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SSTN # 84 - November 6, 2006

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Christ-Tree Pictures...check em' out!

1) David and Goliath
2) Recreating Idols
3) Recreating buddah
4) Christ's Apprentice
5) Student's Pictures

Holiday Fundraiser

6) Interactive teaching
7) Seminar Topics?
8) Making God tangible?
9) African Bookshop?

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Christ-Tree Pictures...check em' out!

Create a Christ-tree using our easy-to-make
"Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments". See the pictures and
download a sample ornament too.

Learn more at: 
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1) David and Goliath

I also make a paper model of Goliath.  I always save the face for the kids
to do. They love to color in his face and make him look as mean as
possible. For stones, they love to wad up paper  and we take turns hitting
the giant Goliath taped on our classroom wall.  They love this and never
want to take it down.            

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2) Recreating Idols

Whenever I have a lesson regarding idol worship, I
usually hold a paper cup in my hand and ask the children:  If we worship
this or pray  to this or bring food or money to this cup
will it make good things happen for us or to us?  Then explain that an
is something created by men to worship - NOT something that honors and
worships the true God. The children usually "get it" right away and see no
value in worshipping things not of God. Hope it helps. I think it is wrong
(misguided) for a teacher to re-create the golden calf or a Buddha or
anything that is commonly worshiped today - sends the wrong message in a
world that is  having enough problems focusing on Godly things as it is.

Nancy <><

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3) Recreating buddah

i really want to thank God for the rare privelege granted me to be part of
this team. i appreciate the contribution as regards the topic, i was
thinking it was only in africa these things are seen with a different
view, i am glad that individuals have realised the importance and
significance of what these idols do, it is my prayer that not only the
children should know the spirirtual implications of such but adults and
teens especially. may God continue to sharpen our focus for and on him.
God bless you for this valid contribution

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4) Christ's Apprentice

This reply is to TP that asked about the Christ's Apprentice Program last
month.  I can copy and send it to them if they e-mail me.  Cindy

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Holiday Fundraiser

Our "Noel Christmas Photo Frame" is a great memory-maker or for use as a
fundraiser during the holiday season. Download as many patterns as you
need for a small, one-time fee.

You'll find it in the Easy Make & Take section at:

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5) Student's Pictures

> RE: "What kinds of activities have you done that included pictures of >your students? "

I did a bulletin board a few years ago-- the heading said, "The future's
so bright, I'm wearing shades." I had each student stand by the bulletin
board and took their pictures in funny sunglasses. The next week they added
their pics to the board. They got to keep the glasses :o)

I have also had kids bake cookies for some of the families in our church.
They placed one of those *Glad* [I think that's the brand--you could use
any brand] disposable containers (the rectangle ones with lids) inside
another one and slid pictures in between the two containers before adding
cookies. Since the containers are transparent, the pictures show through!

I have also taken pics of the kids doing dramas or other activities and
then used the pics to make a bulletin board display or posters to share
with the rest of the church what the kids have been doing.


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6) Interactive teaching

>RE: I am certain I need to provide some craft activity during my lesson
>8/9 year olds. Especially for 2 boys that are no problem if they have
>something to do with their hands.

I have tried doing crafts or having snack during story time. The only
problem I have encountered is that the children don't seem to actively
listen or get involved with the story. Inevitably, one of them stops me in
mid-sentence to ask where to put the red bead, or how to fold the paper

I have found over the years that interactive teaching helps students
remember the stories better. You can use drama (have the kids act out the
story). You divide them into groups and have each group stand and do a
motion when they hear a certain word (like every time the word 'animals'
used during the story of Noah's Ark, one group stands, holds their noses,
and says 'Pee-yew!' Another group stands when they hear the word 'rain'
says drip-drop-drip-drop-drippity-drippity-drip-drop!). You can give kids
cards with certain words on them and have them hold up their cards when
they hear their words. You can make a story box--put items related to the
story in a box and pull them out when needed.

Most importantly, let the kids touch, smell, taste, hear, and see what the
stories are about! Share interesting facts through visuals--for example,
don't just tell them Noah's ark was so many cubits by so many
cubits--research it and show a picture of something that same size...or
mark off the size of it in your church's neighborhood if possible...let
them hammer real nails into wood as they think about Noah building the
ark...use a prism to teach about the rainbow...the possibilities are


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7) Seminar Topics?

Good morning can you give me some Topics that can used to have a sunday
school Seminar

Thanks God Bless you.

--from SSTN: check the archives too for "seminar":

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8) Making God tangible?

I am looking for ideas on how to teach young children that God & Jesus are
REAL!  Yesterday at our after-school Bible club (I lead the closing
session with music & prayer), I was reviewing their Bible story with the
children, ages 4-grade 5.  We were reviewing the story of Jesus being
tempted by Satan (wilderness), and I asked the kids if they thought that
Jesus could turn stones into bread if he wanted to.  Most children said
"Yes!" but one of our 3rd grade boys truly disagreed.  I asked Brad if he
believed that Jesus is the Son of God, to which he replied, "Yes".  When
talking with him further, Brad explained his disbelief in Jesus' or God's
ability to perform miracles...he said, "He (God) can't lift me up or touch
me right now." 

I had only 5 minutes left of our class time and I didn't know how to
reply!  I said something like, "I'm so glad you're at Bible Kids Club so
we can study this further." 

I am limited in my Bible knowledge and am wondering how you would respond
to this.  Children need tangible ways to sense God's presence in their
life.  I try to point them out by how Jesus lives in our hearts and we as
God's children can show God's love...but Brad has a legitimate point...he
wonders how is it possible for Jesus to turn stones into bread if Jesus
can't even wrap his arms around me and physically hug me right now?

Your insights, teaching ideas, please!! Thank you!
Amy S.

--from SSTN:
this is a great opportunity to explain the result of sin in the world and
how all people are separated from a close relationship with God. The fact
of the matter is God can do anything he pleases, even physically touch
someone, but does the child know what he's asking? What would that touch
be like? If someone has not put his or her faith in Jesus, that touch
could be devastating. Consider Adam and Eve having been cast out of the
Garden of Eden. Had they been allowed to stay and eat from the Tree of
Life, they would have been in a perpetual state of eternal death, but God,
in his mercy, cast them out for their redemption!

I don't know if this was a legitimate longing on this boy's part to "feel
God" or if he was putting God to the test?  God has given us his Word to
know him in the most intimate way, and unless we store his Word in our
hearts, and receive his gift of eternal life, we will "feel" separated
from our heavenly Father. The reality is Christians are called to live by
faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7), because without faith it is
impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6).

How do we know God is real? Here's what the Scripture says,
"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his
Psalm 19:1.
"...For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities--his
eternal power and divine nature--have been clearly seen, being understood
from what has been made, so that men are without excuse."  Romans 1:19-20

May God give you continued wisdom to teach your kids!

Yours in service to the King,
Sarah Keith <><

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9) African Bookshop?

Dear sarah. Thank you for you inspirational webside.It has helped me a lot
and the children look forward to coming to sunday school.I want to know if
you have a bookshop in south africa.I would love to buy a few book
please.Gods richly bless you and the people who makes site a success.


--from SSTN: Dear Roshelle,
Thank you for your encouraging words. As to where you can buy my books,
they're available only online and we ship worldwide. To see our selection
go to the following link:

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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