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SSTN # 75 - September 29, 2006

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1) Moses Craft
2) Memory Techniques?
3) Jewels in Our Crown Notes?
4) Large picture storytelling Bible
5) Moses Crafts

> Get it...Live it!

6) Missions Emphasis
7) Youth ministry opposition
8) Youth ministry opposition
9) Church Opposition
10) Memorizing Bible Book Names

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1) Moses Craft

We are doing one where you use styrofoam meat trays to make the ten
commandments, this week. We will be doing it on September 27th. If you are
interested, email me for the details- Use Moses craft in the subject line.
Tammy Whitewadewhite@nl.rogers.com

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2) Memory Techniques?

Hello. I  would  like  to  know  if  anyone  has  ideas  to  how  to 
learn  the  memory  verses  for  kids  of  grades  4th  to  7th  grade.
May  God  bless you.

--from SSTN: make sure you check the archives for techniques. Also, for
those replying directly to Gayane, please copy to SSTN.

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3) Jewels in Our Crown Notes?

Dear Connie GThank you for the wonderful details of your banquet! I would
be very interested in obtaining the notes for your husbands speech on
Jewels, as I am doing a similar theme for a children's church.
My email address is sharonbolst@internode.on.net

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4) Large picture storytelling Bible

The following 2 books have lovely large pictures (several pages per
story), text is simpler for younger children, but if you have older children you
could add to the text as you tell the story.  Both books by Group

Pray & Play Bible for Young Children  ISBN  9780764420245
14 favorite Bible stories are beautifully bound in a large 9x12 hardcover
complete with 4-color artwork throughout. The child-friendly language
makes it perfect for your church nursery and preschool classes. This is a
memory-making activity book--with 3 pages of activities, snacks, games,
crafts, and songs after each story!
Pray & Play Bible 2    ISBN 9780764425141
14 all-new Bible stories in this sequel to the best-selling nursery
Pray & Play Bible for Young Children. The perfect addition to your Bible
story collection.  Beautiful, full-color Bible art in a durable 9" x 12"
hardcover binding makes stories come to life!  Over 140 faith-building
activities including crafts, games, affirmations, singing ideas, and more!

--from SSTN: both are available in our bookstore. To locate them, type the
titles into the search box at:

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  Get it....Live it!

Are you teaching your kids the Scriptures
so that they get it and live by it?

Learn how at:  http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/Bible-4-life.html 
(you may have to copy and paste it to your browser)

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5) Moses Crafts

I have Crafts and wonderful snack ideas pertaining to Moses.
Please contact me and I be happy to share a list of things for you.

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6) Missions Emphasis

In regards to wanting to teach kids about missions: Our denomination (
Presbyterian USA) has a mission year book for kids that highlights
different missions each week with vocabulary words, small games or brain
teasers, and information about a different country or part of the US. We
used that fro a year of Jr church  and the kids loved it. Also, you
could invite in not only foreign missionaries, but people that serve in
local missions that the church could support. Our Sunday school offering
goes to a mission every  school year.

Ashley Stensland
Children and Youth Coordinator
Covenant Central Presbyterian Church

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7) Youth ministry opposition

This email is in response to Kathy’s email about the opposition regarding
the youth program.

It’s amazing the paths that Satan chooses to get back at God.  It appears
that this one is through the “godly” folks in the congregation.  It is a
pity that people don’t see that Satan is using them to attempt to destroy
God’s work.  When you see this issue as a work of Satan it reminds you to
continually pray for God’s power to help you deal with the situation.  All
too often church people feel that they are at the Sunday service or the
Wednesday night prayer meeting  to get something for themselves.  In fact
the opposite is to be our desire – we should seek to give, not to get. 
For it is in giving that you receive.  If the adults in the congregation
would seek to serve instead of to be served they would receive so much
blessing.  But then perhaps they are not Christians at all.  I am seeing
more and more how the church has become nothing more than an entertainment
centre.  We’ve left  Christ out of the programs and socials and yes even
the message.  We don’t speak boldly anymore.  We try to sit on the fence
so that we do not offend anyone.  I believe it’s time for Christians to
take a stand and get off the fence.  I don’t believe you can be a
Christian and sit on the fence.  God wants us to come out and be
separate.  God bless you as you seek his guidance in your next role. 
Encourage your husband – he’s obviously very offensive to Satan, otherwise
Satan wouldn’t be working so hard to stop him.  You are obviously on the
right track.  Eph 6:10 “Be strong with the Lord’s mighty power.”  Remember
you are not going out to the playground, you are in the battle zone with a
very might foe.  Use God’s strength, not your own.  Colleen

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8) Youth ministry opposition

Kathy, I completely understand. My husbad was a youth leader at our
previous church for 4 years. God blessed the program w/40 youth. We had
such an awsome experience with the kids. 2 1/2 years ago my husband was
called to the ministry to become a pastor. Our congregation has about 20
active adult members whos average age is 55 years old and had 3 youth. The
adult congregation is still the same but we now have 15-20 youth and 3
youth leaders. We were told to stop focusing on the youth early last year.
How hard it is not to train the future leaders of the church! I pray your
church will have their hearts changed and I know God has wonderful plans
for you. 

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9) Church Opposition

Your church isn't the only one that opposes more youth involvement.  It is
really difficult to understand that people truly consider themselves
Christians when they don't want to see the youth of the church grow and
become a part of things.  That is what I live for.  I love to see the kids
faces as they "get it" and want to "give it" to others.  I pray that your
family can find or start a new youth program somewhere else.  Cindy

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10) Memorizing Bible Book Names
This is a really physical way to memorize the books of the Bible. I
facilitated it the first time in a group of ladies called "Firm Believers"
- yep - it was an exercise class. Of course this also works for memorizing
scripture as well as books of the Bible.
I made each a list of the books printed in large type - using 2 sides of
card stock. (1/2 sheet) Front with OT - back with NT.
Our strengthening was not only to learn the books - but also we
strengthened our bodies at the same time.
While we did sit-ups, crunches, push-ups, small weights, etc. a partner
listened to you recite the books. The partner held the card and encouraged
while their partner performed the task. Then they traded places.
Each person had a progress card that they marked each class. We wrote the
name of the book we were able to recite to - (or our strength gave out) in
that classes slot. If I were able to make it to OT-Psalms - I would write
that in the class slot. If it were a scripture that we were memorizing -
we wrote the word that we were able to make it to before our strength gave
out. We did this with each strengthening exercise we performed.
By the end of our class series - most had not only memorized the entire OT
and NT - but were also more physically fit. Our spiritual muscles grew as
well as our physical muscles!
We are now doing this with children ages 8 - 11 in a club called Running
the Faith Race. We want them to see the more they "exercise" God's Word
(by hiding it in their heart) - the stronger and healthier Christian they
will become. The boys REALLY enjoy the competition with themselves. They
are "training" while at home so they can achieve faster on their workout
Hopefully this will help someone else too.
Joyfully Serving HIM
Emmalea Butler

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