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SSTN # 88 - November 20, 2006

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Kids Can @ Christmas Time!

1) Thanksgiving Ideas
2) Check-In / check-out Procedures
3) Christmas Traditions
4) Checking children in and out of class
5) Event Idea?

Jesse Trees tell the story of Jesus!

6) Christmas Sign Language Songs?
7) Beatitudes
8) VBS Feedback
9) Beatitudes

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Kids Can @ Christmas Time!

Celebrate the Advent season with 31 easy-to-do crafts and recipes
for kids and families! To learn more, go to:


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1) Thanksgiving Ideas

I got my folder out to get ready also.  We have a few.  One year, we took
a a picture of a "Horn of plenty"  and cut it out in brown or tan
constrution(sp) paper.  We glued it to a larger piece of paper and then
cut out fruit and glued as well and then decorated with stickers and then
wrote at top or side the Bible verse, "It is good to give thanks unto the
Lord"--Psalm 92:1.  One year, we drew hands of the kids and glued on
feathers to make a turkey then glued to paper and decorated with stickers
and the same verse.  And this, we glued fruit and stickers of things we
were thankful to a paper. 

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2) Check-In / check-out Procedure

Our children's ministries have decided that our check-in and check-out
policy is not working.  Can anyone share how your church has parents drop
children off and how they keep track of the children at pick up time.

I work with our children's program, KidVenture, on Sunday nights.  We have
a small desk we set up in the hallway where the kids stop and check in. 
After they have been signed in and given a name tag, they proceed into the
room we use for our opening, and the parents are free to go to the
auditorium for the adult Sunday night service. 
At the end of KidVenture each week, the children must remain in the room
we close in, until an adult leader tells them their parent is there to
pick them up.  No child leaves until we release them to a parent or other
responsible adult family member.
In His service,
Lisa, Ohio

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3) Christmas Traditions

thank you for bringing this to my attention......i've read each one and
smile at how 'connected' i feel with these families......it's like we're
related with the same-ness of some of the traditions.....if i forget any
one.....my chilidren remind me....so i know that 'traditions' will be a
part of their famillies one day..........it's a warm thought.

Randi +

--from SSTN: glad you've enjoyed them, Randi! For anyone else who is
interested, go to the  Lessons (Christmas) section:

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4) Checking children in and out of class

We have a strict policy of only parents checking their children in and out
of class. We don't allow older siblings to pick the younger sibling up
unless we have written permission from the parents.When we check the child
out of class we speak to each parent ( I teach 3 year old children) . We
obtain an info sheet on each child with a picture . If there is an issue
about who is the custodial parent we note it and only release the child to
the custodial parent.We provide each parent with a letter explaining our
policy when they join our class. As you know it is a great responsibility
to have children in our care.May God bless you as you work out a policy
for your church. Judy

Bless your heart,

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Jesse Trees tell the story of Jesus!

Jesse Trees date back to the middle ages. Some ancient cathedrals even
have Jesse Tree designs in their stained glass windows. The idea for a
Jesse Tree is inspired from Isaiah 11:1, "A shoot will come up from the
stump of Jesse; from his roots a branch will bear fruit." (Jesse was the
father of King David.) In Matthew chapter one, the Messiah, Jesus, is
traced from the line of King David, and back to Abraham.

A Jesse Tree is a great way to "show and tell" the redemption story and
the "coming" of the promised Savior during the Advent season! Follow the
link below to learn more:

(you may need to copy and paste the link to your browser)

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5) Event Idea?

Hi.Every  month  we  do  an  interesting  event.Now  I  need  a 
wonderful  idea.Can  you  help  me  with  your  ideas?
Thank  you  for  your  help.
In  His  wondreful  love

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6) Christmas Sign Language Songs?

Does anybody have the sign language movements to some Christmas songs -
just like they have in Vacation Bible School.  I would love to have the
kids participate in the songs with some movement - some don't like to
sing.  The songs I'm looking for are: 

O Little Town of Bethlehem, What Child Is This?, Angels We Have Heard on
High Away in a Manger, Silent Night, We Three Kings of Orient Are, O Come,
All Ye Faithful, Joy to the World

Thanks,  Suzanne Opalka

--from SSTN: there are two REALLY excellent signing video sites listed
on our LINKS page at:  http://www.SundaySchoolNetwork.com 

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7) Beatitudes

For summer Bible School for little ones one year we used beattitudes as
the theme.  each day we picked a diffeerent theme and surrounded the
stories, games, bible readings, song, etc around that theme.  For the
little ones we used bees as name tags and we made bee fridge magnets.  be
kind, be loving, be merciful, be joyful, etc.  we had to tweak the
original Bible text obviously to fit the two world sayings for them.  we
even dressed up as big bees (striped yellow shirts with black fabris paint
and wore handband antenas)  we had fun!  drama is always a great way to
get the message across for older kids.  connecting to current social
concerns in the world gives them real hands-on activities to follow up
with also--service minded. 
hope these help!  i must say thank you to Penny Mack, our pre-school
coordinator, who did so much of the work on this Bible school curriculum!
Michele C.

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8) VBS Feedback

Children's Ministry Magazine does an annual review of all the major VBS
programs. They list what the different ones are weak and strong in.  I do
not know how accurate it is.
We are doing Bethlehem Village (Group) on Sundays in December. I am very
disappointed because it seems to be mostly entertainment. I am writing
Bible lessons for us to do each week, since the only "lesson" included
each week is a short skit that barely touches on the Word.  Lots of money
for a lot of fluff!
I highly recommend Kids POWer Hour curriculum from Word Aflame
Publications.  It is adaptable (some has been adapted for you) for VBS,
and has a lot of the Word in it.

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9) Beatitudes

Fill In The Blanks.  Matthew 5: 1-5 
The words in ( ) will give you a hint for what word from the bottom of the
page to put in the blank.  There are more words than blanks.  Pick the
right one.  Use your Bible.
And _____ (to look) the ____ (many) He went up on a _____ (high hill), and
when He was _____ (position) His ____ (followers) came to Him. 
Then He opened His ____ (lips) and taught them saying:
Blessed ar the __(not rich) in spirit for theirs is the kingdon of ____
(God's home).
Blessed are those who ___ (cry) For they shall be ___ (free from worry,
Blessed are the ___ (serve others) For they shall inherit the ____
Blessed are those who ___ and ____ (eat and drink) for righteousness, for
they shall be filled.
Blessed are the ____ (forgiving) For they shall obtain ___ (forgiveness)
Blessed are the ___ in ___ untarnished; love symbol) For they
shall see ___ (one in heaven)
Blessed are the ___ (not fighters), For they shall be called ___ (a
father' boy) of God.
Blessed ar those who are __ (killed) for ___ (justice) sake, For theirs is
the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are you when they ___ (call you bad names) you and persecute you
and say all kinds of evil against you ___ (not true) for My sake.
Rejoice and be exceedingly (happy) for great is your ___ (prize) in
heaven, for so they persecuted the ___(men of God) who were before you.
praise      truthfully      enemies      lonely
sat           reward         laugh          ears
pure         honored       mountain     meek
God          pure            seeing         hateful
glad          mouth          valley          loss
son"s        merciful        heart          falsely
revile        filled             man            prophets
empty       comforted     mourn         evil
earth         laugh            few             mars
cry            heaven         brother's     hated
mars         standing       disciples     blinking
multitude   hunger          thirst           poor persecuted 

I have a lot of other material on each Bible lesson I chose to use with
each beatitude.  Hope this helps.

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