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SSTN # 70 - August 31, 2006

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1) Nativity set for toddlers
2) Nativity set for toddlers
3) Monkey VBS
4) Empowering our Parents?
5) Monkey VBS

The Prayer of JESUS ... Did you know?

6) Hear, See, Speak No Evil
7) Promotion Sunday?
8) Christmas Preparation?
9) Chalk Talks
10) Grandparents' Day?

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1) Nativity set for toddlers

We have purchased Fontanini pieces. These are made of a hard resin,
painted beautifully, and cannot break.  They have a starter kit with the Holy
Family and can add every creature, person, building, village....

Sabrina in Nashville, TN

--from SSTN: the Fontanini pieces are available in our bookstore. Just
type the title into the search box at:

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2) Nativity set for toddlers

Sometimes in the material section of many fabric and craft stores--- they
have a nativity set that is made from the printed material to buy by the
yard or so.   You just cut the sections apart, add batting material and
sew together.  It was easy to do--and I don't do a lot of sewing. 

It has a 3 section folding "barn" that sets up
as the background,  Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, sheep, shepherds, wise men,
camels, a manger, and other animals inside the barn section.  They are
just the right size for little hands--not too big/or too small --just right. It
has held up great over the years.

     I now teach 3rd graders and I still use it for them.!!!!  I don't
have to worry about them breaking it--or losing pieces as the pieces are
good size.  And if they get dirty, I'm sure they could be laundered okay.

     The Christmas fabrics should be coming out soon--if they aren't
already!!!  Try looking for it in your area.  If you can't find it, let me
know and I'll check the stores around here--as I saw some last year in a
nearby store.  And I'll see if I can't get one for you.
    Have a great class with your toddlers.

    Once again, thanks so much for this site Sarah!!!  I use it all the

    June H.

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3) Monkey VBS

As the monkey VBS actual material is developed, I am sure many of us would
like to see the full program.  If possible, please make available.   I am
planning to do Sidewalk VBS programs and and currently work in apartment
complexes doing outreach and think this program will work awesomely!  For
our adults, we use something from allpowerseminar.com and the principles
for adults are very similar to hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no
evil.  I can't wait to see the full program!
KAREN JACKSONklhmailbox@yahoo.com

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4) Empowering our Parents?

Hello!  We are on a mission to really try to communicate to our parents as
to what the children have learned in their classes on Sunday morning.  We
want it to be more than just a Sunday morning lesson.  We want to really
empower our parents.  Right now we are adding a link to our website to add
a coloring pages for the toddlers to remind them of their lessons.  We are
thinking of adding a parents page to let them know the lessons taught and
the memory verse for the week.  In addition, a "kids page" that will be
fun and spirit filled.  It is so hard for the teachers to really talk to
each parent as they pick up the children due to the obvious chaos that can
arise.  They have to be concerned with safety first.  The children do go
home with their work for the day but not all children are good at
communicating the depth of the lesson or the scripture.  We have sent
things home with parents yet unfortunately not all really teach at home. 

We need to reach our parents.  One to two hours at church isn't enough for
our children.  We want to help our parents!  Any other suggestions out
there! We are in our infancy yet our church is growing soooo fast we need 
to keep up and fast!  Please pray and help us if you can! 

Thank you!  Alice

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The Prayer of JESUS....

Did you know that the prayer of Jesus, The Lord's Prayer, is the ONLY
prayer Christians are instructed to pray? This model of prayer is what
Jesus taught his disciples. You too can tell the children in your ministry
how to pray correctly when you use our easy-to-understand Bible-4-Life
series, "The Prayer of Jesus" for K-5th grade. Learn more at:


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5) Monkey VBS

Check out "Hear No Evil" in the Games section at:

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6) Hear, See, Speak No Evil
Do a concordance search using the keywords: "See, Hear and Speak".
Here are three that I found:
"The upright SEE and rejoice, but all the wicked shut their mouths."
Psalms 107:42
"HEAR me, O God...protect my life from the threat of the enemy."  Psalms
"...I open my lips to SPEAK what is right."  Proverbs 8:6 
Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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7) Promotion Sunday?

Does anyone have ideas or success stories for "Promotion Sunday"
celebrations?  We would like to honor our kids who are changing classes
on Sept. 10 and want to make sure they feel excited and comfortable with
their new surroundings, teachers, and classmates.  Thanks for the help!

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8) Christmas Preparation?

Seeking your suggestions and recommendations: 
In preparation for the upcoming Christmas season, I am writing to find out
if anyone can share their recommendations for books on skits and
plays demonstrating the birth of Jesus Christ.  The skit/play will occur
during the Sunday School hour therefore, the duration would have to be
rather short.  Last year, we did the story of the candy cane.  It would be
really nice to do something with that symbolizes the meaning of
Christmas with the focus being the birth of Jesus Christ. 
Thanks in advance for your comments. 
Keep up the wonderful job - Sunday School Network.

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9) Chalk Talks

As Sarah stated, Ralph Dewey has some books available from SSTN.  I have
attended several of his workshops and this is what he teaches you to do: 
Draw the picture on paper with a pencil.  Erase the pencil marks.  There
will still be a light mark or indention on the paper that you can see (but
the kids cannot).  Use your chalk (he uses markers) to draw on these lines
as you tell the story.

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10) Grandparents' Day?

Does anyone have ideas for a simple Grandparents Day program?

Peggy D

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