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SSTN # 71 - September 7, 2006

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1) Books of the Bible
2) Kindergarten Ice Breaker?
3) Victory Prayer Box
4) Five Finger Prayer
5) Disagree about Lord's Prayer

Miracles? Why did Jesus do them?

6) Boys 5th / 6th grade
7) Promotion Sunday
8) Promotion Sunday
9) Promotion Sunday
10) Promotion Sunday

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1) Books of the Bible

Our Childrens Church has a childrens choir and they are learning a song
called Sixty-Six Books to help them learn the books of the Bible. This
song is on the CD called The Amazing Book. Its a really fun song and our
kids love it. Hope you can use it! God Bless!
In His Service,

--from SSTN: you can find it in our bookstore. Just type the title into
the search box to locate it at:

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2) Kindergarten Ice Breaker?

In September, I will be starting my very first year of teaching Sunday
School.  I am teaching Kindergarten and I don't have children of my own
for a frame of refrence.

I am looking for a "get to know you" game that the kids could play. 
Nothing too rowdy, but something this age level could do to introduce
themselves in a fun way.

Thank you for your ideas!
Rhiannon Thomas

--from SSTN: check out the IceBreaker Games in the Games section at:
See especially, "Musical Handshake" or "Circle Time Toss".

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3) Victory Prayer Box

I seen this Ideal on T.V., you get a pizza box and spray paint it any
color, on top in bold letters (I printed it on stock card 8/10) "VICTORY
BOX'. I put a pad and pen inside  and wrote all  of their concerns  and
dated them.

Everytime a prayer is answered I let them put a sticker on the outside of
the box, it shows the kids (ages 4-8) that God is listening and he does
answer our prayers. We get really excited  when someone's prayer is
answered. We laid hands on the box and prayed. Three prayers were answered
in one week. God is so faithful. This site is so
wonderful, it has blessed me so much. May God richly bless you.

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4) Five Finger Prayer
Check out the following article on prayer in SSTN "# 72-Aug04" at:

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Miracles? Why did Jesus do them?

The Miracles of the Old and New Testament display God’s supernatural power
over creation; they show God’s love and faithfulness to deliver his people
from hunger, peril,sickness, and disease. God’s glory and love are
revealed through the miracles he performed and were fully realized when he
came to earth in the form of a man to save mankind.

In our Bible-4-Life series, "Amazing Miracles of the Bible", you are given
the tools to help your children gain a better understanding of God’s love
and faithfulness, and how he continues to be loving and faithful in
miraculous ways to his people today!

Go to the following web page to learn more and to download a sample skit:

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5) Disagree about Lord's Prayer

The writer of "Prayer of Jesus" stated that the only prayer jesus told
us to pray was  "The Lords Prayer". I respectfully disagree. Jesus used
"The Lords Prayer" as a model to go by. the Bible also says that our
prayers should not be repetitious.

--from SSTN:
Yes, you are correct, but please don't misunderstand what I said; continue
reading the rest of my statement, "This MODEL of prayer is what Jesus
taught his disciples."
"The Prayer of Jesus" curriculum series examines the "model AND the
meaning" behind the prayer. Please follow the link, below, to learn more:
Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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6) Boys 5th / 6th grade

I've been teaching this age for a number of years. One thing we do is to
pick a theme. This fall and winter it is sports. One thing which has
encouraged attending and bringing Bibles is to give them each a baseball
hat to hang on the wall. They put their name on the front and then we got
some pins for them to pin on them each week they came and brought their

With the tabernacle, a mystery or explorer theme might be exciting. Plan a
review game which encourages the students to listen to the lesson and also
get them involved as much as possible! Make learning exciting. Enthusiasm
is contagious! Another great theme is Paul's journeys. I made a map out of
a paper bag so it looks like a treasure map and the students can then see
the various places Paul went on his missionary journeys. Each week they
will learn about what Paul encountered and even experience it for
themselves. Putting some of them in shackles is great! They actually
volunteer. Get pictures and put them up later. Kids love seeing themselves
having a good time. My best to you and your class of boys.

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7) Promotion Sunday

This year our theme is, 'Who you are makes a difference'.  All summer we
did a program called "Christ's Apprentice" and now we want to build on
the fact that 'Mission IS Possible' even if you are a kid.  They
completed tasks throughout the summer like a clothing drive, a drive for
Humane Society items and sent cards to sick and shut in members.  We
just want them to know that they are special and that working together,
they can accomplish a lot for Christ.  Along with handing out
certificates for advancing to another class, they will get paper ribbons
that say, 'who I am makes a difference' to wear.  And they will get
extra ones to hand out to someone in their life that has made a
difference.  Also we are making big (4' high) paper dolls for the kids
to make self-portraits and hang them around the auditorium. 
I always try to involve the kids in the church service on Rally Day, as
we call it.  I think it helps them with getting more comfortable in
front of adults and groups.  We will be doing a skit with songs, called
"Press On", towards the most important goal in your life, knowing Jesus

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8) Promotion Sunday

We have held our promotion Sunday right after the worhsip service, the
former teachers hand out the certificates to the children moving up. This
gives them a chance to say something to those children (how they'll miss
them, what a great group of kids, etc).  Afterward, instead of having
regular classes, the parents took their child (or children) to their new
class, met the teacher if they don't already know them and refreshments
were available in each room. Teachers had on hand the new currciulum for
parents to look over and an info card about themselves (name, address and
phone number).  Cards were handed out to parents to "register" their child
for the new Sunday School year. Child's name, address, parent's names,
phone number, e-mail address, (what class the parents attend - in case of
emergency) allergies, potty trained (for the 2 & 3 yr old class).
Debbi in Ohio

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9) Promotion Sunday

Caroline; you do not indicate how large your Sunday School
enrollment is. That might make this idea not feasible but here goes. 
At Recognition Sunday after the thanks and normal accolades call the
student's names who are promoting to the next group such as Dorothy,
Robert, and Shaun are promoting from Sonbeams to Warriors. The new
teacher would come up to the front with a banner depicting the new
class and those students would receive a pin or button decorated with
the name of the new class  to wear.  (These pins can be made in various
ways- One way is to find blank button pins and write the name of the
class and affix an appropriate sticker to them, cut a circle of clear
contact paper to cover over the design.
Another idea is to design the pins using Microsoft Word's "Drawing"
tool adding text, and clipart. These can be printed on either tag board
or sticker paper to cut out and make a pin from.)
In His name,
Diane Plum

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10) Promotion Sunday

Every year our church does a promotion Sunday.  The way we do it is
Every kid going into 3rd grade gets a personalized bible

This year for the first time kids going into jr high and sr high also got
chicken soup for the teenage soul books.

They are all called in front of the congregation by name and presented
their book and then a prayer is said for each age group.

It really shows the kids that they are special and loved by the whole
congregation. As a parent of 2 of those kids it helps to show them that

They have more than just their parents that they can rely on. Hope this

Carrie Crain
Carlisle PA

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