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SSTN # 80 - October 17, 2006

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1) Golden Calf
2) Recreating Idols
3) Ants & Books of the Bible?
4) Nursing Home Craft
5) Nursing Home Craft

Instant Christmas Pageants

6) Memorization Technique
7) Attendance Rewards
8) Food Pantry
9) Food Pantry

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An Advent celebration of 31 crafts and recipes.
Download some samples too at:


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1) Golden Calf

>Does anyone have any ideas, craft to teach the Golden Calf?

Dear  Erin, 

When I taught the Golden Calf lesson I got a candy mold of a cow and
yellow chocolate and made a golden calf.  We then melted it.  I also used
powder lemonade mix for them to drink.  This was several years ago and
still talk about it.

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2) Recreating Idols

It makes me very uncomfortable to think children are recreating an idol
(in this case a golden calf) to teach a lesson against idolatry. Do we
teach kids to steal when teaching "thou shall not steal?"

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3) Ants & Books of the Bible?


I'm doing a lesson next Sunday on ants. It sounds like Linda had some good
ideas. I was hoping she would expand a little on her Sunday school lesson.
Both the craft and the song would be very helpful.

I'm such a fan of songs that I would also recommend a song as a way to
teach the books of the Bible. Even now at 25 when I'm looking for a
scripture,  I revert to the song that I learned as a kid in church.
Unfortunately, it is not a song put to a familiar tune.

BUT, ajoyfulnoise.net has a link to a kid page. On the kid page is a song
that can be sung to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star. Perhaps that
will be helpful.


Leah Cooper
Tallahassee, FL

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4) Nursing Home Craft

> We are going to a nursing home the first of Dec. and I would like the
> childrens Dept. to make crafts we can give them. I need suggestions
We did this last year.  I just cut some Christmas colored construction
paper in half and folded it into a card.  I got a bucket of the sticky
Christmas foamies  and some glitter pens for the older kids.  They just
decorated the front of the cards and I printed on labels Merry Christmas
from the children of (our church name).  These were easy since we had 200
to do  for the home.  Everyone loved them!  We even saw some of the still
displayed when we went back for Valentine's Day!
Angie in CA

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Instant Christmas Pageants

Choose from the following easy-to-produce skits:

"Live From Bethlehem",
"The Not So Silent Night",
"Operation Baby King",
"The Fumbly Bumbly Angels",
"The Mouse's Tale", 
"Wee Three Kings".

To find all of them, type >  Instant Christmas Pageants  <
into the SSTN bookstore search box at:

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5) Nursing Home Craft

Our church has gone to a nursing home for several years with our 5/6
graders. We sing carols and then make a simple craft ornament with any of
the residents who want to participate. The nursing home then serves punch
and cookies. It's fun for the adults and the kids.

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6) Memorization Technique

B F Skinner developed this technique for memorization.  He noticed we
usually start memorizing something from the beginning.  In our effort to
learn it, we practice the beginning more than the middle or end of the
verse.  When we recite it we do very well until we get nearer to the end
and then we are likely to falter.

His suggestion was to begin at the end and work back toward the beginning.
Then, as we recite the verse we are constantly moving into parts that are
more familiar.  I have used this for years with fourteen year old kids in
confirmation classes.  It works better for some than for a few.  It worked
so well for a young man learning concert piano that he began using it with
the long compositions he had to commit to memory for recitals.

Here is an example of how it would work with a verse.  Have the kids open
a Bible to the verse, in this case Romans 5:1.  Say, "Lord Jesus Christ"
while the kids look at the verse   Ask them to repeat without looking at the
Bible.  Then do the same, but expand the word string to, "through our Lord
Jesus Christ."  Have them repeat without looking.  The next string could
be, "with God through our Lord Jesus Christ."  Then use the words, "peace with
God through our Lord Jesus Christ."  Next say and have them repeat, "we
have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ."  Next use the words, "by
faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ."  Next use,
"justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus
Say and have them repeat, "we have been justified by faith, we have peace
with God through our Lord Jesus Christ."  Finally, add "Therefore,
to the string.

It takes only a few minutes to learn a verse this way.  Have some of the
kids say it aloud without looking.  Practice the same verse once or twice
more during the class period.  Ask the students to look at it and then say
it without looking later that day, the next day, and a few times later in
the week.

Rev. Phil Bohken
Grace Lutheran Church
Caldwell, Idaho

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7) Attendance Rewards

> When they attend 4 consecutive weeks in a row they are given a little certificate that 
> is just copied on colored paper through the copy machine and a "freebie" certificate
> from the local fast food stores. "

Thank You, Karen, for the great idea for rewarding perfect attendance.  We
have had sporadic attendance at SS for the last few years & this seems to
be a great way to inspire the kids to come!

Julie, SS Superintendent in Ohio

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8) Food Pantry

Each year, right before Thanksgiving, our 5/6th graders collect toys and
clothing for kids and then come to our church to make dozens of cookies.
Afterwards they pile into the church van and go to a local housing shelter
for the needy. There they play games with the kids, sing songs, talk, eat
the cookies they made, etc., and of course, leave the gifts they collected

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9) Food Pantry

Check out angelfoodministries.com  for an outreach idea.  This is a
program that has been around for several years.  Anyone can purchase a box
of food for 25 dollars (usually has 60-100 dollars worth of brand named
items) and distribute them to needy families.  Each month the menu will be
different...The site will have tabs on the home page to take you to the
contact page, monthly menu, host sites, etc.  We have bought several boxes
keeping one for ourselves then passing out the others to people in need. 
Payment is made in advance then picked up about two weeks later.  These
are tax deductable as well.  It is a great ministry.   This program could
possible be started in your church. We are looking into this idea for our
church.... Good luck. DAR

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