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SSTN # 77 - October 6, 2006

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1) Prayer Ball?
2) Growing Youth Group?
3) Nursing home craft?
4) Golden Calf?
5) Memory Techniques

> Christmas FUNpak

6) Memory Techniques
7) Play: This Man Called Jesus?
8) Youth Ministry Opposition
9) Learning the books of the Bible
10) Youth Ministry Opposition

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1) Prayer Ball?

Hi there,

Isn’t there a prayer ball or something?  I tried doing a search on it but
couldn’t find it.  I’d like to make our own for our after-school Bible
club, something where when you toss the ball, the person who catches is
prompted to pray for whatever thing/person/subject their hands are
touching on the ball. (Does that make sense?)  Somebody please help me
here with ideas for what to write on our ball!!  Thanks, Amy

--from SSTN: yes, Amy, there is a ball. In fact, we just discussed it on
SSTN, #73. You can check the archives for that discussion.

In the meantime. You can also purchase the ball in our bookstore. Type,
"Throw and Tell" in the search box at:
There's one for life application as well as for ice-breakers.

As to questions to make your own:
Prayer Items: pray for person on your right, left, pray for a family
member, pray for a friend, pray for a church leader, pray for someone in
government, pray for someone wearing red, green, blue, etc.

Life Application (complete the sentence): God is...?; Someday I want
to...?; Love means...?; I have difficulty doing...?; Good friends....?;
I once...? I have never...?

Icebreaker Favorites: color, food, movie, sports, school subject,
lazy activity, etc.

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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2) Growing Youth Group?

How did you grow your youth? We have a good youth leader as for as his
heart but we are not growing.

Thank You;
Vickie Diel

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3) Nursing home craft

We are going to a nursing home the first of Dec. and I would like the
childrens Dept. to make crafts we can give them. I need suggestions,

Thank You;
Vickie Diel

--from SSTN: check out the Christmas crafts section at:
There are many great ideas.

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4) Golden Calf?

I really need help on this one. Does anyone have any ideas, craft if
possible, to teach the Golden Calf? I am horrible at teaching this one and
every year I resort to a worksheet and I would rather something
interactive for the kids since they seem to remember things better that
way. Thank you for any help!!!
May God Bless You Always!
~ Erin ~

--from SSTN: You didn't mention what age group, but I would focus on their
sin, rather than the object itself. And what was their sin? They turned
from God, exchanging Holy God for a lie, for an idol who cannot hear,
speak or act in their behalf. Do we do the same? What blind, mute and
powerless things do we exchange or put ahead of God? As to a "craft"
project, have the class break into small groups and draw or cut from a
magazine those things that take up their time (tv., dvd players, sports,
friends, movies, etc.) Then, glue those items to one side of a large
poster. On the opposite side of the poster write God's Is: then have them
think and write down God's attributes: all powerful, all loving, all
knowing, all caring, the great healer, our Savior, etc. Title the poster
something like, "Choose This Day Whom You Will Worship" or "Make Your

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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> Christmas FUNpak !

Save $ when you get the Christmas FUNpak, containing three of our most
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5) Memory Techniques

Dear Gayane,

Memory verse games can be difficult.  I have found 2 methods that I have
combined & seem to be fairly successful so far.
I have a dry erase board, but this can be done w/ chalkboards as well or
even large paper.  I write the verse out .. Word for word.  After the
lesson, I give the students about 5-10 minutes (depending on the size of
the verse) to draw pictures above each word .. Well, each one that they
can come up w/ a symbol/picture for. (ex: BE = b, YOU = u, See = eyes,
etc..)Once done, I collect the dry erase markers & use a pointer to read
thru the verse...usually to some type of beat or tempo.
After 2 read thru's.. We start erasing words.  At first I let the
students choose, then I start just erasing.  If they don't have the
verse by the time the words are gone, we start erasing the pictures
until there is nothing left but a white board.  Then each student takes
a turn "assuming the position" (standing in a corner w/ their eyes
covered & where no one can help them) and say the verse.  After everyone
has said the verse, we "hunt for it."  I have my memory verses printed
out (could be hand written) ahead of time & hide them in the room.
There are multiple verses so the have to really think about what verse
they are looking for.  The "winner" gets to post the verse on our wall
of verses .. "what we have learned this year."
I hope this makes sense to you .. And I hope it helps!!!
~ A friend in children's education & Jesus Christ

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6) Memory Techniques

RE: "I would like to know if anyone has ideas to how to learn the memory
verses for kids of grades 4th to 7th grade."

When I was in need of new memory verse activities, I had my son give me a
word for each letter of the alphabet. I then came up with ways to use his
words in activities. You can find my complete set of activities, A-Z, at

Some might need to be adapted for middle school grades, but most are fine
for all ages.

In HIS Service,
Angie in WV<><

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7) Play: This Man Called Jesus?


My name is Vivian and I am looking for the script to This Man Called Jesus
I am interested in doing it for a Christmas play and I know its an Easter
play I've looked everywhere and don't know where to turn. Any help will be
greatly appreciated.

--from SSTN: you can find this skit in our bookstore
by typing the title into the search box at: 


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8) Youth Program Opposition

Hang in there!  My husband has been the Youth Pastor at a few churches,
but it broke our heart to leave our last church, much like I know it is
breaking your heart to leave yours.  We had several issues with our Pastor
and came to the point that we felt we just had to leave.  God had blessed
the Youth Program much like yours.  We started with about five kids and
grew to 60 within five months.  We saw God working more miraculously than
I’ve ever seen.  These kids were giving their lives to Jesus and truly
being changed!  It was awesome!  It is still heartbreaking to think about
leaving those kids, but God is still there for them.  Know that you have
touched these kids in a way that will forever impact their lives and
entrust them to God now.  I know it’s hard to leave, but it seems like the
right thing to do.  Our church is actually closed now.  It completely shut
down about five months after we left.  Which, sadly enough, I have to say
is the best thing for God’s kingdom.  Just be encouraged and know that you
made a huge difference for His Kingdom!!!
In Christ,

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9) Learning the books of the Bible

There are several ideas I have used so far:
I use this on children from 3yr to 3rd grade.  They group together.
Concentration:  They divide into two groups and play twice and are timed. 
Once all the matches are found by the individuals in one team, they then
race together to put them in order.  (I usually divide this into old/new
testaments).  The reward is the winning team.
Pan order:  We took a magnet roll.  Printed the verses on them.  Put them
on a bking sheet.  They are divided into teams.  Timed.  Then they race to
put them in order.  Sometimes I take out one or two and they have to tell
me which ones.  Sometimes, I place every other book in order and they have
to tell me which ones go in the spaces.  The quickest team wins.
We have the books of the Bible to music. (Old/New testament)
These games/things are done to this music.
Musical Chairs:  Just as the usual.  Yet, the kids are to sing with the
music.  The child that does not have a chair is to say the next book. They
are also to sit in the chair taken out against the wall and name a country
they want to be a missionary in.  Prior to start each time all kids wave
at each missionary kid.  This makes the ones "out" continue to feel
special.  The last one is the leader at remaining at the home church. 
Ups and Downs:  Boys sit on one side of the room and girls on the other. 
The music starts. We start with one side and let them know ahead of time. 
We usually do a trial before the game without music.  With the first book
the first team jumps out of their seats and yells the name of that book
then sits back down quickly. Then team 2 jumps up and yells/sings the next
book.  They get pretty good and enjoy the acitivity. 
A variation is that children sit in a circle (no teams) and must start
with the first book.  Player 1 says the first book as they jump up and sit
back down, then player two book 2 as they jump up and sit back down.  If
there are only a few children, they may have to say more then one book. 
When all books have been said we start over with another child as the
leader so as to learn different books. 
Both of the above are timed.  The cildren love to try to beat their own
Bible Bingo:  We only have this for the new testament and are in the
process of making it for the old testament.  This is wonderful for the
little ones to learn how to recognize the names of the books even though
they can not read.  Our prizes vary but are usually only one piece of
candy or left over pizes from other events.  Then all children receive one
piece of candy as they leave for participating.  I have even given away
coloring pages. 
Relay: I put the names of the books of the Bible on Post-Its and spread
them out over and area.  We divide into two teams.  They race to go find
them and then put them in order.  They are timed.  The fastest group
Velcro:  (Our training union director came up with this one.)  She made a
big Bible out of the Project Board and covered it with material.  Then she
printed out the books of the Bible and laminated them.  Placed velcro on
the back.  The children divide into teams and race to see who can put them
in order.
Search and find:  We time the children looking up the books of the Bible. 
Even the little ones can find books like Genesis, Exodus, Jude,
Revelation, Psalm, Proverbs, and Job due to their placement in the Bible
(beginning, middle, end).  After enough Bingo they know what the words
look like. 
It is my pray that these shared items help to plant the word in your
groups.  If only one child can become excited about the Lord and plant
seeds of His word in their hearts it is a Victory for the Kingdom. 

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10) Youth Ministry Opposition

I want to thank Colleen, Cindy and whoever else responded to my email.  We
did leave the church, and I miss our youth terribly.  I know a lot of seed
was sowed and these children will carry this with them.  We did encourage
them to get into a youth program at other churchs. I can not understand
how anyone can think children are not worth ministering to.  There is
nothing as rewarding as that shine in their eyes when they come to know
Jesus.  Thanks to everyone for your prayers, and please keep praying for
us that God will send us somewhere to minister to youth.


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