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SSTN # 81 - October 20, 2006

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Download a Christ-Filled Snowflake Pattern

1) Birthday Present
2) Video Cases
3) Keeping Their Interest?
4) David and Goliath Craft
5) David and Goliath Craft

Instant Christmas Pageants

6) Youth Opposition
7) David and Goliath
8) David and Goliath,
9) David and Goliath,

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Download a Christ-Filled Snowflake Pattern.

Follow the link below:

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1) Birthday Present
You did not mention how many children you have in class. This makes a
difference in the amount of money you can spend.
We have a Birthday Box (every class uses this idea). We put the following
in the box. Each child receives a Happy Birthday sticker to wear, a hat or
crown to wear during SS, a card, and a small gift (we wrap this) from our
prize stash or one dollar.  Older children receive a Happy Birthday pencil
too. We all gather round the birthday child and pray a birthday prayer.

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2) Video Cases

ask video stores for donations.

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3) Keeping Their Interest?

I am having problems keeping the class excited.  I have a Junior class,
which is very small.  I am aware of the attention span.  I started doing
things with them and it was exciting to them but now they are bored with
it.  I was giving a cash prize for having a bible, bringing an offering
and bringing their folders to class with them each Sunday. How do I keep
them excited and encourged as they learn the word.

--from SSTN: you didn't mention the age group, but I think this applies to
all ages, even into adulthood. By using different forms of teaching, you
will be more successful in engaging your audience. For children and youth,
you want to use games, crafts, skits and any other hands-on methods to
hold their attention. These auditory, visual and tactile activities are
not time-fillers, in my opinion, they are only truly useful if they are
reinforcing the Bible lesson. To get an idea of what I'm referring to,
check out the Bible-4-Life series at:


Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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4) David and Goliath

> RE: "I want to do the lesson on David and Goliath in two weeks, but I
> would like a craft to go with it."

Some kind of craft involving rocks would be perfect! Are you familiar with
the prayer rock? You might let kids decorate a medium sized rock with
markers or glue and glitter, then google 'prayer rock' to find the poem
that goes with it...I may have it saved. If you can't find it, please
email me at nazkidsinaction@yahoo.com and I'll see if I can find it for
you. [Please put "prayer rock" in the subject line so I'll know it's from
you.] You might also consider having them make a rock paperweight as a
gift to someone they know who works in an office :o)


--from SSTN: you can find this activity at:

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Instant Christmas Pageants

Choose from the following easy-to-produce skits:

"Live From Bethlehem",
"The Not So Silent Night",
"Operation Baby King",
"The Fumbly Bumbly Angels",
"The Mouse's Tale", 
"Wee Three Kings".

To find all of them, type >  Instant Christmas Pageants  <
into the SSTN bookstore search box at:

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5) David and Goliath Craft

> Does anyone have any crafts that they do that coincide with
> the lesson of David and Goliath?

Once I made LARGE footprints and taped them going across the floor, up one
wall, all the way to the ceiling. This gave the kids the impression of how
large Goliath was.

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6) Youth Opposition

Thank you and God bless each one of you that have prayed and uplifted me
with your responses. This has really been a dark time for me, I feel as
though my wings have been clipped.   I know God will use us somewhere
else, because they are a lot of youth out there that need to be ministered
to.   I have this ache in my heart that is not going to go away until I am
doing what God has called me to do.  So keep praying for me.   Kathy

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7) David and Goliath

I took a picture of a Roman soldier from one of the childrens SS
books...put it on a transparent sheet, I then went to the local paper
(with a church bulletin in hand) and asked for a "bolt end" of the unused
newpaper...they gave me several (the bulletin is for their record of
donation) then I measured 10 ft of newsprint paper. I measured 9ft 6
inches (about what Goliath would have been) I hung it vertically on the
wall then using the transparency I drew Goliath...Took it back off the
wall and painted him...when dry I covered him with clear contact paper
then up he went again...boy, oh, boy...what a shocker...we had all the
kids and adults stand beside him and we took poloroid pictures of them
beside him....Even the tallest person appeared small in comparison.  We
then made popcicle stick frames for the pictures....(newsprint is wider
than regular shelf or craft paper and its usually free) I have had him for
several years.  We have used him over and over...for childrens church,
vbs, and even a fun festival throwing wet sponges at him... hope this
helps. DAR

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8) David and Goliath,

Here are a couple of suggestions for teaching David and Goliath.

You can find a craft called "Stones of Courage" on the following website

Doughnut Holes (snack) -- Put some unglazed doughnut holes in the center
of the table.  Tell the students that these doughnut holes remind you of
the stones that David used against Goliath.  Tell the story of David and

Take care,
Connie G.

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9) David and Goliath,

I got some old wallpaper and drew an outline of the giant, research says
he was around 9 feet tall, so make him that big and the kids can relate to
his size, Let them color him. I went to the dollor store and bought two
slingshots, I taped big old Goliath to the wall and the kids try to hit
him. They had a ball. I used ping-pong balls but any ball would do. Have
Fun. Peg  P.S. there is a song by Integrity Music-Just for Kids called 
"King of Kings it has a wonderful song called Goliath (I dress up with a
mask and a sword and a shield, jump on a chair to look big) and the kids
march around the room and act out the song. The next song is "I can do all
things" which we do. Its a wonderful tape, lots of good songs.

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