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March 4, 2013 -- Issue #6 - Volume 14


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1) Lesson: The Colors of an Easter Egg
2) Spiritual Salad
3) Bible Mini-series

4) Ten Commandments Teach Us About Heaven

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1) Lesson: The Colors of an Easter Egg

Cut a large egg shape from felt. Using colored felt, cut decorative stripes in the colors below to fit on the egg.

The colors remind us:
GOLD or YELLOW: the SONrise. Early the first Easter morning, Jesus arose.
RED: The blood of Jesus, shed on the cross, cleanses us from sin.
BLUE: The sky, where Jesus will one day return and take Christians to be forever with Him in heaven.
PURPLE: This is a kingly color. Jesus is the King of Kings.
GREEN: New life. We are to grow as Christians.

Hope this can be used. In His grip,
Frances Kemp :-)

--from SSTN: "eggcellent," Frances! For another twist on this theme, check out A Jelly Bean Witness at: 


2) Spiritual Salad           

In this week's class I shared a "Spiritual Salad." I cut green paper in the shape of lettuce leaves. Each leaf had a "Let us" scripture reference on it. Each person looked up the scripture, read it and then we shared the encouragement from God to press on toward the mark! 

Download the Spiritual Salad from the following page: 

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3) Bible Mini-series

The Bible miniseries [premiered this past Sunday] on the History Channel is one of the more remarkable cinematic events of our time. While anyone familiar with the history of Bible-themed movies and programs knows that the apparent tradeoff between cinematic quality and biblical fidelity (with few exceptions) is often a source of disappointment, The Bible miniseries, produced by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, is a dramatic exception to that rule.

Having viewed various elements of the series, I would I rate their endeavor an unqualified success! The Bible mini-series rises above its forebears, shining with cinematic artistry, dramatic creativity, and essential biblical fidelity.

Here is a link to sample the quality of the series:  
Starts Sunday March 3 @ 8 pm on the History Channel. 

Frank Wright
National Religious Broadcasters 


4) Ten Commandments Teach Us About Heaven

From the 10 Commandments we see that God shared the perfection HE must have from those that want to "earn" entrance to heaven. 

We also know that no one has ever been able to keep those commandments --- except one person, JESUS, GOD's ONLY Son. Thus, JESUS and JESUS ONLY, has earned acceptable entrance to heaven. That is why, HE alone can be our sacrifice to pay our sin debt. It makes sense that since JESUS was perfect - so is heaven - and ALL the commandments will be kept in the Presence of GOD and JESUS. 

Visit the following link to get the list of the ten things the commandments teach us about heaven: 


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