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SSTN # 8 - February 2, 2007

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1) Mascot Swap - Like Penpals, but still looking?
2) Multiple Aged Children
3) VBS Song?
4) Past Article?

Heart Box ... Make it for Valentine's Day

5) Teaching Moses
6) Song for Promoting S.S.?
7) Valentine's Dinner
8) JESUS loves ME Theme

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1) Mascot Swap - Like Penpals, but still looking?

I would like to find a group to swap a mascot with, i run a Sunday School
in England and our group have swapped with an American group before and
would like to swap again, maybe from another Country. Mascot swap is like
penpals but with a mascot and we wrote as a group and sent pictures,
crafts and a dvd etc,


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2) Multiple Aged Children

>I teach a sundayschool class every third sunday of every month.  My church
>is just beginning, so we have one class with the age group of about 5yr
>olds, all the way up to 10 to 11 yr olds.  Does anyone have any ideals...

Hi Kali,
like your church, mine has also started not too long ago and thus also has
only one class where the kids are aged from about 7 to 11yrs old
-sometimes we even get 4 or 5yr olds. I've been trying a few different
things with this group including having a series of lessons on the
miracles that Jesus performed, focusing on Jesus' character and love for
us as well as what we can learn from these stories.
I've also done a series on the Fruit of the Spirit -going through one
fruit each lesson- for this, we focused on why we need the Fruit of the
Spirit in our lives, what each one means, how we can apply them to our
lives and also reflected on characters in the Bible that displayed these
fruits -such as David's patience when taunted by Goliath and Abraham's
faith in God.
Supplies for these lessons included basics like colouring pages and
pencils that reflect the fruit, a song that might reflect the topic of the
lesson and a story in the Bible that goes with the topic -- For the
introduction of the lesson for 'kindness' I hid a candy in one hand and
got one of the kids to guess which hand it was in, moving to another child
until the right answer was guessed. then i held out the candy but asked if
they thought i was kind enough to give it to them (their answer was 'yes'
and so the candy was given. if it had been a 'no' I would've asked what
they thought Jesus would do and done the same).
At the moment, our sunday school class is doing a series of sketches from
a book called "Much Ado About Something Else" by Andrew Smith. All
sketches are based on God's words and include topics such as Honouring
God's Name, God knows what He's doing, Being Saved, Obedience,The peace of
God, Self Control, The Good Shepherd, Witnessing and Jesus' Return. The
kids really enjoy acting out these sketches as they are very humourous and
some are directly related to stories and characters of the Bible like
Abraham and Ananias. Another helpful element of this book is that every
sketch has a "Trailer" which summarises the 'aim' or topic of the sketch
and "Workshop" which suggests how we can apply the sketch to our own lives
and activities that can be done which relate to the sketch. These sketches
are for use with 11s-14s, however, with a little help from the teacher to
the younger ones we've been quite successful with the acting part of the
lesson and usually dont have any or much of a problem when it comes to the
Workshop part of the lesson. There are not many props/supplies needed for
the sketches and for the workshop it's usually items as simple as pen and
paper, a few prizes or candies for the games/activities, a Bible for
teacher-reference, some before-class preparations will also need to be
prepared for most sketches.

Hope these ideas help!
Take care, God bless and keep safe!
sister in Christ, Eunice, Australia.

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3) VBS Song?

I am looking for a song which we used in VBS several years ago. The name
of it is From the Inside Out(God is looking at you). I can't remember (as
I said it was several years ago) what publisher we were using at that
time. If anyone has the tape or knows where I could get one, I would
appreciate the info. Thank you.
Lois (fongs@csinet.net)

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4) Past Article?
I deleted a past article. Can you resend it?
--from SSTN: all past articles can be accessed in our archives section at:

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Heart Box ... Make it for Valentine's Day

Find it in the "Easy Make N' Take" section at:

(you may need to copy and paste the link to your browser)

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5) Teaching Moses

We are teaching the life of Moses in Children's Church and I have had so
much fun preparing for it that I want to share it.  My grandson played
Moses when God, at the burning bush, gave him the 3 signs to convince the
Israelites and Pharaoh.
I made a sleeveless robe with a pocket attacthed inside one edge about
midway. It went over a longer robe but any kind of long garment would do. 
In the pocket, I put baking soda but talcum powder should works just as
well.  When it was time to have his hand turn leperous, he put his hand
into the bottom of the pocket, palm up, and let the soda get on his hand
which had been spread with vaseline.  When he took his hand out, it was
white.  Instead of putting his hand back into the pocket, he then just put
it above, rubbed off the soda and his hand was normal again.
I did not originate th idea of the rod turning to a snake but got it
somewhere off the web.  I made a cloth rod with a crook at one end from
tan material.  On on side, using green and black markers, I made a snake
with the head at the crook end.  He kept the solid color rod where the
kids could see it and then gave it a twist when he threw it down so they
could see the snake.
For the ground turning to blood, we put powdered red Tempera paint in the
bottom of a pan and covered it gently with dirt.  At the time he did the
"sign" I had another child to go get a jar of water and this was poured
over the dirt.  Immediately it looked like blood.
The kids were wide-eyed and I hope it will help them remember what a
powerful God we have.
Helen Setser

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6) Song for Promoting S.S.?

I'm coming out with a  video to promote Sunday School in our church, and
to invite more children and teachers to join this ministry.  Any ideas of
a good background music/song for the video? Other ideas for the video are
welcome too. Thanks for sharing.
God bless,

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7) Valentine's Dinner

Our Church has an annual Valentine's Dinner for adult couples and we play
a similar type game.   Some of the questions I remember from last year's
What was the favorite song you danced to at your wedding?
If your spouse could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it
What is your spouse's nickname for you?
What is the most romantic thing your spouse did on past Valentine's?
What day of the week did you marry on?
Just a few.  Hope they help.

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8) JESUS loves ME Theme

Hi,  We did JESUS love ME. Simple, yes we did red and white.  Our theme
song was of course JESUS loves me, with John 3:16 as the verse.  The
church already has white vinyl tablecloths so we cut hearts out of
construction paper for the center.  The kids made their own heart shaped
cookies and put their names on them. We played a variety of games that had
teams or circles. Everyone got prizes and we made a card to tell someone
else that Jesus loves them too.  They got to take everything home in a
color it themselves white sandwich bag. Before hand my sister and I made
JESUS love you and so do I heart shaped Bible book marks as a favor.  The
kids and teachers had fun.  Hope this sparks some ideas for you. 


--from SSTN: this would work great with our Valentine's Heart box download
too at:

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