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SSTN # 85 - November 9, 2006

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Christmas Fundraiser ... Check It Out!

1) Thanksgiving Idea?
2) Board Game Idea?
3) Youth Ministry
4) Youth Ministry
5) Rahab lesson

Tell your faith-story...

6) Push Being Saved
7) Beatitudes?
8) Creation and Boiled Eggs
9) Check-In / check-out Procedures?

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Christmas Fundraiser ... Check It Out!

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for you or for your organization! Check it out at:

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1) Thanksgiving Idea?

Hi, I need a ideal for Thanksgiving for the Sunday school class. The
children I teach is 2 yrs old and 3 Yrs old. Thank you for your help.
Ruth Mayol

--from SSTN: there are some easy-to-do crafts in our crafts section at:

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2) Board Game Idea?

I really enjoy getting the great ideas that are shared in this venue and
have a need myself.
I teach the third grade Bible quizzers on Wednesday night and we are
reviewing for a big quiz coming up.  I challenged my girls to create some
kind of board game to make it more fun to review the questions we are to
learn (memorize) from the first 10 Chapters from the Book of Acts.
     I have the questions :  it's the board design I would love some input
on!!  I've thought about a map to move around..  But again, would love
some input!!  I would make sure I gave credit where credit was due!!

--from SSTN: the map idea would be excellent. The growth of the early
church was an exciting time. Many Bible maps have this expansion indicated
with directional arrows and places/church's of interest are marked too.

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3) Youth Ministry

For Kathy who wanted ideas for her youth ministry. Have you considered
what attracts them to the world? I am talking about the arts. Find what
they like, dance, drawing, writing, and look for a way in put Christ into
it. Put on a drama from a story from the Bible and have those who like to
draw or write, draw what they see or write  a poem as they watch this
drama. The are many talents the Lord is giving the youth, we just need to
draw out what those talents are because if they are doing something they
like and are good at, they will not only stick with it, but grow in the

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4) Youth Ministry

>I don't want it to affiliated with any one church group or denomination. 
I first want to say I applaud your desire to reach youth.  One must be
cautious in how we approach this.  Make sure legalities are taken care
of...check with each state.  Also, you can rent a community room
somewhere, like a motel or apartment complex would have or a mobile home
park might have.  Design your program under the leading of the Spirit, and
come up with a proposed budget based on how many kids you think you could
attract...this includes cost of building and any other fees, snacks if
any, whatever materials you might need.  This is important because grants
are available if you look hard enough.
You don't mention what your background is, but if you are not going to be
connected with a denomination, I would suggest seeking independant
covering through some independant covering body.  This will give you
support and others in your community will know you aren't "fly-by-night"
if you know what I mean.  Its important to develop a good rep because so
many ministries have brought youth to some pretty bad places.  People
don't entrust their kids to just anybody, and if you are doing this apart
from the traditional church, you need to cover all bases.  I myself am
part of an independant covering body.  These are places you can get
suggestions, support, legal covering as well in many instances.
Bishop Sandra Dennis

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Tell your faith-story this Christrmas!

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5) Rahab lesson

In response to lessons for Rahab, we did a lesson on this and had a good
craft idea!  We purchased red wool and each child plaited strands to make
a bracelet.  The kids loved it and each time they looked at, it reminded
them of the story!
Shirley Watts
Paignton UK

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6) Push Being Saved

< Although our church really doesn't push being saved >

I couldn't believe what I read!  A church not sharing the plan of
salvation! I think I'd have a meeting with the pastor and then probably
find a church that does.

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7) Beatitudes?

I'm (Jean) teaching 1st through 3rd grade. Can you give me some ideas on
teaching the beatitudes?? I could really use some ideas. Love In HIM~Jean
and Gary

--from SSTN: if you can wait a few weeks, we'll soon be releasing,
"The BE-Attitudes, Teaching Kids to Live Their Lives Approved By God."

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8) Creation and Boiled Eggs

I'm a children's church director. I recently got this great idea.
The Lesson is Creation. While you read the story in the bible. Remember
that after every thing god created it Pleased Him. Take Hard boiled eggs,
One for every child to church and some extra. Have the kids Create on the
eggs one of two things, What god created in the Beginning or what they
want to. they can draw what they want to create or what God created.
Sometimes even God's wishes are not followed but that dosent mean he gives
up. He is still pleased of what he accomplished. Not our actions. I say
this so my children's group knows that God will always be proud making us,
Even though he isn't always pleased of our actions. Adam and Eve Broke
God's will. But God created more than Adam and Eve. They Messed up the
Vision For their Purpose. God could have just Started Over after this.
Some times our plans   get messed up, But you still need to be proud of
the Good you Do.  If an egg cracks simply say that adam and eve broke gods
will but not his plan. that he was still pleased. and if it dosent work
tell them they can eat it. 

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9) Check-In / check-out Procedures?

Our children's ministries have decided that our check-in and check-out
policy is not working.  Can anyone share how your church has parents drop
children off and how they keep track of the children at pick up time.

Sherri in OH

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