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SSTN # 79 - October 13, 2006

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Instant Christmas Pageants

1) David and Goliath Craft?
2) Golden Calf
3) Golden Calf Activities
4) Golden Calf
5) Food Pantry Lessons?


6) Getting youth group to grow
7) Birthday Present?
8) Video Cases?
9) Opposition to Youth church

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Instant Christmas Pageants

Choose from the following easy-to-produce skits:

"Live From Bethlehem",
"The Not So Silent Night",
"Operation Baby King",
"The Fumbly Bumbly Angels",
"The Mouse's Tale", 
"Wee Three Kings".

To find all of them, type >  Instant Christmas Pageants  <
into the SSTN bookstore search box at:

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1) David and Goliath Craft?

  Does anyone have any crafts that they do that coincide with the lesson
of David and Goliath.  I want to do the lesson on David and Goliath in two
weeks, but I would like a craft to go with it.  My email is
kalip984@aol.com.   Thanks,    Kali  

--from SSTN: make sure you copy to SSTN too so all may benefit.
Also, check the archives for many great ideas:

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2) Golden Calf

buy plastic calves, roll them in glue and then put them in a ziploc bag of
gold glitter.  Seal the bag and shake to cover with glitter.
Kids can take them home as a reminder.

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3) Golden Calf Activities

Erin, please e-mail about your request for help with teaching the
"Golden Calf."  I have some ideas that may help you.

Take care,
Connie G.

--from SSTN: remember, if you share directly, the rest of the nework
doesn't benefit from your knowledge.

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4) Golden Calf

When we did a similar lesson to do with modern day idols, we also cut out
pictures of things that take our time away from spending it with God, eg
TV, computer games, toys etc. I bought a cheap statue ( it was a Buddah,
actually!) - you could use a cow shaped ornament, and we glued the
pictures of our "idols" onto the bought idol, and made a commitment to
spend more time with God each day.


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An Advent celebration of 31 crafts and recipes.
To learn more, go to:


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5) Food Pantry Lessons?

Hi, I just got a new job working at the food pantry! 
I am excited, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or
activities, lessons, scripture or advice for sunday school class that I
could use! 
Thank you, Karen

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6) Getting youth group to grow

Vickie, I don't really know if you meant growing "spiritually" or in
"numbers". Both are important though, so I'll tell you how we did it.  We
made it FUN, but where they could still learn. I don't think they even
realized they were learning at first, they thought they were just having
fun.  Every week we (youth leaders) would listen and see what God wanted
us to teach them. Sometimes it would be dealing with something they might
be going through.  For example four of our boys lost their uncle in a car
accident, he was only twenty years old. Each one was dealing with this in
different ways from withdrawing to acting out, so we did a lesson dealing
with death.  This lesson was not fun but very rewarding.  I have several
websites I go to and get lessons, I also make sure we have bible scripture
to read and we have discussions to let the youth express how they feel,
and can ask any questions. Sometimes God would just put ideas in my head
and everything would fall into place. We used a lot of object lessons, the
youth really get involved in this. If time permits we play a game that
goes along with the lesson.  Every couple of months we did an
affirmative lesson to build up our youth, these were their favorites. To
build up our attendance we did an outreach, and took the youth to pass out
"invitations" that they had made on one of their youth nights. We also
gave reward coins for bringing visitors.  But, I think the main reason it
grew is because we did away with tradition, and listened to God.  We had
responses from kids that they were having fun and couldn't wait til Wed.
nights (the night our youth met), responses from parents that their kids
had become much better behaved since they had started coming, we had kids
ministering to younger kids and even talking parents into coming on wed.
nights to see what was going on.  Just remember to keep it fun, because if
it's like school they are not going to tell their friends and it's not
going to grow.  Hope this helps if you want any ideas email me, Kathy

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7) Birthday Present?

What is a great birthday present to get a member of your class.  This is
the 2 & 3 year old class.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, Susan

--from SSTN: an age appropriate Bible such as:
Baby's First Bible (birth to preschool)
The Beginner's Bible (4 - 8)

Your inside sentiment could be,
Presented by __________ Church to honor your 3rd Birthday.
(Give one to the three year olds, then it's something the two year olds
anticipate receiving on their 3rd b-day.)

If you like this idea, you can find either of these Bibles in our
bookstore. Type the titles into the search box to locate them at:


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8) Video Cases?

I'm working on lessons in Children's Church to help the children memorize
the books of the Bible.  I am in need of about 62 video cases.  I need
black ones like they used at video stores (before DVD's) that have a
plastic cover on the outside.  When you open the case, the plastic comes
away from the video case and allows you to put a label on the spine.  When
the case is closed, the plastic holds the label in place.  I plan to put a
label on each case and display them on a shelf so the children can
practice putting the books in order.

If you have any of these you'd like to get rid of, I'd really appreciate
receiving these in the mail.  My address and email are below.

Cathy Bodell
P.O. Box 809
Frankfort, MI  49635-0809
231/352-4820 (home)
E-mail: bodellc@hotmail.com
OR bacch@charter.net

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9) Opposition to Youth church
I'm new to Youth ministry in the U.K and I cannot believe what I am
reading on these emails about opposition. How do these people sleep at
nights. Try not to be downhearted.  God is in charge of the plan and all
your efforts with youth ministry will never be wasted.  Youth ministry at
my church in Newquay Cornwall is vibrant, exciting and growing!  We have a
Pastor for Youth, a full time fully funded Youth outreach worker and a
team of 25 volunteers who run our SS every week with 1 year olds - 16 year
olds.  I will ask my own group of awesome 11-14 year old Christians to
pray for release of the Holy Spirit into the hearts of anyone who hinders
Youth Ministry wherever they dare!  Christ has the victory! Anything short
of that is simply game playing by a defeated enemy. God will sort this out
for you and I will hold you in my prayers.
In the name of our lovely Lord, Jesus Christ
Janet <>< 

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