Have fun--while autistic kiddos can be challenging I can not even begin to
tell you how rewarding it is. I think the rewards way over-ride the

--Liz in KS

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