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SSTN # 89 - November 22, 2006

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1) Christmas program
2) VBS Feedback
3) Christmas Parade
4) Nursing Home
5) Short Christmas Presentation

Bible Fun Facts...Did you know?

6) Food Devotion
7) Christmas Eve program for 3 little ones
8) Christmas Eve program
9) Christmas Eve program

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1) Christmas program

I teach 4-8 yr. olds in childrens church. This website is heaven sent, it
is the best on the net. For our Christmas program this year, I'm having
the children pick a character and say in their own words what they think
Mary, Joseph, or whoever must of thought and what they were feeling. I'm
having the parents dress them, with homemade costumes. They will talk
about 5 mins. each. We will also add songs or poems, whatever in between.
I ask the parents to help develop their character, some will even be the
animals on that most holy night. How beautiful it will be to hear the
children talk about the birth of our savior. Love everyone for all the
help you share! Thanks brucechigirl@yahoo.com.

--from SSTN: that's high praise! Thank you!

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2) VBS Feedback

I really prefer Gospel Light's VBS materials.
They always seem to have a "Son-----" theme and provide practical
ways to present the themed material (cheaply) and always have an
emphasis on Salvation and Sharing God with others in a fun way.
Have used them many many times.....their songs are always fun
and Scriptural....their crafts are simple and fun....they provide good
ideas to carry out the particular theme. As a Christian education
teacher and leader (off and on)  for the past 30 years, I would
recommend them highly.

Nancy <><

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3) Christmas Parade

Our kids are doing a live nativity for our area Christmas parade. We're
carrying a banner that says, "The REAL gift was Jesus." You could do the
same, but use a different message, like "Is there room in your family for


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4) Nursing Home

Stuffed Animal gifts for Nursing Home residents' grandkids
THANK YOU!  What a lovely idea! :o)

Angie <><

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Bible Fun Facts...Did you know?

The Bible was written over 1500 years by 40 different authors.
The Bible is the world's best-selling book/
There are more translations of the Bible into different languages than any
other book.

These are just some of the fun Bible facts included in the
Bible books card game, "Bible Stack-O!

A great gift idea for kids and adults! Learn more at:
(you may have to copy and paste the link to your browser)

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5) Short Christmas Presentation

Check out the free skits at http://www.SundaySchoolNetwork.com .  I have
one posted there called "The Reason for the Season" and it's relatively
short! Has some
non-speaking parts, as well.

Angie <><

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6) Food Devotion

I did a devotion several years ago where I placed all the correct
ingredients for a home made cake (you could use a pie or cookie recipe as
well) on the table in front of the children...I had the recipe but
"decided not to use it" because it took too long...I just started adding
the flour (a cup or two) a couple of eggs (making sure some of the shell
fell in) ....(I made sure the children were very aware of the mistakes I
was making. I even dropped a little on the floor and picked it up and put
it back in the bowl) and so on....I mixed it up then asked the kids if
they thought the cake would turn out ok...of course not, but I proceded to
put it in the oven and bake it for a short while(again mistaking
the baking time)  While waiting on the cake to get done we sang a song and
did a memory verse.
when the timer went off I removed the 'undone' terrible looking
cake....explaining "oh, me oh my I should have followed the directions"
....(all of this was done with great theatical antics) then I went on to
explain how God had a recipe for our lives (bible) and if we do not follow
the recipe we can really get messed up....just like the cake...

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7) Christmas Eve program for 3 little ones

We did a very simple program that turned out fantastic using just a few
children...it is called "Don't Forget"
As the leader you prepare several costumes ahead of time...(T-shirts work
T-shirt with Christmas bulbs hanging all over it...
T-shirt with Christmas cards pinned all over it...
T-shirt with candy canes all over it...
Lots of garland, a large snowman cut out with a place for the child's face
a santa's hat and beard, angel wings and halo, a large cut out star with
place for the childs face,
a small manger scene a child can carry safely, a song book, a small
artificial Christmas tree, a large
cut out of a turkey with place for childs face, a gift package, a baby
dressed as Jesus in swaddling clothes
and any other items you can think of.
Have these things lined up along a wall or on chairs in the order in which
you wish to present them keeping
the baby Jesus last
One child goes out on stage in one of the costumes and says "Don't forget
the _______(what ever they have on)
then they walk off and change into another costume as the other children
take their turns...keep rotating the children
with the costumes....You should have two other adults helping you....
The last child will say "Most important...don't forget the baby Jesus...."

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8) Christmas Eve program

How about a short poem?
First thing that comes to mind is
"What can I give him, poor as I am?
if I were a shepherd, I would bring a lamb.
if I were a wise man, I would do my part.
Yet what can I give Him? Give my heart"  
Each child could say one of the first 3 lines then, then they could say
the last line together.   "The friendly beasts" is another song/poem you
might use.
 http://www.taylormadeministry.com/christmas_poems.htm  has a few poems
that could be used, also.
I have books of Christmas poems, etc. for kids at home and at church (I'm
at work now). If this sparks some ideas, or you'd like me to look for
other poems, please let me know!

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9) Christmas Eve program

To those of you that are looking for a short play for Christmas.  I
found one on the internet and made some changes


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