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SSTN # 73 - September 19, 2006

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Fall Festival Tract: "What Scares You?"

1) Getting Acquainted
2) Books of the Bible?
3) Large picture storytelling Bible?
4) Boys 5th / 6th grade
5) Moses Craft?

Are you training your Sunday School volunteers?

6) Bible Books
7) Memorizing Bible Books
8) Christ's Apprentice
9) Teacher Appreciation Banquet

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Fall Festival Tract: "What Scares You?"

Check out our most recent Fall Festival tract.
You'll find it listed in the Featured Resources
section on the home page of:


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1) Getting Acquainted
For Rhiannon Thomas-
You might buy a solid color beach ball and paint pictures on it
representing things in the kids' like to do. There is a ball on the market
for kids who can read. You toss the ball to a child and wherever his thumb
points on the question, he answers.  Such questions as: My favorite food,
I like to...,Someday I want to...etc.  For your ball, you could use a toy,
food, game, book, friend, etc.
Helen Setser

from SSTN: The product is called, "Throw & Tell Life Application Ball".
You can find it in our bookstore by typing the title into the search box
at: http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/bookstore.html 

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2) Books of the Bible?

I do a Children's Church - ages 3-8.  Any ideas on how to help them
learn the Books of the Bible?


--from SSTN: Bible book songs and games work well. Also, "Bible Stack-O!",
a Bible book name memory game will be released very soon from
SundaySchoolNetwork.com. Make sure you check our archives too for more

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3) Large picture storytelling Bible?

Hi there,

I help lead a 30-minute children’s church worship service every week.  We
are looking for a nice big children’s Bible that we can gather the
children around to see as we read…do they make such a thing?  I’ve seen
lots of good Children’s Bibles, but nothing that is like a big
book/picture book…thanks for any ideas.
Amy S.  Potosi, WI

--from SSTN: If your church already has a projector, you could use it to
project your current Bible stories onto the wall. Now that would be HUGE!

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4) Boys 5th / 6th grade

I teach Juniors and haven't been very successful at getting them to bring
their Bibles.  I would love to try the suggestion of the "baseball caps
with pins".  Obviously, this could mean a lot of pins and was wondering if
the writer would share what kind of pins and where one might purchase
Thank you to the writer - and to you Sarah!   Janet
Respond to dlp99@earthlink.net

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5) Moses Craft?

Please help!
Does anyone have any craft ideas for moses?

--from SSTN: check out the following links:
also the archives at: http://www.SundaySchoolNetwork.com 

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6) Bible Books

I used hands made from carboard with tongue depressors attached like
puppets, and had each child learn only two books at a time but they had to
stand in the correct order of the books they were holding. I had a small
group so the older ones had to learn more and switch to the end of the
It took a few weeks but it worked well, then after everyone learned them
we we had a contest using regular white garden gloves, having each child
put the gloves in order. If this sounds complicated, it's not and they
actually enjoyed it.  I also heard of building rooms in a house(poster
board house) or library using the books on a library shelf and being able
to locate the correct books in the right order. Best of everything! I work
with that age group and it is a challenge.
Love & Prayers, Linda


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7) Memorizing Bible Books

I know I have sent this idea before but it is such a great one I had to
share it again...Have lots of people in your church save cereal
boxes...(you will need 66)  cover each with contact paper...several
patterns;never two of the same side by side...(this would give a clue to
the order) Use a permanent marker to label each side of the boxes with
each book of the Bible name....Starting with Genesis, stand (as you would
books) the first 5-7 boxes on a table or shelf in front of the
children....recite  them over and over again...remove one, leaving the
space open...have the children repeat the books...gradually remove each
book until there are no books....The next week add 4 or 5 more books to
the group....repeat the process until you have placed all the books on the
shelf.  This may take 6-8 weeks depending on how quickly your group of
children catch on...A fun game is to mix the boxes up and have the
children arrange them in proper order....see if some of the parents can
do....Dianne, AL

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8) Christ's Apprentice

This is a program that I ran across at Pilgrim Place. 

The kids really enjoyed doing mission work all summer and our summer
attendance was up from past years.  They came up with the ideas themselves
with guidance from an adult.  They created their own team names and
  I have had serveral of them tell me that they want to continue doing
mission work throughout the year.  They understood that "Mission is
Possible", even if you are only 9 or 10 years old.  They got to know each
other better working on teams of different age groups.  We had first
and up to 7th graders on the same teams.  Hope you can use the program,

--from SSTN: that link is no longer active, but maybe the church will send
it to you.

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9) Teacher Appreciation Banquet

I have an idea for everyone for a teacher appreciation banquet.  My
husband and I just got done having one with the theme of "Jewels in Our
Crown".  It was so much fun, that I just wanted to share it with
everyone.  This is what we did: 

Decorations:  A wall was decorated with a picture of a crown with fake
jewels.  On the crown was the name of each teacher or teacher assistant
for the church.  The tables where decorated with a purple table clothes
and gold colored napkins and plates.  In the center of the tables was
another crown (Burger King crown spray painted gold) with a flower
arrangement in the middle.  Votive candles were used at each place
setting.  We also set up two throne rooms for later use.  This consisted
of a chair with coverings consistent with a throne room and a curtain
behind each chair (2 throne rooms).  We also had a table that contained
the following (2 sets):  a bead necklace, a medallion on a ribbon, a
scepter (fancy curtain rod), a ring, a crown, fake gold coins and a
goblet (glass) filled with a red drink (we used kool-aid). 
Food:  The meat was a crown roast with vegetables. 
Speech:  My husband did a speech on how jewels are found and how they
have potential to be something really beautiful in a jewelers hand.  He
compared that to God being our refiner and how he crafts us into what he
wants so his radiance can shine through us. 
Entertainment:  We separated the teachers/assistants into two groups.  A
word of caution:  don't allow spouses to be in the same group.  Then one
person was selected from each group to be either a king or queen.  Robe
this person with some material for a cape (we used body bath towels
hooked together with a jewelry pin.)  We had a series of questions
available from the game "The Ungame" (this is a get to know you game).
The royal person was asked to write their response to the question on a
piece of paper.  Then their royal court (team) had to try and determine
what their king or queen answered.  If they got it right, then they got
to place one of the items on the table on the royal personage. 

The teachers had great fun with this game and really got to know the
person who was either a king or a queen.

Connie G.

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