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SSTN # 7 - January 29, 2007

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Learn the Books of the Bible

1) Valentine's party...Wild About You
2) Children's Church
3) Children, Money, & Investing
4) Children, Money, & Investing

He's Risen Easter Eggs... an easy download

5) Children, Money & Investing
6) Ideas For 5-12 Year Olds
7) Water to Wine Miracle
8) Newlywed Game?

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Learn the Books of the Bible

If you play your cards right, you can learn the books of the
Bible from Genesis to Revelation! Learn how at:

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1) Valentine's party...Wild About You

Any good theme ideas out there for a Valentine party for kids ages 2-12
(the majority are school age)?  So many of the ideas I see are so
boyfriend-girlfriend oriented, and at these ages we're not encouraging

Last year I used the slogan "Wild About You" and used all sorts of stuffed
wild animals, balloons, etc., and used animal-print fabric for
tablecloths.  It was great because it wasn't too "girly" for the boys, but
I have to come up with something different this time.
Thanks in advance,
Jeanne from Illinois

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2) Children's Church

I can appreciate your undertaking in teaching the young ones without much
in the way of supplies.  Although our church does have an account for the
Children's Church department, many times I have chosen to spend the hour
using limited supplies.  So hopefully a couple of suggestions will help.
a. Don't be afraid to tell abible truth (we use this term instead of
"story) in a dramatic way.  Get people in the church to donate yards of
cloth to use to dress up a few "volunteers", either adults or the kids
themselves. Act out your Bible truth. 
b.  Use nature to make crafts with.  Buy a little paint and collect some
rocks to paint pictures of your bible truth theme.
c. Use any kind of rattle, drum, kazoo, rain stick made out of paper towel
cylinders and beans to make your own praise band.
d.  Use baked goods for object lessons/crafts.  A butterfly cake, (new
life in christ) tootsie roll ants,(watch the ants work) a loaf of bread
(bread of life)
e.  Don't be afraid to use these ideas over and over. 
Repetition is good and the kids love it. 

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3) Children, Money, & Investing

>I have a book entitled Your Child and Money by Larry Burkett, this is a
>very good book, it has  key scripture and and key Bible Stories that
>co-inside with the topic of the lesson.
>What I'm looking for is a book or some material to teach the children
>about investing, something on their leval. 

Dear Denise,
My parents bought our children a great book over Christmas about finances.
It's Dave Ramsey's "Financial Peace Jr.". It's a little pricey, but it's
got some great info on teaching children to tithe, manage money and
spending, and save. My kids are 7 & 11 and they love it!

Also, if your church has a treasurer, they may have some ideas that could
be brought down to a child's level. May God bless you ministry, Denise!

In Christ's service and love,
Melissa Goforth

--from SSTN: you can find this book in our bookstore at:
Just type the title into the search box to locate it.

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4) Children, Money, & Investing

> What I'm looking for is a book or some material to teach the
> children about investing, something on their level. 
> Any help/information I can get will be greatly appreciated.

You may want to try "Growing Money: A Complete Investing Guide for Kids"
by Gail Karlitz or "The Little Book That Beats The Market" by Joel
Greenblatt.  The first book is a kid-friendly guide to different ways to
"grow" your money, with little fill-in-the-blank sections throughout to
break up the text.  The second book was written by a successful fund
manager to read to his 12-year-old son to explain the stock market and how
to invest in it.  It's written with a very fun, conversational style, and
my own 12-year-old daughter has been enjoying it quite a bit. 
Neither book is written with a Christian bent, although it sounds like you
have enough Christian material already to help with that.
Good luck!  I think it's excellent that you are teaching this to preteens!
Cincinnati, Ohio

--from SSTN: both books may be found in our bookstore by typing the titles
into the search box at:

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He's Risen Easter Eggs...easy download!

Our "He's Risen Easter Eggs" can be used in many creative
ways at home, school and church! A great activity during Holy Week!

Learn more at:
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5) Children, Money & Investing

We've taught along these same lines in our childrens dept. with school
aged children too.  One of the GREATEST things that came out of teaching
children "stewardship" lessons for us, was "The Children's Loose Change
Ministry" --- We do not take up an offering at our church, it is our
belief that 'giving' is between you and the Lord, and it is 'giving' ---
not, 'being prompted to give' -or even- 'a suggestion box'.  (Incidentally
giving at this church has never been greater since beginning this.)

So, near one of the offering plates by the door, there is a box; it is
neatly designed and decorated and clearly labeled --Children's Loose
Change Ministry--  People are told periodically what it is for, as we do
sometimes have visitors, but any change that is put into that box, the
children in our sunday school classes get to decide how the money is
spent.  We pray about the needs and narrow it down to a few choices and
then we take the bus and the children and go shopping! 

These are some of our past purchases; 
* toiletries for the local womens shelter
* Large print bibles for our nursing home shut-ins
* house slippers, lap blankets, combs, bibles (these were for Christmas)
to the nursing home
*diapers and baby toiletries for the Genesis Center (mom's and children's
* journals, pens, bibles, for the ladies at the Genesis Center (mom's)
* supplies for our new nursery in our church, new baby items,
toys,rattles, diapers,wipes,etc.(we actually had a real baby shower for
that time, which the children really enjoyed) 

The children have learned so much from this ministry, that people DO love
to give, and that giving blesses the receiver and the giver, but most of
all God, and he gets the  glory for the abundance and the cheerfulness and
the willingness to obey his commands about giving. What a great way to
teach the children about investing; time, money, and heart attitudes!

Hope this helps
Seeking Him 

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6) Ideas For 5-12 Year Olds

I have been in my church for 4 years now. We have had a lot of teachers
come and go. We had 3 classes set up, one for the 2-5 year olds, one for
the 6-9 year olds and one for the 10-13 year old. As the years have come
and gone so have the teachers, but me. As it is I am the one that started
the group and God has never told me to change anything. We now have it set
as one classroom and I am the teacher for all. We have set it up for the
2nd and 4th sunday of the month and we run it like a regular church
service. We do opening prayer, worship(songs) , lessons, then crafts. As
for ideas, I have been teaching them in the book of Matthew, as it is I
read a story to them for that lesson at the lower level for the younger
students, then I teach it using the chapters that we are studying, at
craft time we do crafts that are for all levels. I incorpoate some science
ideas in it as well as we play hangman with the class split between girls
and boys ( all get treats at end). As for lessons, any lesson can be
taught in 2 folds, one for the younger and then taught deeper for the
older. We just started having the oldest ones help in running the service.
God's Blessing To All,

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7) Water to Wine Miracle

I present an object lesson for the water to wine miracle using Kool-Aid
(the grape Kool-Aid that has no color but changes to purple when water 
is added).

I pour the sugar and Kool-Aid powder in a white pitcher and show the 
kids that the jar is empty. When water is added the water turns to 

Jennifer Sweet

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8) Newlywed Game?

While I appreciate the ideas that Lisa Pannell sent in, and do hope to use
them, I was wondering if she would be willing to share some of the
questions that she/they asked the couples.   We did this once before (only
with older people - Oldywed Game) and the only question I remember is
"What color was the car you rode in on your first date?" and one of our
couples had been married over 60 years and they said the answer was
easy:   black.   That was the ONLY color cars were back then!
Thanks in advance,

--from SSTN: questions concerning the spouses' "favorites" or "firsts" are
great, such as "favorite dessert", "favorite sports' team", "favorite
author", "restaurant", or recalling couples' dating period or first year
of marriage such as: "first kiss", "first spat", "first date place", etc.

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