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SSTN # 74 - September 26, 2006

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READ The Bible in 90 Days!

1) Memorizing Bible Book Names
2) Missions Emphasis?
3) Bible Book Songs
4) Memorizing Bible Book Names
5) Children who lie?

Fall Festival Tract: "What Scares You?"

6) Jungle theme ideas?
7) Three trees legend?
8) Moses Crafts
9) Church Opposition?
10) Bible Challenge

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1) Memorizing Bible Book Names

I have found music helps the children learn the books of the Bible.  One
DVD from Group Publishing from their Fall Bible Blitz program has a song
on it with all the Books of the Bible and it has the words along the
bottom of the picture so kids can read along.  My teenage daught loves the
upbeatness of the tunes.  God Bless  Debbie -Pocatello, Idaho

--from SSTN: check out Bible Stack-O! too for a great Bible book memory game:

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2) Missions Emphasis?

My husband and I teach Jr. Church and would like to add a missions
emphasis segment to our program.  do you have any suggestins?'
Sharon J

--from SSTN: our church has missionaries visit our classes once a year to
tell about their work. Some are local, while others are from different
parts of the world. In fact, some are even SSTN subscribers, so hopefully
they'll add to this discussion. ;o)

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3) Bible Book Songs
There is the "Bible Break" audio or VHS tape which helps kids to memorize
the Books of the Bible. It's in SundaySchoolNetwork.com's bookstore. (Type
the title into the search box to locate it.)

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4) Memorizing Bible Book Names

Dear Edgar

The best way to memorise them is in song.  You'll find a catchy tune in
Wee Sing Bible Songs -book and cd (reissue) (Wee Sing):  by Pamela Conn
Beall,Susan Hagen Nipp.  Sing it every week.  Send the words home so they
can practise it.  Offer prizes for when they are ready to try to sing it
for you , or to write it out for you by memory, if they prefer. 

blessings, Susan

--from SSTN: you can find the Wee Sing cd in our bookstore by typing the
title into the search box:

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Fall Festival Tract: "What Scares You?"

Check out our most recent Fall Festival tract.
You'll find it listed in the Featured Resources section on the home page
of:  http://www.SundaySchoolNetwork.com 

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5) Children who lie?

I have had several parents approach me with the fact that their 6--9 year
olds are lieing.In school, at home, and I have caught some at church. I
have tried every thing I can think of to teach that lieing is wrong,,HELP
if you have and ideas...rhoda

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6) Jungle theme ideas?

Hi there, I really enjoy your site. I was wondering  if you have any
jungle, monkey etc ideas? I'm planning a weekly afterschool club and am
hoping to do a theme each month. Any ideas would be greatfully
Sherri Wagner

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7) Three trees legend?

We are using the theme "the legend of the Three trees" for Christmas this
year.  Anyone have any craft, game or other ideas?
Tina Wallace
Cottage Grove, MN

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8) Moses Crafts

>Does anyone have any craft ideas for moses?

Lots of them!  Can you be a little more specific which subject about him? 
Last week we did parting of the sea.  The kids had a fun snack.  We split
a banana for each child and had them put it on their plate.  Then they
took a spoon and put blue jello on each side of the banana...then they
sprinkled cracker crumbs to represent the ocean floor on top of the
banana.  They even threw in some gummy fish.  I found this on one of my
favorite websites but if you check the achives here, Daniellesplace.com
and MSScrafts.com  you should get plenty of ideas.  Moses had so many
God bless,
in San Diego area

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9) Church Opposition?

My husband is the Pastor at a small non denominational church. Actually he
turned in his resignation last Sunday.  God had us start a youth ministry
a year and a half ago.  We came against a lot of opposition from some of
the congregation.  With remarks like "A church full of kids is not worth
giving up my bible study for."  So we kept the bible study and did the
youth program with only three youth leaders.  Well it grew by leaps and
bounds, we went from six kids to over forty in less than a year.  We had
kids who had never been to church asking Jesus to come into their lives.
We have seen teens that were having behaviour problems do a complete turn
around and even start helping the younger kids do lessons and crafts.  The
problem is after all this growth the youth has done, some of the adults
resent the program, they stopped paying tithes, started coming against the
program any way they could.  All of us youth leaders started bringing the
refreshments so we wouldn't have to take any money from the church.  This
still hasn't satisfied the adults, they started saying too much emphasis
is put on the kids at church and the adults are being left out.  The
adults have two Sunday services and a Tuesday night bible study, all the
kids have is Wednesday nights.
Because of their desire to see the kids program end they have almost
broken the church financially and definitely spiritually.  A preacher at
our church says God didn't call him to minister to kids.  I thought we
were supposed to minister to everyone no matter what age. (This man is
probably going to be the next Pastor).   I am very hurt about leaving our
youth and fellow youth leaders, but my husband has went through a lot at
this church and said that it's time to leave.  Please pray for us and our
youth.  And please pray for the adults at this church.  Thank you Kathy

--from SSTN: I've never heard of such a perverted response over new church
growth. It doesn't make sense. God can use your husband whether he stays
or goes.
Sarah Keith

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10) Bible Challenge

Hi Pat, I have been having problems getting my kids to learn the books of
the bible.  I remember when I was in the 6th grade I just did it. I
memorized them.  But with my kids I am trying to make it fun.  So we play
a game called Bible Challenge.  Where I throw out a bible verse, usually
related to what we are learning, and the first child to get the verse,
raise their hand...gets to read the verse and gets a prize for our 'junk
box'.  It is a box filled with just stuff that is cheap.  They have fun
doing it even though the prizes are cheap and break easy.  They are not
allowed to use the index etc.  I try and make sure that the younger kids
get as much as a chance as the older ones.  I have even noticed the older
one's helping the younger ones to catch up.

But I like your idea too.  Once you put the names of the bibles on the
backs of each index card what do you do with them next??  You say to
collect them.  How do you collect them? Do you put them down like
concentration and they have to pick them up in order and if they don't get
it right...they put them back???  I really like this idea.   Let me
know...I am going to incorporate this into my next game day.

Keep the SON in your eyes,

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