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SSTN # 72 - September 13, 2006

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1) Faith Harvest Fest
2) Promotion Sunday
3) Promotion Sunday
4) Play That Symbolizes Christmas
5) Empowering Parents

Good Night God, Love Olivia

6) Nativity set for toddlers 
7) Monkey VBS updates
8) Memorize books of the Bible?
9) Kindergarten Ice Breaker
10) Christ's Apprentice ?

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1) Faith Harvest Fest

Our church is having a Faith Harvest Fest this year. I am over everything,
so I had to come up with a game that the children will love, something
oppsite from halloween games. It's call don't let the devil get you!!! 
Materials needed a large box and a scary mask.You need to make a medium
church out of using large boxes.make the boxes look like a church house.
You have to have a large field or playing area to play this game. Then
pick one of the children to wear a scray mask that will be the devil, then
tell the children that the church is base and that they have to go to God
to get save form the devil, Then go over rules, Church is base. the devil
has to say come, come back out in to the world, by this saying the devil
tempting the children to stray from God they will learn that its not good
to turn from God, cause the devils is always trying to get a hold on them,
Then the children run away from the church and  the devil trys to touch
them and once there touch by the devil, they have to stay in the place
until another member from the church teammate touchs them, so only then
can they  run to church, It teaches children that when you see a brother
or sister in need you should go out of your way to help them, you never
know when that's going to be you in need of help. Also when a child gets
touch three times by the devil they take the devil place. I think this is
a good lesson it shows children that God is the only escape from the devil
and it shows them to help out a brother in need and also don't let the
devil tempt them to do t things there not suppose to be doing!    It's a
twist form frozen tag a game I used to play when I was a child.

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2) Promotion Sunday

>Does anyone have ideas or success stories for "Promotion Sunday"

We are going to do our first "Promotion Sunday" on Sept. 10th also.  The
way we are going to do it is the week before "Promotion Sunday" the
students who are moving up to a new class will receive a welcome letter
from their new Sunday School teacher just like they do from school.  Then
on "Promotion Sunday" we plan on having a ceremony with our Pastor leading
it.  I'm not sure exactly what he is going to say, but all the Sunday
School teachers will be up front and their former teacher will introduce
the children to their new teacher.  They will also get a certificate that
has the Scripture from Matthew 19:14 on it "And Jesus said, "Let the
little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of
heaven belongs to such as these."  It also says, "On Your Special
Day...    Name is promoted to class .  It is dated and signed by the
Pastor and the Sunday School Teacher.

We are a church of about 200 and we have only one service.  Our Sunday
School for all ages happens right before our church service.  Then after
our church service we stay for lunch.  So, the children are very familar
with the classrooms and know the teachers pretty well.  I still think the
idea of getting a letter in the mail and having a ceremony helps make the
children feel special about their accomplishment.

Diane in Nebraska

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3) Promotion Sunday

We presented our kids with certificates on Rally/Promotion Sunday during
church. We have also given Bibles for 8th grade and high school
graduation,  and I think even those entering 5th grade. When I was growing up, we
received pins, and then bars, although perfect attendance was required. If
we were gone, we could bring proof we attended another Sunday school or
did a lesson (like I did with my Grandma) to keep our attendance up. Depending
on your demographics, it may be better just to have an 85% level or
something, rather than perfect attendance.

You could make decorations for their rooms, do tours, etc. to make them
feel 'at home'.


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4) Play That Symbolizes Christmas

Dear Reader have you checked out the play on SSTN called "The Reason For
The Season"? http://www.sundayschoolnetwork.com/skits.html 

Very good play, we used it last year and the children want to do it again.
I can give you some hints on costumes too. They are simple and not
expensive. Its a very good play and even the parents loved it.

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5) Empowering Parents

Dear Alice,

I loved your idea of adding the coloring pages and kids links. The parents
page  is a wonderful idea!! Do it!  We NEED to communicate to the parents
of our kids; what we send home may be the ONLY christian communication in
the home.  (You're right about materials not even reaching the
home....we've found lessons littering the floors of our church). For those
children that are picked up by their parents, we deliver their child's
lesson directly into their hands; for the others, perhaps you give an
incentive, i.e prize box, etc to  ensure their lesson (with the parents
link) reaches its destination.  What a challenge to follow the great
commission.   May God bless your efforts.

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6) Nativity set for toddlers

Our nursery class uses a fabric nativity set that a lady in our
congregation made for them. The adult figures are about 10 inches tall and
baby Jesus and the manger are about 3 or 4 inches long. The figures are
stuffed firmly and weighted at the bottom with sand so they stand up
correctly. There is a grey donkey and some sheep in the scene also. There
is a group of shepherds and a group on wise men also, as well as Mary and
Joseph. The stable itself is a piece of foamboard covered with fabric and
it opens out like three sides of a box. Each child holds a piece and puts
it into the scene when I tell the story. After they have done their
colouring or craft I ask them to tell me the story. Using the figures they
eagerly tell me what is happening.

Maybe you have someone with sewing skills in your congregation.


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7) Monkey VBS updates

On the Monkey VBS updates, my email should be klhmailbox@yahoo.com,
for Karen Jackson.  Thanks, and can't wait!

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8) Memorize books of the Bible?

My name is Edgar Ramirez, I would like to know if anyone has ideas to how
to memorize the books of the bible for kids of grades 5th to 7th grade. 
If anyone has ideas I am in desperate need. 
Thank You
God Bless You
Edgar Ramirez

--from SSTN: There is a card game called, "Bible Stack-O!" (TM)
which is soon-to-be released from SundaySchoolNetwork.com.
Keep watching for the announcement!

Also, check the archives for "memory" or "memorize" at:

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9) Kindergarten Ice Breaker

I found an activity (on childrensministry.com -- great site!) called
"These Aren't My Shoes" in which everyone in the class (including the
teacher) sits in a circle and takes off their shoes and puts them in the
middle of the circle. Then everyone must pick a "new" pair of shoes and
sit down again.  The teacher starts by going to the middle of the circle,
saying "My name is (blank) and these aren't my shoes!"  The owner of the
shoes must then go to the middle to retrieve their "real" shoes and say
(about their "new" pair) "My name is (blank) and these aren't my shoes!"
and so on.  Each child goes back to the circle after their turn.  If you
complete the cycle early (the teacher gets their shoes back) then pick
someone else to start again.  Works well for preschool, too!

Good Luck!
Julie in Ohio

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10) Christ's Apprentice?

Was that a program that you bought? or did you make it yourself?
It sounds cool :)

--from SSTN: there was a program linked in our Lessons section, but the
site which contained it has removed it:

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